Why Arsenal should sign THIS striker NOT Higuain!

The Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Arsene Wenger is finally closing in on the signature of the Argentina international striker Gonzalo Higuain are growing by the day and a lot of Arsenal fans are hoping that they prove to be true, but I am not one of them.

Yes he has had a good season with Napoli, bagging 30 goals and proving that he is a class act but Edinson Cavani scored eight more from 13 fewer games in his last season at Napoli and their creative players are supposedly better now. Higuain is an out and out goal scorer but he does not contribute in the same way as Alexis and Giroud do for Arsenal.

And I have not forgotten all the shameless touting done by Higuain´s representatives when we tried to sign him from Real Madrid a couple of years ago. Even so, I would be happy for Arsenal to sign him if there was not a better option but I think there is, especially if the reports about Napoli wanting £40 million are correct.

The transfer of the France international Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon is the one I would prefer. He scored one more goal than Higuain from 18 fewer games this season for one thing. But at 24/years old he is just hitting form and there could be a lot more to come. Who better to nurture that burgeoning talent than Wenger. The young striker’s attitude also strikes me as much better than the Napoli man’s.

Throw in the fact that he would be around £10 million cheaper. Can you see why I think Lacazette is the better transfer for Arsenal this summer?

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  1. I do agree, our primary target should be Martinez or Lacazette. I am skeptical about Higuain. I am not sure if we should pay 40m for him.

    1. If Higuain is available and we’re targeting a ST he has to be top of that list alongside Benzema, pure class, guaranteed goals, absolute;y fantastic ST who produces it on every stage.

      This Lacazette hype needs to chill, quality player, bags of potential, but he didn’t score vs the top 4 teams in the French league this season and bagged 8 penalties (ligue 1 record is 9) on the way. He’s also untested at CL level, never played outside of France, and not proven at International level. All in all he’s most definitely riding the hype wave this summer and we aren’t the type of club who splashes big fees on those sorts. We’ve broken the 30mil barrier twice, both of which were established WC players in their position.

      Higuain/Benzema/Cavani/Martinez/Lewandowski are the 5 players to ideally choose from.

      Also worth noting that it’s not smart to use tabloid figures as the gospel when balancing an argument for a player. You can say you wouldn’t pay 40mil for Higuain, but what if we can get him for 30? Leave the fees to the club accountants and focus on the ability of the players in question.

      1. Agree 100%. To add to that, I think Arsenal are in the situation now where we already have young strikers with potential – Welbeck, Chamberlain, Gnabry, Akpom etc. What we need right now is an established name we know for certainty that will score goals off the bat and will not need too much time to adjust or develop. Financially, we are in a the position to splash out on a top name (My personal preference would be Jackson Martinez and I’ll explain why later) and as someone mentioned in a previous post, Arsenal’s current squad is already quite versatile in terms of squad depth and from a tactical perspective we have enough ‘different’ types of players. So essentially we only really need 2-3 more TOP players to make us title contenders – another DM, CF and GK.

        Lewandowksi would be my very first choice, but there is not chance of him leaving BM, hence why I think Martinez would be the next best choice as his goal scoring stats speak for themselves (28 goals in 38 appearances, 7 CL goals). I admire Cavani, but I think he is too much like Giroud – good in the air, good shot, but kinda sluggish lacking agility. Benzema is a proven goal scorer with 22 goals this season (44 appearances) but also too much like Giroud and it looks like he might be headed to United anyway. Jackson Martinez is probably the most versatile of those strikers, great in the air and for his height, he is nimble, pacy and can score the solo type of goals that Giroud is incapable of scoring.

        1. I really like Jackson, humble guy and damn efficient regardless of opposition. Not at all against him and don’t buy the “he’s 28” nonsense as 30 is no longer the point of decline in a footballer. Ibra is still among THE best in world football at 33.

