Why Arsenal SHOULD start Szczesny against Brighton

There has been a lot of talk about the Arsenal goalkeeping situation this season already, and it has become a much bigger topic in recent weeks. Not only has our usual number one lost his starting place to David Ospina since New Years Day, but there are now Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Arsene Wenger is looking for a permanent replacement.

Our Poland international Wojciech Szczesny has certainly not done himself any favours by smoking in the showers after that dismal defeat in Southampton on New Years day, and the statements from his dad, and former Poland keeper Jan Tomaszewski, have not helped his cause either. Ospina, to be fair to him, deserves his chance after missing the early part of the season with injury. And the Colombian international has done his chances no harm after not conceding a single goal in his three games.

But I still think that Wenger should put Szczesny back in the Arsenal starting line-up for the FA cup tie away to Brighton on Sunday. For one thing, the manager usually gives his second choice keeper the cup games and this gives him the opportunity to play the Pole without Ospina being too upset and wondering what he has done wrong.

The cup game will give Szczesny a great chance to show that he is the better keeper. We want strong competition between the two stoppers, but we also want the best one to play in the big games and the following game is away to Tottenham, which we cannot afford to lose. So although I think Ospina has done well, he has not really been properly tested and I suspect that Szczesny, as long as he is on the ball, is the better keeper.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Why must he start a player in such a one-off, do or die game, who is currently in the sulk mode and lacking in confidence? I would stick with Ospina for this one!

  2. we need a full strength team to play brighton…..to keep the momentum going…

    Martinez shld be given a chance tooo

    1. Szcz needs to remain on the bench and smoke some cig with his buddy wishire in the shower untill they both grow up.

  3. I think there is more to this then we know, something has hapened with Szczesny and AW that we don’t know about why els would Szczesnys father come out defending his son by saying the blame lays at defence and not Szczesny, we won’t know the whole story until when and if Szczesny leaves.

  4. I agree with the article above. Its our practice to have our 2nd keeper in goal for the Cups, the only thing this will mean today if he is in goal is that he will then know he is the 2nd keeper…..and the writing will be on the wall for him

  5. Starting Szcezney is a no-brainer for me. His brain farts are infuriating but there is a class goalkeeper in there. There’s no point in Wenger giving him a well-deserved kick up the backside if he’s not going to give him another chance. That said, regardless of how he plays Ospina should be back between the posts next weekend against Villa – he’s done nothing wrong.

  6. I like Szcz a lot but he became lax
    because with Ospina injured Szcz
    had no competition and got lazy.
    Besides Ospina was injured and deserves game time.
    If Szcz gets back in now Wenger will keep Szcz in.
    Besides BHA and then Aston Villa at home are not exactly Galacticos.
    Make a decision on who’s best for Spurs away.
    Let Szcz stew on the bench for a while longer.
    When he does return he will have more respect for the position

  7. Szczesny wasn’t dropped because he was smoking in the shower…
    That was just the last straw
    Don’t forget Fabianski was number one before Szczesny
    His only mistake was getting his shoulders injured!

  8. i just wish we still had fabianski!!to this day i still think we should have gone for hugo lloris he was available for 10 millions what a bargain when he is worth 22,5m now!!

  9. Come to think of it,we have missed quite few players over the years especially goalkeepers.The last class keeper was the german even though you could easily wind him up.We certainly have had some crap keepers in our time To many to mention. Even the. ‘great ‘Seaman made boo boos every now and then.You win F***all while their learning their trade so maybe the next stopper should be an established experienced international not an up an coming. What do I know I’ve only been watching goalkeepers since Lev Yashin and Jack Kelsey.
    P’S Only one of those played for the Arsenal. Happy days!

  10. WS has been costly to Arsenal many many many many many many infinite times. Therefore this being a crucial cup match, there is certainly no need for Wojciech RISK SZCZESNY.

  11. Last Season, Szczesny wins the Golden Glove (best goalkeeper in PL). Now People want him gone. How fickle some people are.

    Right now Ospina is the best and he should be number1, but I am willing to give Szczesny a chance to earn his spot back.

    If he won the Golden Glove last season there is no reason why he can’t get back to his best this season

  12. Inasmuch as alot of us fans love Shezza,I think he’s his own problem.Aside his chronic cockiness,him and his dad seem to have this belief that he’s irreplaceable in the Arsenal team but I think he knows better now cos he’d sit on the bench as long as Ospina keeps clean sheets and wins us 3points.

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