Why Arsenal SHOULD pay the £40m Lyon want for Lacazette

know that it sounds like a lot of money, and it is, especially for Arsenal to pay for a striker that did not even make the national squad of France for the Euros this summer. The sort of money that is being talked about it costing us to persuade Lyon to part with their talented young forward Alexandre Lacazette, as reported by The Mirror, is around the level of the club’s record spending on a single transfer.

Like I said, I know it seems a lot and it feels as though every club in the world is trying to take advantage of the mega money being raked in by the Premier League, but I also think that you have to move with the times or get left behind. It is not just Premier League clubs that are paying crazy prices, although a quick look at the daily football gossip page on the BBC could have your head spinning with the fees being offered and rejected.

Juventus just beat us to the signing of Gonzalo Higuain by paying something like £75 million, but they now have the player they wanted and a striker who just beat the decades old Serie A scoring record. Clubs do not have to sell us their best players, after all, so if we want the likes of Lacazette then Arsene Wenger is just going to have to get his head around what it will cost.

That does not mean that I agree with the sort of scattergun spending we have seen from the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham and more in the last 10 years, but if the boss decides that a player is right for Arsenal then should he just cough up the cash and stop trying to buy champagne at lemonade prices?


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  1. Wissam costs just £8M and is better. Lets go for him instead. We can sink the spare £32M on Julian Draxler.

    1. hahaha……..even Bob thinks wenger should stop trying hard to buy champagne at lemonade prices

  2. For 40m I would rather get Draxler, can fill the Sanchez role and be moulded into the new RVP at the same time

    1. We arsenal fans are the ones thinking so lowly of Wenger. This comment of Wenger converting Draxler to a striker or building him on the Henry-Van persie role of a winger cum striker may not really fit. Has draxler ever played as an out and out forward and if he has what’s his goal tally like? We shouldn’t be considering football manager or fantasy football completely when considering players changing positions. What we need is a real Center forward, he should go and make a cheeky bid for aubameyang now that he disclaims the Madrid statement and can fall back on lacazette. Draxler and mahrez are excellent wide options. Mustafi or howedes should do OK in the CB position but we need these signings and we need them fast.

      1. Germany went with Goetze there, they never tried Draxler, and they have less forwards now than when Goetze played. Draxlers numbers do not scream try him up top, Alexis looks a better bet and we already own him. He (Draxler) has similarities to Robin, but I think it’s mainly his height along with him not being an out and out winger. I wonder what Robins record was before we signed him.

      2. First of all there’s no real CF vailabe for us except for Aubameyang, and Wenger aready said that he doesn’t intend on making Giroud a back up striker.

        And if you followed Draler these past 3 years you would know that he actually has played as an out and out striker occasionally for Shalke and Wolfburg.

        Furthermore, he played as a left FORWRD for Germany which is the same position RVP played in his early years at Arsenal.

        If you watched him you would know why many of us mention him being a potential striker. He has the skills and the confidence required to be converted into a top striker.

  3. maybe because he the only available striker , but in my opinion lacazette is not yet what we need “still lacking” he doesnt have the ease to barry the ball past the keeper. It takes alot of energy for to score which requires space and more time. He wont get the space against like of chelsea and and all buss packing teams. Methinks wenger would rather invest in mahrez and CHICHARITO with a serious bid he can dislodge him from liverkusen

  4. Yassim Ben Yedder scored 17 goals equalling his tally with Mitchy Batshuayi. Zlatan scored 38, Lacazete 21. Bathsyuayi had 9 assist, Yassim made 5 assist, Lacazette is no way near that tally, shows his role is a pure finisher.

    Yassim and Lacazzete plays totaly differnt style, I think Yassim is what we need. He is inteligent, has good technique, a poor-man suarez if you watch his dribbling style.

  5. I’m convinced we’ll sign lacazette and praying we sign mahrez ! What a team that would be ? someone like Ashley Williams at the back aswell plenty of experience and cheap .sell walcott to China for about 50m praying for that aswell ?

