Why Arsenal should stick with pumped up Welbeck!

While Arsenal fans will be celebrating a rare Old Trafford win all week and sticking it to any Man United fans that we can get hold of, Arsene Wenger will be focusing straight away on the next game. In fact the Frenchman will probably be planning for the next three games, which come for Arsenal in the space of seven days.

One of the big decisions that Wenger now has to make is what to do with Danny Welbeck. The England international was brought back in against his former club and he did not disappoint, scoring the winning goal from his favoured centre forward role.

Our stand in captain Per Mertesacker has spoken to Arsenal Player about the striker and the German defender clearly thinks that Danny’s desire and determination to impress were key factors in his performance.

Per said, “Danny was really motivated and you could see that in the first half. He was always demanding balls and trying to get through but we kept him patient and he pressed from the top in the second half.

“For him, leaving a great place like here was not an easy decision. He was a great player here but he continues at Arsenal. I think he has done extremely well this season and I hope we do it again and again.

“He was rewarded with a special goal for him, but as a team we defended from the top and that was the key.”

However, if Wenger drops him straight back to the bench for the West Ham game on Saturday, we could be wasting the chance to build on Welbeck’s motivation as well as his confidence. And I’m sure he will still be fired up to show that United made a mistake. There is also the upcoming England squad to consider and his motivation to keep his place in it.

Would you keep Welbeck in the starting line-up and if so would you keep him at centre forward or move him back out wide?

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  1. welbeck should play v w.ham. giroud v. monaco.
    we have 2 games in quick succession so we should rotate the CF.
    welbeck on the wing or 2 forwards hasnt worked so well for us.
    bc we have a sat game and another 3 days later , we have to play 2 teams.

    1. changed my mind: giroud prob has mental thing v monaco. so play giroud at west ham; welbeck at moncao.

    2. I don’t care who is going to play …. we just need 3 goals and if we can score at Old Trafford and Etihad… then why not at Monaco…. bring em on……. We need anyone of the current squad player to take the responsibility…..because at the end …. A Gunner a need ….is a Gunner in deed…..!!!


      1. I agree too @Samuel…. We are going to do the (that guy Welbz) come weekend again.. am positive about that.. lol Coyg***

    3. Giroud will play both games, and likely so will Welbz.

      Ox is out so prob see Welbz on the wing and Giroud back at ST for West Ham. Let’s be real, apart from a brilliant work ethic, Welbz was pretty shite with the ball vs United. Bring Oli back for some cohesion at ST and let’s hit Monaco with some momentum.

      No need to rotate at CF. If anything I’d give Santi and Ozil a breather and put Rambo and Rosicky in their place. Much rather those two fresh as a daisy for Monaco given their efforts lately. Maybe Theo will get some more minutes too, we could do with his clinical finishing.

      1. @Charlie maybe you are right… if we go in with all we have got and fire up with all unit we can still go through in CL only if we fire up like we did against Man U-Dive.

        Off the Topic:

        Man United LUKE SHAW of Winning the other night, we were almost ROONEYed again. Thank GOD VALENCIA was so BLIND even ANGEL was missing but in the end it does not MATA. Hello fellow Gunners we just took that HIGH WAY TO WEMBLEY all tha way. Classic say so!! COYG***

  2. i think in the same way that Welbeck wanted to prove a point at manchester, Giroud wants to do the same at Monaco. Giroud will score at Monaco
    so i like your first thought better

  3. Should play them according to Opponents….Welbeck vs utd was a good plan.
    Giroud for me is the better striker.
    Difficult to play them both – Welbeck at the wing – seems to lack Discipline and doesn’t stay on the wing.

      1. Can see your point on rotation Charile but i’m not a fan of resting players who have just had a win at Old Trafford & are high on confidence.
        Having said that with Monaco in mind, your selection is perhaps more likely for Saturday.

  4. Apparently Sanchez said in training yesterday that he wants to score all 5 of Arsenal’s goals against Monaco so I don’t think it matters who plays in the middle.

  5. Come next season Welbeck will not get many games…when we sign a top striker and a left winger

    1. And what if we won’t buy a top striker or that top striker will have issues adapting to EPL? Just like Falcao. You speak too soon and too stupid.

    2. IF WE SIGN………..& who exactly is the top striker and who is the left winger going to displace from thee first 11 ?

  6. I think the boos has to be VERY TACTICAL. Yes, that is key word and logic to be employed by the Gunners within the 7 days they will play 2 important BPL games and in between, play a crucial UCL away game. It has become unavoidable for the boss to do a winnig rotation of Gunners that MUST collect all the 3 points that will be at stake on the Emirates stadium pitch on Saturday afternoon when the West Hammersmiths come to engage the Gunners to contest for the 3 points. I will later reveal my tactics to be used by the boss/the Gunners in my subsequent comment posting.

  7. It may seem like a suicidal mission but I say GO 100% IN MONACO-

    Lets be honest, the odds are against us. Many feel its already lost. So lets go, have fun, and go all out for it-

    We literally have nothing to lose! Use our situation to our advantage, we have a big squad now, so lets use it, if it were two years ago Id be singing a different tune- but with our bigger squad we really attack and go full-out in every game – thats the whole point!

    I would consider resting Sanchez, either in this game, or with WestHam – but he needs it. He’s a fading force right now – and we want him back to 100%

    It would put the fear of god into every other team we play – both in Cham League and EPL

  8. We have Hammers at home, Monaco and Newcastle away, then an International week break, then LiverBirds at home.
    The current form players are Le Coq, Santi, Alexis and Giroud (apart from Monaco).
    Ozil is slowly finding form, and Rambo looked strong and competitive v Manure. Defence looks more settled
    We can’t drop intensity in the League games, which are priority to keep us in 3rd and challenge for 2nd. So we need to play our best starting XI.
    Beating Monaco away is a pride thing, but is also essential as we need to maintain the winning habit (and get revenge). Again play best team.
    Key will be good (early) tactical substitutions, using Mozart, Theo, Welbeck, Gibbs, Chambers etc
    And tho’ Per and Kos looked OK v Manure we need Gabriel back to nullify Sturridge.

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