Why Arsenal should stick with Campbell for Swansea

I know that it was a bad night at the office all round for Arsene Wenger and the players, as Arsenal limped to an emphatic defeat away to Championship side Sheffield Wednesday. But having lost two of the few first team players taken to Hillsborough for this somewhat unwelcome Capital One Cup clash, I do not think we can judge the players too harshly for their performances last night.

In fact I felt sorry for the youngsters like Glen Kamara who were thrown to the wolves in a game against a well up-for-it home side with a fully revved up home crowd urging them on. I also felt for Joel Campbell and despite him not being able to influence the game too much I think he started well.

The Costa Rican was about the only Gunner out there that looked like he wanted to win the game and he made some good runs and showed good skill until his frustration got the better of him. In a better team I think Campbell would have been pretty effective and so I think he deserves another chance on Saturday.

We hope that Theo Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain are not out for long but I assume they will both be unavailable to face Swansea City, so with Giroud and Alexis Sanchez there is a space to fill in the forward line. No Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky or the two from last night does not leave Wenger many options, so will Campbell get a taste of Premier League action? And do you think he is up to it?

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  1. Campbell will play for sure, and he deserves his chance, he wont have better one, i hope he takes it like Coq did, some rumors are suggesting Walcott will miss 3 games, 3 games for Joel to save his Arsenal career, fingers crossed

        1. Cech
          Bellerin – Mertesaker – Koscielny – Monreal
          Coquelin – Cazorla
          Campbell – Ozil – Alexis

          Subs: Macey, Debuchy, Gabriel, Chambers, Gibbs, Flamini, Iwobi

          1. That’s the only team to pick from,just fill the one spot vacant. However after Pers game on Teusday Gabriel would be my pick, the rest is as is and the way they played I would only use them if an injurie hapened as they were ordinary. CB

  2. If Joel plays well in his 3 games, that will only increase his value in the transfer market!

    #LetsGoJoel #ScoreAGoalJoel #WarChest

  3. How many games does Joel Campbell need to impress? Personally, I’ve seen enough of Campbell and Sanogo to say that their future probably lies elsewhere.

    1. I think the hype of the World Cup has kept him going. For his own sake, he needs to leave ASAP to save his career. I like watching him play for Costa Rica but different position and different team. Wish him the best

  4. The problem now for me, and this is a big problem to stomach, is that because Wenger didn’t buy any outfield players in the summer, he may now live to regret that decision! His bottom may be very sore from the bites come the end of the season!
    It kind of shows us we have no depth in the squad judging from the display and the bench last night! Fix it in January Mr Stingy Wenger!

    1. I fail to understand how people consider us to not have squad depth. We practically have 1 great and 1 good/decent player for each position. And then we have a few extras:
      GK: Cech, Ospina
      RB: Bellerin, Debuchy
      CB: Koscielny, Mertesaker, Gabriel, Chambers
      LB: Monreal, Gibbs
      CDM: Coquelin, Flamini, Arteta
      CM: Ramsey, Wilshere
      CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky
      RW: Walcott, Ox
      LW: Sanchez, Campbell
      ST: Giroud, Welbeck

      How is this lack in depth???? No other team in the PL has that good a squad in terms of depth. We are just plagued with injuries, we cannot go out there and buy someone like Reus to replace someone like Campbell and then bench both Ox and Walcott. They will leave the club immediately.

  5. I believe in Campbell. Whether he will be a too class player is yet to be decided. But he can certainly be a good squad player. He is exactly what we need. Someone that is quick and makes a nuisance of himself up and down the flank.

    I’m sure he will improve his movement and distribution once he plays with players like Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla.

      1. You cannot possibly give a view on Campbell’s ability with the few minutes he has grabbed here and there, and invariably in hopeless situations he has played for Arsenal. If he has a run of 3 games and can’t hack it, then so be it, but from my and the teams point of view, I hope he proves you totally wrong. If he doesn’t, and in your view that is likely, we risk losing at least 9 ppints in the Premier league, and a fingers crossed draw against Bayern.

      2. Anyone guy that continues to try to convince the world he is not follically challenged once he has reached that stage is ‘dangerous’

    1. Unfortunately he loses the ball too easy. He does work hard. Easy to appreciate. I wanted him to work out but…sometimes it doesn’t happen. Reine Adelaide will work out. Guy is impressive. Noelia got good reviews from last game. We need some wingers. How’s Silva performing?

  6. At the least Campbell can put in a good defensive shift in front of Bellerin. I do hope that at least one of Ox and Theo are back for Bayern.

    Another option would be to bring in Bielik and move SC19 to the wing, which I’d consider trying against teams like Villa or Norwich but not Swansea. We dropped 5 of 6 points last year to the Swans, if I’m remembering right, so I would not take chances with unproven teenagers.

  7. Just goes to show our second string players ( back up players ) are not any good no matter who they are playing against !!!! the young kids need time but there are many back up first team players that simply should not be at the club

  8. We should get rid of Campbell, just like we should have got rid of Coquelin. Campbell is 23 years old and his career is winding down.

