Why Arsenal should NOT start Wilshere at Hull

As I said in an earlier post on this website and have said before, I am one of the Arsenal fans that has not lost patience with our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere. I still believe that the 23-year old has just been unlucky with his injury problems and believe that he could still turn out to be the player we thought he would be.

And those who remember his dynamic and devastating early games when he outshone the brightest stars of Pep Guardiola’s amazing Barcelona team and led England to a famous win over Brazil at Wembley why I hope to see Jack back in the red and white of Arsenal very soon, just not as soon as the game against Hull City tomorrow night.

Even if Wilshere is fit to start I do not think that tomorrow is the right time because Steve Bruce’s team are likely to pack the midfield and use the 3-5-2 formation that got them a win over Liverpool this week. And with powerful and tough tackling players like Jake Livermore and Tom Huddlestone in that congested midfield, both of them former spuds, I would fear for Jack picking up another knock.

Hull will probably be flying into tackles and giving the Arsenal players no time except a hard time. Maybe a bit of time as a sub at the end would be good for Jack and then next up for the Gunners is a game against Swansea, whose passing style is a much more suitable game for Jack to start. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Goonsquad8 says:

    I’d like us to rest cazorla and put Ramsey in the middle as the b2b and play Walcott on the right.

    So in other words jack shouldn’t start and don’t think wenger would start him anyway

  2. Greg says:

    I cannot hold back in telling you guys, that i had a barrel of laughs of man united’s loss to west brom! They have loss 3 games in a row, and looked out of sorts against west brom, imagine if the slide continues and they miss out on the top 4? Man! I would be doing cartwheels up and down my street! Coyg!

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      No wonder, their manager is Louis van Ga(g)al. In my mother language, word “gagal” means failure. Louis van “Failure”. LOL!!!!

  3. JAmerican says:

    Why are people so against Wilshere??? I honestly think he’s more talented than Ramsey. People always refer back to the Barca game as his best and only good performance and that’s not true. I remember THIS season in our home match against City when he was controlling the game and even scored the equalizer. Fans forget that but they’ll remember only Alexis’ goal that followed even though it was indeed a word class goal. Wilshere was on his way back then but only for injuries to once again halt him, even though I’ll admit he does invite unnecessary challenges with his dribbles but don’t ever count him out. I think him and Ramsey should be rotating and competing for the CM or B2B role as it suits them both. Cazorla can do the same with Ozil. We just need someone to do the same with Coquelin, ideally Sneiderlin but that’s totally up to Wenger…

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      I agree on paper wilshere is more talented than Ramsey and is more technical than Ramsey even though Ramsey’s dribbling looks like it’s back to his best. But the game isn’t played on paper so until jack performs he shouldn’t displace Ramsey or cazorla.

    2. Dee@ease says:

      We don’t care about Wilshere being more talented because Ramsey is the better player for the TEAM,he scores more,assists more and is an all round better player for the team dynamic than Wilshere!

  4. josh37 says:

    We have a very tight schedule list coming up and a lot of our players have featured heavily. It’s all well and good to say field our strongest team.. But I think it’s fair to say every fan here has been aggravated by our injury list.
    Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez are all players who really need to be healthy not only now, but for start of next season. I personally, don’t want to see a completely new look side from game to game but a few key names need to be rested on a more regular basis.

  5. JAmerican says:

    OT but for everyone asking for Lacazette Chelsea will be in for him because Drogba and Remy won’t be around much longer.

  6. GOONSTER says:

    Stop with this Wilshere over bashing.. Wilshere is a good player and I think he is going to be a constant fixture for seasons to have.

    He will come back stronger next season. I know that he got so much hype when he first bust onto the scene, injuries have hampered his progress but he will be an important players for us for seasons to come..

  7. davidnz says:

    Jack Wilshere has had a terrible
    injury history and we may never
    see him regularly healthy.
    But he is only 23 so give him two
    more seasons to get healthy.
    Patience and faith required.

  8. lalitsyal says:

    To me this doesn’t make a sense. If you are fit enough to play, you should play doesn’t matter who the opposition is. And don’t really feel you can avoid any injury in a contact game like football at any time in the game, if it is to come. Contrary to this I feel this is the right challenge for Wilshere to prove his fitness.

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