Why Arsenal should start Cazorla against Man City

Apart from the Arsenal and England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the giant German defender Per Mertesacker, Arsene Wenger has a full squad of players to choose from as he prepares Arsenal for the Premier League away game at Man City.

With Man United’s win over Norwich ensuring that Arsenal still need points from our final two games to secure a Champions League place for next season, the manager must get his team selection and tactics right and with more options than usual he has a tough job on his hands, but one of those choices for me has to be Santi Cazorla in the box to box role.

The little Spaniard may have been out with injury for a long time and he might not be able to finish the game but I think he must at least be given a chance to start it. As reported by The Mirror the midfield maestro has declared himself fit to play after coming through an hour or so with the under 21 side on Tuesday. Not only that though, Cazorla expressed his burning desire to feature against Man City and help Arsenal finish the season with a bang.

He said, “I’m very happy to be back.

“It is a great feeling after five months. I need to keep up the hard work with my team-mates in the first team and I want to play the last two games.

“I would like to help the first team at the weekend against Manchester City. [Arsène Wenger] has the decision, but I will try to play at the weekend.

“We need to win the last two games as we want to finish in the top four.

“We need to fight until the end to try to get second place. If we win the last two games, we can do that. I want to help my team-mates.”

The desire to help does not automatically mean that a player should start though, and you would expect every Gunner to feel the same, but there are very good reasons for Wenger to grant Santi his wish. One is that he is the best we have in that role, especially on the creative side of things. The options are Ramsey, Wilshere and Elneny but the first two have not done enough to suggest they should start ahead of their Spanish team mate and I reckon the latter could just as easily play in the deeper lying position, although the more defensive Coquelin might be the better option.

Another reason and perhaps the biggest is that it was Cazorla who was the best player on the pitch in our famous victory away to Man City last season. He absolutely ruled the centre of the pitch and he also scored one and set up the other of our two goals. If that is not enough to earn him another start there, what is?

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  1. No, he should come from the bench. He won’t be at the physical level expected after many months out.
    If he is started and has a bad came and we lose the game or he gets injured moment after the match starts many on here would say Wenger is clueless and delusional. If he was still in the treatment room, we sure would play our game without him. So let him not start but come from the bench if need be. I just want Mr Wenger to field hungry and committed players who can get the job done period.
    While I am no hater of any players in Arsenal outfit, I am not confident when Ramsey and Giroud start our games.
    For Giroud, he is not bad but we don’t play to his style which is crossing the ball form both sides to nod home. He is the best in the air and would be perfect fit for teams like Stoke city, West Ham , etal. But as our CF, No.
    Ramsey although has energy and can be good if he chooses to, but has been so clumsy, selfish and sometimes wants to show boat.
    Anyway, we always have a way with Man city may be because they play expansive football and not too defensive like other teams. So I predict an Arsenal win. It will be difficult especially with kdb in the team, but we will have the day.
    Goal margin? Don’t ask me because I don’t stick neck out for that. But I know we will win (WWW)

  2. Play Wilshere ahead of Ramsey that’s all I’m asking for, put him in the centre alongside either LeCoq or Elneny so we can see if he will thrive in the deep midfield role. On the right put Campbell or Walcott and play Welbeck as CF.

    1. Nah Sanchez on the right preferably, we’ve all seen him play a lot better there recently. Campbell or Iwobi on the left, dont even want to see Walcott on the bench. Wilshere instead of Ramsey would be interesting but i’d rather see that against Aston Villa. Too much to lose today to take gambles

      1. At last someone like me knows that Sanches is best on right as he has no left foot. when late in second half Wenger brings on Walcott and shifts Sanches to left we either lose or draw when in front, if he brings on Walcott then sub Sanches not Awobi or Welbeck. CB

    1. Yup was thinking the exact same. Lmfaoo at the nicknames dura definitely fits sanchez

  3. Oh, are we playing today?…oh well, I thought the season was over few weeks back…..

      1. Well some folks are winners in life whilst some are losers, i now know where you fit in admin…..

        1. Yeah you are right I am happy to be in the Top Four Arsenal blogs in the world. Maybe next year i’ll be the best lol

          REAL fans support the team whether they win or lose. And actually think the enjoyment of the game is more important than the result. Fairway her glory hunters are simply that and will stag the team if they dare lose one game…

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