Why Arsenal Should NOT sign Paulo Dybala!

There have been a lot of reports in the media lately in regards to Arsenal’s interest in the Palermo striker Paolo Dybala, the latest of which claim that the Serie A side have confirmed Arsenal’s bid for the youngster, in addition to Palermo’s club president Maurizio Zamparini telling an Italian radio station that the Emirates will be his preferred destination should the player choose to move to the Premier League.

If the reports are indeed true, it’s really nice to see Arsene Wenger working on transfers beforehand, but I have to say that I’m not really convinced that the young Argentine is the striker that we should be looking at. Statistically speaking, Dybala has scored 12 goals in 27 appearances so far this season, which isn’t even close to prolific. In fact, our very own Olivier Giroud has a far better goals return in a much tougher League.

While I do understand that Dybala is just 21 years of age and has bags of potential, I really don’t think potential is not what Arsenal should not be looking for at the moment, what we need is a proven goal-scorer who comes with a reputation for being prolific. If Wenger does indeed sign Dybala, it will certainly take him a while to adapt to the English game, especially considering that the boy was plying his trade inSerie A!

In my opinion, Arsenal should be looking at a striker who will simply come in and start scoring goals, like how Diego Costa took the Premier League by storm when he arrived at the start of the season, and what a difference the Spanish international has made for Chelsea! Having said that, I really hope that Arsene Wenger is in pursuit of a world-class hitman to bring into the side for the next campaign.


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  1. Yes… id have to agree on that. If we are after the boy well i hope we get another one to go with him, i know thats not going to happen. Even though i think Wenger is very good with blossoming young raw talent i believe we are at a stage where two or three years wait isnt good enough, we are stronger and closer to getting back in the mix so lets just try getting someone or plural who could help us get over the line.

    Its always a risk with players but lets try least risky on paper.

    1. You want proven goal scorer.. pay buttload of money and get Ibrahimovic…Hes proven on all levels…
      Hes got another good 2 years left in him… EPL guaranteed my friends..

      1. Ibra himself has said he has no desire to move to England. And can Arsenal really pay his wages??

        1. lets do our big annual spend on cavani this year.
          if its true he’s unhappy at PSG.
          i dont think teams that dont have a >50M player will get EPL.

    2. Why not keep faith in Giroud?
      Yes he will need resting from time to time but he isn’t as injury prone as Wilshere 😛

      Dybala as back up for Giroud? Yes please. Can give him a bit of game time out on the wings from time to time to keep him match sharp. He has a good left foot on him and he likes to dribble the ball so could make a surprisingly good right sided attacker for us

      Have you seen the way Dybala fights for the ball?
      The way people crowd Alexis to stop him on his runs? Imagine another one of those in our squad ^.^

      Yeah yeah… youtube makes anyone look great. Still needed to have those great moments to make the vid though and in all clips I have seen shows him to be a hard worker as well as crazy talent.

      I dont want Giroud replaced but I would like a ‘star cf’ signing, this would tick both boxes. Giroud would mean there isn’t imediate preasure on Dybala and gives him at least 12 months to settle and learn English, Dybala does appear good enough to add something to our squad now as well as the future.

  2. Arsenal and Chelsea may be rivals on the pitch but the achievements of one man have led to a unique collaboration off it.
    Ashley Cole, who spent eight successful years with the Gunners before departing amicably for Stamford Bridge in 2006, is to receive the unprecedented honour of being jointly commemorated by two clubs.
    The statue, designed by award-winning Norwegian sculptor Olaf Lipro will be inspired by the ‘half half’ scarf, and will see Cole wearing half an Arsenal kit and half a Chelsea kit.

    Lipro said: “The brief was that, as Cole is held with such affection by both Arsenal and Chelsea fans, I must find a way of marking his time at both clubs.
    “The half half statue is an idea I came up with after seeing fans wearing scarves with two clubs on it.”
    After months of secret talks the two London clubs have scrapped an initial ‘statue-share’ proposal which would involve it being rotated between the Emirates and Stamford Bridge every six months.
    Instead Cole’s statue will be placed in Regent’s Park due to it being equidistant to the club’s two stadiums.
    The statue is due to be unveiled in June 2016 – the tenth anniversary of when Ashley Cole nearly ‘swerved off the road’ after hearing Arsenal were only offering him £55,000 a week – a move which led to him joining Chelsea.
    It is also understood that Crystal Palace, whom Cole played 14 games for during a loan spell in 1999, have officially requested that at least ‘one sock’ on the statue is red and blue striped as a nod to his time at Selhurst Park.

    1. Well Ashley Cole didn’t leave ‘amicably’, and he certainly doesn’t have much affection from Arsenal fans. He was an outstanding left-back, not an outstanding person. And he certainly doesn’t deserve a statue at the Emirates. Most Chelsea fans I talk to arent too fussed with him either. Great player, not a very likeable person.

  3. We would all like a prolific striker but there isn’t many out there that want to leave there current clubs and are affordable. also other big clubs will want them… so clubs like chelsea, psg, man city etc can blow us out the water with transfer fee and wages

  4. Off topic sterling comes out to go on record and talk about his contract situation, suggests he waiting to see if they get the cl spot. Over to you Theo, whats your reason?

