Why Arsenal should start Ramsey NOT Wilshere in Swansea

I am not saying that Aaron Ramsey is a better player than Jack Wilshere, because the England international has done really well for Arsenal this season and made a very good start towards proving all his doubters and critics from last season wrong.

And meanwhile, the Welshman has not quite found the level of performance that earned him the Arsenal fans’ vote as Player of the Year last time. But I think that Ramsey is coming good and also needs the time on the pitch to really sharpen up. Apart from being too interested in getting on the score sheet on Tuesday, I think Rambo had a good all round game and he will have been made well aware that he needs to not ignore his defensive duties.

But there is another big reason why I think that Jack should not start and that is the fact he is on four yellow cards in the Premier League and our next game is at home to Manchester United. It would be a real blow if the 22-year old, with his ability to dance through opposing players and break a determined defensive line, was not available to help us finally get one over on the struggling United side.

Even if Arsene Wenger decides to start Ramsey against United, it could be that we need Jack to come and work a bit of magic. So do you agree that the boss should protect him on Sunday?

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  1. One thing I realized is that wilshere and Ramsey will never be on good form at the SAME time. They somehow tend to take turns. ATM, I don’t know who has the “power”.

    1. If you ask me, none of them is playing great so far. So I don’t give a damn who starts between them. Or if any should start.

    2. None of them even deserves to start, if i was the manager i would replace them with the ox since walcot is back or may may be use Campbell up front (the ox’s power and directness will be of great use as a back to back midfielder)

  2. Wilshere should play because let’s be honest he’s been much better this season. Ramsey’s performances have been not impressive so far. Wilshere has shown some superb fottball this season so far.

  3. Ramsey should start. I think he’ll make amends for his Anderlecht performance. And since Wilsh is just coming back from injury/illness/yellows he should be subbed around the 60 minute. Or in Wenger’s case the 85th.

  4. Not really a question mark for me. The X factor this season has been our wing play. Last couple matches almost ALL of our offensive concentration has been wherever the OX is. Playing through the middle is just not cutting it so far. If Wenger would only see reason and play 2 wingers like Ox/Poldi on the wings or Campbell/Theo on the wings or Sanchez/Theo on the wings. Stop trying to fool us by saying Santi or Ozil can play as a winger. bullsh*t. lets play the starting 11 in their NATURAL positions and start winning some matches.

    1. He doesn’t have an option these days. Hopefully he realizes his flaws in playing so many peeps outta position and remembers that as people come back from injuries.

      1. Hopefully with Theo back things will change and he’ll start to play theo and sanchez on the wings. Or maybe not. Maybe he’ll bring bendtner back and slot him in next to Per at CB or he’ll play Flamini as striker and Diaby as a Winger lol. Wouldn’t be an AFC lineup without having players out of position.

  5. I dont know what being good means to most people here, maybe i watch a different Arsenal team play. I have not seen anything good from these guys. They all luck positional awareness and lose possesion like crazy

  6. We win more games when Wilshere is on the bench so we need him to be benched so we can get the 3points!

  7. ProbLems with WILSHERE
    (1) HoLds onto the ball for too Long and is dispossessed of it…
    (2) Runs into tight pockets of spaces (spaces meant for 3yr old kids and below)…
    (3) The boy just Loves to assist/score nice once-in-a-lifetime kinda goals (which rare ever happens) …

    On the other hand, RAMSEY’s problems are: ..
    (1) His dwindling consistency (good 2day, bad 2moro and vice-versa)

    (2) He wants so much to score at all cost.

    (3) Neglecting his defensive duties…

    (4) FaciaL countenance and expression of bitterness/ unhappiness wen any1 but him gets to score …

    To become one of the brightest prospects in football, they gotta work on these attributes or else, they’l become mediocre players……. GOODLUCK tho

    1. “FaciaL countenance and expression of bitterness/ unhappiness wen any1 but him gets to score”

      Really?! I’ve never seen that before. And you’re the first person I know to say that.

  8. “dance through opposing players and break a determined defensive line”

    Are you insane???
    What Wack Wiltshire have you been watching?
    I see the one who runs at walls of defenders, gets dispossessed, falls over then gets carded later in the game through frustration.
    Statements like that make me think of Henri, Bergkamp or Ryan Giggs, all of who could dance through opposing players but Wack? Wise up.

  9. Wenger is like the owner of a Rolls Royce (Arsenal), who has decided to keep it going by using second hand parts and servicing it in a back street garage! It’s only going to be a matter of time before it (Arsenal) breaks down completely!
    Wenger start paying for the real parts.

  10. Ramsey was good at the beginning of the season but just went downhill. Wilshere hasn’t been good either.

    Unfortunately, Wenger is very stubborn and loyal. He will persist with his methods

    Right now, both do not deserve to be starting but there is no alternative. I would play Ramsey and Arteta.

  11. I am sure wilshire has recently missed a match through suspension already? Or was that CL?

    One thing I was thinking was playing flamini at right back and moving chambers alongside mertesacker. It’s not that monreal has done badly or that I don’t rate bellerin, it’s just that mertesacker plays better alongside koscielny and chambers. Whilst bellerin is a bit to attack minded for this one, especially if he is going to play behind Walcott.

    My line up v swans
    Flamini mertesacker chambers gibbs
    Walcott wilshire ramsey chamberlain

    Martinez bellerin monreal rosicky cazorla podolski campbell

  12. I have been complaining about the quality of the articles here lately because i believe this site is read by very many fans most of which are ignorant. And its in that regard articles posted here should be based on fact apart from the very many personal theories we read here.The ignorant should be informed and not mislead. So Admin or however wrote this articles;where were you when Wilshere sat out the Sunderland because of suspension(fifth yellow card) he hasn’t played since then. So, enlighten has when did he accumulate 4 yellow cards. In your article your even calling it a fact.Shame on you. “that is the fact he is on four yellow cards in the Premier League”

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