Why Arsenal should sign this proven Premiership hitman

As Arsene Wenger continues to defend his decision of not signing a striker last summer, the Arsenal fans are still unified in the opinion that a proven hitman is indeed needed at the Emirates. While the Gunners continue to be linked the likes of Aleksandr Kokorin and Javier Hernandez, there is another goal-scorer that I feel will be a perfect fit for the Arsenal system, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku.

The former Chelsea star has been on fire for the Toffees this season, scoring 15 goals so far as he continues to be the shining light of Everton’s mediocre campaign. Having moved to England in 2011 as a raw talent, he is now more or less the finished article and surely deserves to play for a bigger team.

When it comes to attributes, the player has got absolutely everything you would want in a top quality striker. Lukaku has a perfect blend of dominant physical strength and lightning pace in addition to his clinical finishing and aerial prowess. The Belgian international can also fit any tactical system as he can effectively run the channels, hold the ball up and he also has the ability to be a typical ‘fox in the box’ kind of striker. At just 22 years of age, he is only going to get better and better.

Now although his price tag will surely be in the range of £35-40 million, I really believe that he will be worth it should Arsenal choose to go in for him. Besides, I’m sure Lukaku will be interested to work with Arsene Wenger, knowing the Frenchman’s reputation of nurturing young players. While Everton will not be very keen on selling their best player, I’m sure that if the player makes up his mind and a £35-40 million bid is on the table, the Merseyside club will find it difficult to turn down.

In my opinion, Romelu Lukaku is someone who has the potential to lead the Arsenal line for years to come in the future. Let’s face it, he has everything it takes to succeed at a club like Arsenal and is probably waiting for an opportunity to take his career to the next level.

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  1. I think we should go for ighalo, will fit arsenal perfectly hes got the speed and strength and a great finisher.

      1. Hahaha ?
        You best take some sleeping tablets and knock yourself out then mate! ?

        Lets us know who else you see us signing in your dreams!

  2. Yesssss i totally agree i have been calling for lukaku for 2 years this guy iS a beast
    He has phisical strength,speed,good finisher and above all that he has some skills on the ball
    I really see this guy on the top of arsenal’s attack

  3. Didn’t Everton pay 40M for him? Why sell at any lesser yet he’s better and they are in no need to sell??? 🙁 🙁 🙁 I don’t understand

    1. i think it was 28m, although i don’t see them selling even for 45m, which we won’t pay so null argument.

      1. Wenger wouldn’t even pay 45 million for Messi ?
        What makes me laugh is that Wenger stalled on Lukaku when we could have signed him for as little as 9 million,
        Yep he ended up at Chelsea.

        Same goes for Benteke, Bony and Wanyama!
        More proof that mr wenger has lost his touch in signing cheap gems.

  4. Lukaku has improved drastically but I don’t see this happening……..

    Welcome to Arsenal Elneny. Show us what you got! All the best………………..

  5. Lukaku will cost an arm and a leg in January and Everton won’t want to sell in January. I think the same for. Vardy, Mahrez and many top Pl player

    Perhaps Hernandez, Kokorin, insigne, brozvich, Nolito, Isco Maybe are possible. I don’t know really

    I hope we get a goal scorer

  6. Since this is only suggestions, how about us getting Riyad Mahrez and converting him to a striker. He is quick, tall, great dribbler and good finisher as well. He may not yet be as strong as Lukaku or Giroud, but players can build up muscles with time, like Henry and Van Persie.
    I like the idea mainly because of his dribbling skills. Teams tend to defend deep against us, so if we have a striker who can meander his way through defenses that would be great.
    Even if not as a striker, I think he would be a great addition to our squad.

  7. Admini, we all know that the Boss doesn’t work by the Gooners popular opinions/agitation when it comes to signing a new player. Neither does he act by the media publicity of a player. But the Boss works by what his instinct tells him to do after a careful evaluation of the pros and the cons.

    Initially, the Boss had resisted all insunuations from quarters telling him to sign a World class striker to enhance his season campaign before the last summer window got closed. But he didn’t sign any striker afterall. Although, the rumour mill linked him heavyly with a purported interest in Karim Benzema. But that didn’t come to pass.

    I supported the Boss vehemently not to sign a striker in last summer window, because he has 3 proven senior strikers already in his squad who can alternately lead the line for Arsenal. But as the 1st half of the season pan out, something has happened that is warranting a change of thought in myself.

    Walcott was suddenly sidelined for a month or so after he got injured in a Capital One Cup game at Seff Wed. And he has since been shipped to manned the mid-right-wing in the Gunners mid-front-trio. Period to Walcott being shipped to the right-wing, our 2nd striker, Welbeck was even sidelined before the season started.

    As it is now, is only Oliver Giroud that we have as a specialist striker. And our would be the 3rd striker, Walcott has become a roving striker since he returned from his injury. As he’s being played as a striker and as a mid-right-winger.

    There is no stability in the Gunners ‘ line, because only the specialist striker, Olivier Giroud manning the line. And he’s even getting game fatigued now after he has shown the symptom in our home game against Bournemouth. He needs to be rested on the bench by the Boss for the Newcastle in my own opinion. Should that happened, Walcott will be made to lead the line.

    Only the signings of 1 or 2 top quality specialist strikers can restore stability to the Gunners line. Because if for instance, Giroud is rested. A specialist mate striker should lead the line instead of pulling Walcott from the mid-right-wing to lead the line, and the inefficient Oxchabo is used to replace him at mid 3. It is risky to to do this harpharzad shifting in a big game.

    The big question now is, would the Boss follow the popular opinions of the Gooners to sign Romelu Lukaku 22, and signs him for Arsenal? And still go ahead to sign the much revealed Aleksandr Kokorin? Would the Boss signs 2 strikers at the same time during this coming winter window? Or would he signs just 1 out the 2, or even none from the 2. Or not sign any striker at all in this coming January window? Let’s wait and see. That’s what we can do.

  8. Never!! Lukaku not fit for arsenal shirt, rather we manage giroud. Lukaku is slitly above average, therefore he should maintain his status at everton. I recommend we go for a top striker if possible.

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