    1. Wants game time to get goals and argue for a better contract from a position of ‘strength’ rather from the current position of not playing consistantly for ages.

      If he played every game for the rest of this season and somehow magically got the golden boot in such a short time then it would give more weight to his argument of gettign paid more.

      Also we havne’t guarenteed a CL spot either…

      before jumping to conclusions I will wait till end of season.

  5. I’m really not bothered about this kid anymore. If he comes to Arsenal and becomes a star, great. If not, I won’t lose any sleep over it. People talk about Harry Kane being hyped up – no one’s linking him with Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG etc, and he’s got more goals..

  6. Is this article an April Fools Day joke?
    He is rated as one of the best youngster in the world.
    He contributed so far this season to 20 goals in 28 games (12 goals and 8 assists) and he is left footed. He is the perfect alternative to giroud.

    1. Well said.
      Also between him and Akpom it should mean in a couple/few years time when Giroud retires then we will have a pair of CF ready to do the Job without needing to spend £70+ million…

    2. An alternative to OG as a lone CF in PL? Personally I don’t see that at all. Can’t see him playing at the top on his own in a 4-2-3-1. A wide secondary forward suits his skill set way more imo. He is predominantly left-footed – our squad is over-dosing on right-footed wide forwards – see PD as a proper leftie option in the squad/team – Podolski replacement?


    “Dybala has scored 12 goals in 27 appearances so far this season, which isn’t even close to prolific. In fact, our very own Olivier Giroud has a far better goals return in a much tougher League.”

    Kind of you to forget to mention that Giroud has players like Ozil, Alexis, Ox, Cazorla etc feeding him while Dybala has… well… He is the 2nd highest assist maker in that squad, only Vasques has assisted more for Palemo this season.

    “In my opinion, Arsenal should be looking at a striker who will simply come in and start scoring goals, like how Diego Costa took the Premier League by storm when he arrived at the start of the season, and what a difference the Spanish international has made for Chelsea!”

    And I would prefer to keep Giroud and get a back up for him, Welbeck appears to be more of a winger for Wenger so another CF is kinda needed.

    Costa: 30 appearances, 18 goals.
    Giroud: 26 appearances, 17 goals.

    Is this article seriously a knee jerk reaction to seeing Dybalas goal stat ONLY?
    Watch some football, learn what you are talking about. Since this rumor has serviced I have been finding Palemos games and he has been there star player in a squad of meh.

  8. Don’t think wenger is in for him I think it’s a diversion so other clubs won’t go after his real target. I’m thinking its lacazette.

    Remember when wenger hustled Liverpool into thinking we were in for manquillo? Hahaha look how that’s turned out the kid is not very good

  9. Honestly, I’d say if we get an attacker this summer, my belief would be that Pedro is the one that we should go for. Having watched every game that Barca has played since Thierry joined them, I feel Pedro would do very well for us. Plays a style similar to us, constantly scores big goals in big games (Barca and Spain); provides timely assists, and his work rate off the ball defensively is unreal. For me, Alexis, AOC, Welbz, Pedro, Wellington Silva (if he can adjust to the league), (maybe Theo) as our wingers next year represents extreme talent and danger for the rest of the league. I would take Pedro over Sterling in a heartbeat.
    Giroud has come on quite nicely this season, and while I believe that a more dangerous 9 could be what leads us to glory, I’m starting to waver on that belief a little bit. Maybe just a CDM to challenge/rotate with Le Coq, the introduction of Gabriel into the starting 11 consistently, a Keeper that can win us games may be all we need-need, (and a Pedro type player because I’m partial to Pedro).

    1. If you claim to watch every barca game then you’d know Pedro has gone off the boil hard and is way down the pecking order. He was an absolute animal like 2-3 years ago he couldn’t stop assisting and scoring but idk if he still has the same quality in him

      1. Ummmm, having watched every game I can tell you that he hasn’t gone off the boil at all, he just simply can’t get games due to Neymar and Suarez playing well….and Messi being Messi of course. When he does come in he almost always contributes with a goal or an assist. He’s in the exact same place that Alexis would’ve found himself had he elected to stay at Barca and not move to us.

        The kid outlasted Theirry, Eto’o, Ibra, Alexis, Bojan, among countless others at Barca, and there’s a reason for that.

        Goonsquad next time I’d probably avoid beginning your reply stating that “I dont know what I’m talking about” and then finish your statement with “idk”. You’d probably be better served just leaving it with you don’t know, and take my word for it. What evidence are you using to support that he’s gone off the boil hard? How often are you watching him or his team play?

        1. Sorry not sure if you got a hard time reading when did I say ” i don’t know what I’m talking about” and I’m not sure if you have a hard time with comprehension either but I said I’m not sure if he has the same quality he did a few years ago. Was that such an outrageous statement? Please tell me that I’m wrong.
          And your examples of who he ousted are sh*t, ibra, eto’o, and bojan were pretty much thrown out of the club. Henry was 33 when Pedro was 24! Pedro is a homegrown talent who came through the ranks and was almost world class a few years ago like I said (but I guess you
          can’t read).