    1. @ Sylvainwilltord…

      I absolutely love the Ashley Williams idea, he is a strong CB and a leader too, pairing with Koscielny will be very strong..

      As for me Lacazette,If you look at the market today, he is easily worth 40m but in my opinion,he should move for just 35m…but that won’t be possible EVER!

      A world where defenders now costs 30m+…and you want Lyon to sell their best striker in that range??, its not gonna happen
      Right now, we are not spoilt for choice as far as a striker is concerned, so Lacazette is better than nothing….

  6. If the striker we’re getting is not greizmann, lewandowski or auba, then we “must” also get a top winger in the mould of draxler or mahrez in addition to tht striker to offset any shortcoming on his production.. my choice for incoming defender is howedes to use to use one stone kill two birds, he’s better than all our cb’s baring koscielny and is on par with our first choice fullbacks if not slightly better.

    1. I actually think that today’s crop of German CBs is the worst German crop I have ever seen. It might be due to their expansive football, Germany always attacked though, but not quite like these days. They always had great organisation, great leaders. I suppose, football as a whole has changed, not just Arsenal and prem.

  7. Our options are running out for forwards

    These players are off limits because they have been taken or too expensive or just won’t come to us:

    These are the only possibilities as I see it:

    I think we should get Lacazette and Draxler or Mahrez

      1. Won’t happen. If we get Yedder then one wing forward might come in with him. We need a defender, Wenger has said defense and attack, so unless Yedder comes in for cheap, I think not a cats chance in hell that we would get two more wingers along with a pricy striker.

  8. We need Yedder. This guy will be the Eduardo type signing and hopefully become the player Eduardo should have had it not been for that very cruel injury.

    1. I don’t think tott are happy we are turning to their old target. They opted for Janssen instead, they would be gutted if this fellow done the business for us, and imagine Janssen failing. I think it worries them. They have turned there attention to our 2 year target Maxi Romero.

  9. It makes me laugh.

    Arguing the credentials of Yedder saying he is the new Eduardo yet before he was mentioned in the trash newspapers none of us had ever heard of him.

    Arsenal looking at bargain bucket players who will end up just like Sanogo and all the other players with “potential” that idiot Wenger signs who amounted to nothing more than a drain on the wage structures

  10. Kinda don’t have the luxury of patience in waiting on wenger to do some moulding or pottery work on the Drax into a CF

    either he buys a proper striker and a winger or……..
    either of the options would do:

    Lacazette & Mahrez
    Yedder & Mahrez
    Lacazette & Draxler
    Yedder & Draxler

  11. I believe this is why we began the bid under 30m. If we had offered close to that forty mil, they would have said 50, maybe 50+ or even 60. I think it had to be done, clubs are running amuck with prices. I’m also starting to believe this is why Gazidas has come out claiming poverty. The market is already high, if he had bragged like he did in 2013 we would be taken to the cleaners. At least this is what I hope it is.

  12. Wenger should sign Chicharito. Chicharito will get 20 goals in the EPL. He is a poacher. A predator in the 18yard box. He has EPL experience amd will be cheap.No adjusting to a new league. Lacazette is expensive for that amount. We also need more goals all across the team. Alex Iwobi should be a starter next season as well.

  13. I admit, I have not seen enough of Lacazette to form a strong opinion about him, but from the little I have seen of him, he’s not what we need. I’d rather we get Icardi, or Chicharito. Heck, even Bacca would be a better signing. Having said that, I believe our priority should be a scoring/assisting winger in the mold of Mahrez, or Draxler. 40mil will probably get us either one. Then go for a poacher, someone who won’t cost and arm and a leg.

  14. I would want to sign Chicharito over Lacazette. Ben Yedder is okay, but I still am not sure if he could be a great signing or another flop. The second half of last year he helped pull Toulouse out of what seemed to be a likely relegation. For a CB I would take Mustafi and if we can’t get him Ashley Williams.

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