          My preference is Benzema, criminally underrated by most fans and would come here and give us all a wake up call as to what we’ve been missing in a ST these last few years. Higuain is another I’m a big fan of, think he has it all to be our Eduardo II as he just oozes quality and assuredness in all he does…..and what a fighter he is too!

          I agree in what you say about the profile of a possible ST, my only fear is settling for Theo as our ST to rival Giroud. Only way to ‘accept’ that instance would be if Reus or similar was coming in as right sided forward. As is I got a hunch we’re letting Theo have his ST spot and replacing him at RW with a Fekir type (player with promise rather than proven ability). I hate the transfer window for all it’s nonsense, but this one is so so important if we have designs on a Premier league crown next year.

        2. Big gun,Cavani an Higuain are nothing like Giroud,they are both quicker,more skillful and better at finishing.Martinez has good stats,but he wasn’t very impressive last year in the world cup,he couldn’t even get into the starting 11,even tho Falcao was injured

      2. people are talking about Lacazette but the majority have only seen him play on highlights an seen his stats.Lacazette is not a lone striker he needs strike partners,not sure he fits into our system.

    2. Agreed. Between those two I prefer Martinez. Lacazette profile is a bit like Theo with muscle. Theo is quicker but Lac is stronger. Not sure who’s better. Lac score more goals than Theo. Apart of Theo’s been injured, does anyone figured out that it’s hard too score in EPL than any European league (Costa for example)? In other side, I see Jackson as an upgrade of Giroud. He looks stronger and definitely faster. It seems that he recovered successfully from his average performances at Brazil WC 2014, as he down to pecking order by Carlos Bacca. I thought, after Falcao absent the main stage was for him.
      However, Martinez was tagged 40M pounds and just signed his contract extension last year. I don’t know how much his value this summer, maybe around 25 to 30M pounds.

      1. After reading some comments at the top i am reminded of how much i wanted Higuain signing last season. Lacazette doesnt come into it for me if were talking about getting the best available player.

        I was thinking Cavani must be the best shot at breaking some high high numbers as his goals per season over the last five years is just unbelievable. Somenone mentioned though like Oli Cavani can be sluggish and rely on service. I think its unfair because Cavani is simply superior, he wont score every game but he will be more adept at finding space than Giroud is and he will know when to retreat back into midfield so to make later runs or to force defensive errors. Cavani must be a top choice.

        Higuain as i was saying is a spectacular striker, very clever, sharp and ruthless. He works hard to as was mentioned in comments above. The author compared his tally to that of Cavanis, unfair as this is a completely different era. Though if people believe Cavani to be a superior player i dont think that diminishes anything away from Higuains qualiies.

        Martinez, i like his build strength and his experience. Again some decent numbers and what Arsene had to say about him was good to hear. He played very well in Europe too which must be a bonus.

        I like Lewendowski allot. Benzema i think is a fine player and he must have something special about him to be with Real for so long, but i would rather other players also i think himself would rather some other clubs.

        The ones that seem to stand out are Cavani Martinez and Higuain, expensive yes but we can afford them. I would be chuffed with any of those three.

  2. Lacazette all day long for me ! Not quite sure what the fuss I about with Martinez its a risky purchase ! 29yrs old unproven in a decent league and would have no resale value after a season or two or three!! Robben 29 yes pirlo 29yes silva 29 yes Toure29 yes martines 29 NO!!!

    1. Our priority is to get world class striker not to resale him some day. Lac is younger than Jackson, so Lac is the unproven one. Porto is Portugal one single giant, but they’ve produced world class players at any position, from GK to CF. Baia, Carvalho, Deco, Figo, Falcao (lost in space),etc.

  3. Jack deserves to be punished by the FA I mean what is all this obssession with the spurs.Chelsea won the league they are in london they never troll the spurs.Fourth trophy mentality must end we want to win the title

    1. I can’t believe you are a season ticket holder if you don’t understand the rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal. It started in 1915 when we moved to North London then amplified in 1919 when we were promoted to the top league on merit ahead of them.