          Your telling me 5 league goals in 26 appearances is good? The old Pedro was scoring for fun. His other 5 goals came in the copa del ray with 3
          coming against f*cking huesca! I mean seriously you have 0 room to talk so don’t claim to know so much next time ok?

          1. Funny, someone claiming I struggle with reading for comprehension, can’t seem to understand the difference between “outlasted” and “ousted”. I didn’t say he “ousted” anybody, but he did certainly consistently perform and “Outlast” Eto’o, Ibra, Henry, Bojan, Cristian Tello, Affelay, Giovani Dos Santos, Jeffren Suarez ( I can keep going if you’d like).

            And as far as your appearances telling the tale for his stats, I’d advise you to actually watch the games before talking sh*t. 10 minutes here and there is hardly time to rack up the stats, but make no mistake, his level of play has not dropped. He’s still a class above Theo and would absolutely make our time better.

            So try to watch more games and stop getting your information of youtube highlights and internet articles. Ok pumpkin?

            1. Who watches YouTube highlights to see how good someone is? What are you 13? And please tell me I’m wrong was it an outrageous statement to say he might not have the same quality he did a few years ago?

              Your ENTIRE argument was that he usually always scores or assists when he plays, not only does he play on the best team in Spain but he plays in a league where the defense is sh*t and all he has is 5 goals in the league. He scored 3 of 5 in the CPL against a 3rd division side WOW he is SO good!
              And once again your logic is sh*t ibra, eto’o, and bojan were tossed from the club when Pedro was in his prime. Henry was 33 when Pedro was 24 so your point is that they kept Pedro over a 33yr old? Do you read what your saying?

              And you do have a hard time with comprehension Pedro WAS IN HIS PRIME when barca got rid of those youngsters you listed. And let’s be serious tello was never barca quality kicking a ball 25 yards and chasing it is not there style. So my whole point being for £25m Pedro is not worth it at all maybe a few years ago, I’d rather the ox on the right than him anyday

  10. lest just get Lacazette and call it a day. Better than Dybala, cheaper as well. 40mill Euros for someone who has scored 12 goals? Didnt Immobile score more last year and now hes flopping hard at Dortmund? Serie A has declined so much and getting players from that league just isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Arsenal can essentially attract any French player they want. We have Wenger, a ton of Frenchmen already and UCL football.

    1. Lacazette is doing very well but if we compare him to Dybala we have to take into account the fact that he plays for a top side in a weaker league. Dybala plays for a weak side in one of the most defensive league in europe.

  11. We have Giroud and we need to get a guy in to take over from him in 2-3 years time. Lacazette & Dybala could be guys that will be groomed for this role. It could be Akpom or even Welbeck. Just look where Harry Kane came from.

    As for proven strikers, Cavani is out of form. Falcao is doing terrible, Benzema does OK, I do not see him as much of an upgrade over Giroud. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar etc keep dreaming.

    Reus he is a possibility.

    1. Ronaldo Neymar and Reus aren’t strikers. I’d prefer reus and groom Danny for the ST role from here on out

  12. The only reason not to sign him is so people here can bemoan Wenger “missing out” on him 3 years from now when hes a real star somewhere else. We missed out on Pogba, Hazard, Lukaku, etc years ago and we now have a chance to sign a player I think will be up there in that caliber. You get him now & he learns the English game over a season or 2 & adapts. Look how Suarez did straight away when he came to England. It can be done.

    I want either him or Reus

  13. We need another top striker. If Giroud gets injured we are in trouble. If the new striker is better and gets injured we will have Giroud. Giroud could also be a supersub. Also, the new striker would push Giroud and Welbeck

    Would prefer Lacazette (23 goals in 26 League matches) but happy with Dybala, or any top striker.

    I love Giroud but to fight for PL and CL we need another top striker. One is NOT enough with our injuries

  14. Palermo pulled off similar s*** in the pastore deal… they overrated their own player…spoke about interest from number of clubs and ended up selling him at a HUGELY inflated price
    And paying 40mil euros for a young player who scored 17 goals in a league where even gervinho is considered a star is beyond ridiculous.

    We should avoid falling into their trap and instead try for lacazette… lacazette is physically stronger and dybala and will suit the EPL style more easily

    1. 17 goals? Nope, your thinking of another player.
      Dybala has 12, not as many as 17 so doesn’t initially sound good right?
      Higuian has 13… 1 more. How much did he go for? £32mil?

      Or should we rather say he is 6th top scorer in Seria A currently?

      Lacazette is physically stronger? You mean he is BIGGER? Dybala fights for the ball like Alexis fights, he has a low center of gravity and will draw fouls… but yes he is smaller in size.

      I suggest you watch football, I’m not saying Lacazette isn’t good (as he is) but you havne’t watched Dybala at all, I can say that with clearity as I have watched him and he is the stand out performer in a very average team.

      Will he adjust to another country? He already has… Can he adapt to the EPL? He has already adapted to a different country and lifestyle so he has the edge due to already gained experience.

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