  9. I have a feeling that Wenger will put Ozil or Cazorla on the left, the other in the middle and Alexis on the right. Coquelin and Arteta behind. Giroud up front



    1. ur feelings are wrong men. one of the best reasons( i would say the most convincing reason) is the how Santiago and ozil literally( yes poured from the mixer) cemented their positions. i would even say more than sanchez’s game play it was how they performed their positions perfectly! so i would say no to changing either le coq, santi or ozil! i would much rather see Campbell on RW.

  10. is he up ti it?
    no he is not up to it for the simple fact that both ramsey who is not a winger and ox who is abysmal lately are ahead of him. how about pushing bellerin forward that could be a better option.

  11. AlmiR,Walcott is a converted striker & Campbell is a touted attacking right winger. So, d 2 aren’t d same. Bobby, I can’t influence the Boss’ starts for d Swansea game. I can only make a suggestion which he may not take note of. But if you can influence his Swansea game starts, that’s okay. The Boss could start him. If the Boss does so and he performed well to score or assisted to score, that will be great for Arsenal and himself. But with him starting or not, the Gunners MUST collect all the 3 points that will be at stake at the Liberty Stadium. We all know the Swans goals scoring power to be, Gylfi Sigursson, Bafetimbi Gomis & Andre Ayew. Don’t we? The Gunners MUST contain them and diffuse their goal scoring threats and also hv the eagle’s eye on would be a Swan goal scoring threat & PUT THEM ALL OUT OF ORDER. That’s the Boss’ Game App Data Plan Running Unlocking Key, to unlock Garry Monk’s Locked Game App Data Running Plan of: Get Boggy And Boggy Arsenal Again. I’ll wait for the Boss’ Gunners update.

  12. We have no other choice but to stick with Campbell,
    The Ox is out for at least 3 weeks and Walcott is out for at least 4 weeks!

    Wenger is a muppet for not letting Walcott warm up properly before being sent on…. infact why did he even bother sending Walcott on, when lamp post… I mean Giroud was already on, what happened to rotating our striker’s?
    Just goes to show that wenger has developed senile dementia….. God help us!

    1. Wenger is hardly a muppet or any of the other things you called him but I do agree it was an odd call to bring Theo on when he did. I was expecting Bielek at DM and push Flamini up field in order to keep the same shape.

  13. Didn’t watch the match yesterday and frankly glad I didn’t. But playing Campbell with our more trustworthy players in Bellerin, Ozil, Santi, Coq, OG, and Alexis might do him some good.

    And honestly what other options do we got. With how Ozil is playing, we can’t deploy him to the wings. We could use someone from the U-21s maybe, but I’m not too sure. I even thought of possibly using Alexis at RW then Gibbs as LW but hopefully we’re not that desperate.

    So Campbell might just start. However, Wenger has never seemed to trust the guy.

  14. Wayne BarkerOctober 28, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Yes let us celebrate the loss. Thats the differencebetween champions teams of past and us . They tried to give their best in every competitisons and win it rather than finding positives in getting knocked out. Let us not kid our self and portray as if we have been the best club in england for last decade.Our trophy haul has been pathetic , we have hardly looked like winning the league , yet we have that delusional belief each season that yes this is our year to win the league and champions league and who cares about other trophies. This who cares about other trophy is thereason clubs like Manchester United havewon countless trophies and we have not. Even our london rivals chelseahave won countless trophies and even city are overtaking us.Never celebrate mediocrity, losing 3-0 to a championship side is never good.

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    ↓ziolOctober 28, 2015 at7:11 pm

    thank you for your view! from what i read from some articles and most comments; really thank you for having sense. justfor a token of appreciation, i will be couting you on similar articles with pointless deduction and spread sense into fans who seem to have lost it trying to find a ‘win’ in a loss.Rate this comment:0 0

  15. Theo was vital against bayern.
    Swansea an spuds r difficult games

    Giroud an theo are so different that when one replaces the other defences are perplexed.

    This is a huge loss.

    Finger toes and ears crossed

  16. If Debuchy was showing anything, it would be a toss up between Bellerin and Campbell for me –I’m interested to see what Bellerin could do on the wing. But it’s a moot point with Debuchy’s form so I agree with Campbell.

    And for those still bemoaning Wenger not signing a winger this window and crying about our lack of depth, please note we have seven players that are either injured (Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Wellbeck, Rosicky, Wilshire) or unavailable (Reine-Adelaide) that can play on the right. What is happening now has nothing to do with lack of depth.

  17. Don’t rate him at all sorry he is a very greedy player. Ok being like that if yr good enough but he is far from that. Go get Chris back from loan

  18. Campbell has a wonderful opportunity to get some game time, he has played that position on loan, sparingly at arsenal and also for his national team, its a grand opportunity to play with the major cast in the team, which will only lift his game.

    Only game time can improve a player and also build confidence, i am actually looking forward to the game

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