      The North London derby, rivalry and banter is one of the features of English football, it has nothing to do with being obsessed.

      Jack did cross the line a touch but in no way should he be suspended. If the FA think he deserves to be punished then they should throw the book at those Leicester players who truly are disgusting individuals.

  4. Higuin might jst be a big name signing bt actualy nt striker we ned, bcoz his finishng is jst like walcot’s (is’t that clasic), he cn mis 3 chnce befor convrtn 1 which is nt aceptble in top levl nd he cnt run behind dpendrs as som ppl thougt..Lacazzate is wat we ned mst.

  5. Why do we need higuain???
    He has a little finishing.. No pace..no dribbling.. he’s almost 27 now…and 40M for him???
    No way…
    See for Lacazette..He’s quick.. knows how to dribble.. Can lay down an assist..can finish from anywhere…Always reminds me of The Va Va Voom..Although he might not be one…he can be equally better or atleast 3/4 of the king… And he’s only 23-24..And cheaply available… He would be a hit at the Emirates…

  6. Frankly speaking, these guys are all good. If Wenger signs any of them, that will be massive. The appeal of lacazette is that he is younger but Higuain has more experience and has played at the top for a much longer time. Do you remember when he used to have long hair in Madrid? Back then Raul and Robinho were still in Madrid. That’s right. That is how long Higuain has been in top level football. So experience matters but like Bob said, Lacazette is cheaper, younger and probably faster. I don’t want to be greedy so I will have any of them or even Jackson Martinez. The most important thing right now is having a proven and prolific goal scorer that can offer something different from Giroud and Walcot.

  7. Higuain for me as
    1. He has proven goal scoring record for the last 5 season against top opposition.
    2. He has better understating with Ozil in his Madrid Days.
    3. He is fox in the box which we need considering the amount of service our Striker will get from our midfield masters.
    4. He has massive experience in playing in critical situation like in CL
    5. He has won many many medals and his winning mentality would be really helpful

  8. They only striker available who can be an upgrade to giroud and Theo is cavani but no to his wages.So Luciano vieto scored 20 goals where Campbell scored only one it shows he can play for srsenal

  9. if wenger has promised walcott a CF role … i wouldnt … then this is all mute … he is not going to add to that position but rather needs a different type of attacking option a la aguerro … vietto could be the one he is looking at and looks like real potential but others might be availlable … if he brings in vietto kondogbia and damien … that would be fine in my books

  10. if we are going to buy a player, let it be a world class striker as a priority and then a DM. If we fail to get this two we are setting our selves up fro disappointment. Cavani (would have preferred Bale But Wenger’s stories) and Kondogbia would be good.

  11. Next season will be different because MTU were close to us last season and they are going to strengthen their squad and Man City and Chelsea will do equally the same. If Arsenal will stand a chance we need to strengthen with Quality such as Cavani(or Bale) and Kondogbia. Man U wants to win the league next season, Chelsea and Man City are there. When I see fans boast about our quality I see ignorance and I advice myself not to get carried away. Henry is sincere.

  12. I do not rate Higuain that much, he scored plenty at an incredibly good Real Madrid team w/ Ozil Di Maria and Ronaldo and now he’s doing well at Napoli. Does that make him good enough to score more than Giroud in the PL? I highly doubt it. Would he offer much to our play opposing to Giroud and Welbeck? Doubt that aswell. I have yet to see if Wenger is going to sign a striker anyway, he has full faith in a Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott competition. Unless any of them is going, Wenger will look for other areas to improve like a central man on the midfield and a goal keeper.

  13. Some people are really funny. How can u say such as Lacazette is better than Higuain. It proves definitely that u knw notin abt football. Do u mean dat if Lacazette nd Gonzalo are in d same team, Higuain will b benched while Lacazette will play. Answer dis question, den u’ll knw u dnt knw wat u re talkin abt.
    Even in my sleep Higuain’s ryt foot is better dan d whole Lacazette twice.

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