Why Arsenal SHOULD start Ozil against Stoke

Mesut Ozil should start for Arsenal if fit by Sam P

There was an article on this website the other day that suggested that it was too risky for Arsenal to throw Mesut Ozil straighht back into the starting line-up for the visit of the tough tackling and physically aggressive Stoke City tomorrow, even if the German international is fit enough to start.

I can see the point, especially as Ozil is not really the sort of player to stand up to a bit of a battle, but I think that this reasoning pays too much respect to Mark Hughes and his players. At the Emirates, Arsenal should focus on our own game and our own qualities rather than worrying about a team with less quality, no matter how hard we expect them to work and close us down.

In fact, the last thing we need is to get drawn into a tight game. We want to use the superior quality and class that the Gunners possess and that means starting with Ozil in my opinion. Acording to Arsene Wenger and looking at the training photos on Arsenal.com, Ozil is raring to go, so let him go and play rings round Stoke.

He might not last the whole 90 minutes, but a positive hour or so from the former Real Madrid star could be just what he and Arsenal need. Let’s not pander to Stoke and their bully-boy tactics, let’s give them a lesson in the art of football because that is what we are good at, especially with Ozil pulling the strings. What do you say Gooners?

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  1. Miles says:

    Just because he’s fit doesn’t mean he won’t be rough around the edges with being out for so long. Plus Santi has been on form so don’t fix what isn’t broken right? I’d definitely try give him 20/30 mins though

  2. Seetsuma says:

    Absolutely not. As Miles said, give him 20 minutes should we need creativity towards the end of the match. Santi is playing fantastic, and Ozil is only just returning. Santi gets the start, Ozil can come off the bench as necessary. Until Ozil outperforms Santi, or Santi needs a rest, Ozil comes off the bench.

  3. Greg says:

    I would rather santi cazorla start ahead of mesut ozil, and let him come on with 20 -25 minutes to go! Coyg!

  4. chimchimgiroud says:

    Debuchy chambers kos gibbs
    Ramsey cazorla
    Ox. Ozil. Sanchez
    This is clearly way too attacking to actually work but imagine how good this team would be to watch going forward

    1. Twig says:

      This is a desperate measures lineup.

  5. g00ner4lyf says:

    If Ozil starts and Santi gets demoted to bench that would actually be a joke

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      It’s called ROTATION, it ensures that you don’t run your players into the ground!
      Jesus we all complain about Wenger not rotating and yet like moths to a flame you are all stuck on one player.
      Ozil for 60 minutes then Carzola or both and Ozil for Rosicky at 60.
      Fresh legs, Stoke have to adapt to different players, Ozil has some WC talent in Sanchez to supply and Theo and the fast runners will be making runs into the box, come on people it’s a win-win!

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    what a joke….

    players that play well get dropped


    players who dont gets to keep playing…

  7. john0711 says:

    Reports say we have bid 3 m for Reid
    Firstly Winston Reid was shocking today and at fault for the goal
    Secondly Jenkinson was awesome
    Reid is NOT good enough, he may be better than Mert but so is my nan doesn’t mean we should buy her

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      the 3 mil bid speaks for itself.

  8. Twig says:

    We should be aware that even when Ozil was playing poorly and was costing the team, Wenger kept picking him. Same with Ramsey (earlier in the season). Wenger sticks with his favourite players, sometimes with negative consequences on results.

    1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      very depressing to other players

    2. Prof says:

      Though i’m not in support of Wenger’s mentality of favrotism among his players but i disagree with your points that wenger kept on using ozil when he was costing the team and that same with ramsey earlier this season. But Twig can you tell me in how many matches did ozil play in his natural CAM role and failed to deliver. And also, how do you expect player of ramsey quality to gain form on the bench after coming from such a long term injury? Where were u when ozil played from the middle and ran riot against aston villa? And was ramsey’s magic against galatasaray not enough sign that he’s regaining his last season’s form?

      1. Twig says:

        Aston Vila. Is that the only game you remember? And what of last season when he always played in his favoured position?

        1. Prof says:

          Twig, please for God’s sake don’t just stop your critics and condemnation of ozil. But am sure you will live to regret it sooner than later because with time you will see the real ozil of real madrid, provided he operates through the middle. Also ramsey will soon shut your negative mouth up. Players are not spirit. They are humans like you and every human being in life have his or her ups and downs, and this doesn’t lasts forever.

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    jovetic and balotelli are available….fans fav…lets get them..

    1. CraigZWE says:

      Hafiz can you kick a ball?

      Use Hafiz house contacts to get contract, you would be WC.

  10. younggunner says:

    Off topic- lemme just say, I think wenger has lost it, this guy might be suffering from some medical condition we don’t noe about.,

    He claims to have sent poldi on loan cos of 2much competition for positions,if dats true den dude is eitha retarded or he thinks we are retarded….competion= chuba?welbeck? or cazorla(who is supposed to be CM?) or sanchez(who is just 1 of front 3)….the only player who matches poldi finishing is sanchez,so wot competition is he talking about? can he not find a way to apply poldi? Don’t we ave enuf injury setbacks to deal wit?and he goes and loan him out witout ny plans to replace or adequate replacement? Dis guy keeps making moves dat constantly sabotage our clubs success, No DM purchase over summer,no CB purchase over summer,turned down Fab cos we don’t need him leaving us wit out of form Ozil and cazorla,wot happens wen dey both get inured? Turned down Cech,and d list goes on. He can’t even seal a deal with a 17 year old(krystien Bielyk).

    My heart bleeds for my club,

    RIP to victims of terrorist attack in France #Je suis Charlie

  11. Twig says:

    Sell Welbeck/Ozil/Wilshere and get Jovetic.

  12. Dennis says:

    He def shouldn’t start but i think he should come off the bench for 20 mins or so. We need his creativity more against city the following week. The one that really has to start the full game is Theo.

  13. RSH says:

    have him come off bench. starting him is stupid. wenger needs to stop only picking his favorites. if players are playing well, keep playing them. if coquelin is benched for flamini i’ll be even more upset.

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      Agreed. I swear we debate about this topic unnecessarily everyday. I wanna see both of them play, but Santi definitely deserves the start.

  14. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Spend Spend Spend!!!!

    Wenger OUT!!!

  15. Hafiz Rahman says:

    lets play them alll….there are 11 spots in the team for the field

  16. akuma gouki says:

    Wrap up the 3 points !
    Come on !

  17. akuma gouki says:

    Crystal Palace v spurs ( 2-1).
    Good job Alan Pardew.

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