Why Arsenal SHOULD Sell Walcott This Summer!

Just 18 months or so after his last contract dilemma, Theo Walcott has once again cast doubts in regards to his future. With about a year to run on his current deal, the Englishman is understood to be keeping his options open as a result of his limited first-team opportunities, while some media outlets in England are also claiming that a pay-hike is also one of the player’s demands.

Now although Theo weighs in with his fair share of goals and assists, the fact is that he’s been under-performing for quite some time now, even one year after his long-term injury setback. With Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all ahead of him in the pecking order, I really cannot see him breaking into the starting eleven any time soon. So should Arsenal really hand a new bumper deal for someone who’s going to sit on the bench on most occasions?

The fact is that Theo Walcott is already one of Arsenal’s highest-paid players and at this level, no contract extension comes without a significant hike in pay, and in my opinion, I really do not think the former Southampton man is worth it! Besides, the fact that he was only willing to sign a two-year extension at the age of 24 last time around shows how confident he is about his Arsenal future.

Personally, I think he should be sold. Being English, I’m pretty sure that his market value will most certainly be inflated, perhaps in the region of £20 – 25 million. If it were up to me, I’d take the money hands down and bring in a quality replacement who comes with consistency and a good amount of work-rate. According to the Daily Mirror, Barcelona’s Pedro will be available for just £15 million in the summer.

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  1. Why would we sell before we even truly know what we have??? All I know is that if we wanna be ambitious we have to see what a full season (including pre season) does for him. He’s too young to say he’s done. it’s not like we don’t need the depth. AW won’t sell him

  2. I am not happy with his contract sagas but to be honest Arsenal need a big squad to win any trophy especially the CL, so for me Theo is among the best players we need to make up the number. We should support him so that he can regain his confident back. One year knee cruciate injury? where is Falcao? Please let us be kind to Walcolt he will come back.

    1. I don’t understand the Falcao angle, he was brilliant before the ACL injury and now he’s been awful. Could be the suitability to the league…..but could just not be the same player. If we can get 25mil for Theo, and there’s a worthy replacement/upgrade (pedro, reus, sterling), I don’t see how you can knock that.

  3. Grass is greener going on here. Pedro surely will not be on low wages.

    If you want rid of Walcott then get better and more goals on paper. Reus maybe.

    Certainly not sterling.

    1. How many goals was Theo scoring at 20? Not many. The idea is that Sterling is a much better prospect than Theo, who didn’t feature at all for us this season remember – few question our attacking prowess so is it unfair to suggest selling Theo for 25mil is bad?

      1. we don’t have time to wait. gnabry and a couple of others like the ox are just as good. if we get rid of theo, we need an upgrade and a goalscorer

        1. “Gnabry and a couple of others like the Ox are just as good” – You can’t be that ignorant and biased surely?

          Sterling is Liverpool’s BEST player and you think we’ve got players who’ve barely seen a first team match AS GOOD as him? Get a grip Vince.

          1. I think he is saying that they are as good as Theo not Sterling.

            Read his comment again.

  4. He’s been injured for a year and only back for about 10 games you donkey!!
    Ramsey had a few seasons before he came good after injury – should we sell Ramsey now Einstein? You can’t give theo half a season to gain back his form from before his injury??
    I say offer an extension and if he’s still not good nxt season then maybe sell him.

  5. It amazes me how quickly we arsenal fans change our opinions about players. Last season before getting injured it was d best form Walcott has ever had, and d best I had ever seen of him. During those run of games he was scoring assisting defending doing everything right. D season before dat he scored 20+ goals in all competetions. This year when he came back from injury he quickly got onto d scoresheet nd we wer hoping dat he can contribute a lot towards d end of season but here we stand hoping he would leave for Liverpool and we cud sterling in exchange. Shame.

  6. Is the author English? It hasn’t been summer here for years. We’re in some game of thrones winter type of shit here.

  7. Keep Theo, work something out with his contract this summer. I don’t know why anyone would want him out. People have short memories. When he’s on form he’s a great palyer. If we do have to sell him, lets not waste our money on overrated Sterling and actually get someone class.

  8. It’s not whether we need Theo or not. It’s that if he doesn’t want to sign, then i don’t want him to play for Arsenal. Simple as that.

  9. If he wants too much money or just wants to leave then sell him and make an offer for Reus

    If he wants to stay at a reasonable salary then get him to sign a contract asap.

    I want Walcott to stay, but don’t want this drag on all summer to a point when we have no time to find a replacement if he leaves

    Again, I hope signs a contract asap

  10. I have one thing to say to you Theo – Money comes from results, not potential. Deliver on the pitch first, THEN demand a pay-hike. Otherwise AFC isn’t the club for you if it’s all about money.

  11. ‘under-performing for quite some time now’
    he’s played 350 mins this season…. and that’s with a very, very long injury lay-off.

    the fact that he only wants a two-year extension doesn’t necessarily reflect his commitment to the club.
    Put yourself in his shoes. Your a speedster, that speed isn’t going to last forever so as an attacker he probably has 3-5 years left in which he will hopefully play his best football, will most likely decline after that. You’ve been injured. haven’t had as much of an impact on the pitch, not a whole lot to bargain with. Why would you commit the majority of your prime for a minor increase in wage when you can prove yourself worth far more than that in the coming seasons?

  12. theo who? its been so long since he performed consistently i am over the man, good guy, but you gotta play to get pay, c-ya! i dont think his value is too high, 47 goals since 2006 in 207 apps, sorry,

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