Why Arsenal should still send Nketiah out on loan

Loan Out Eddie by Dan Smith

So, I should be delighted how our youngsters are getting on In America, but something makes me uneasy …. who our owner is? When I hear gooners say Eddie Nketiah could be Welbeck’s replacement, I bet that is music to Stan Kroenke’s ears? At a time when he is saving money on the wage bill, you bet he likes the idea of not having to spend money on a new striker.

While we are at it, why fork out 70 million on Zaha when Saka is developing so well? Who needs Ramsey when Willock looks so good? Throw in the fact it’s a marketable dream to have British talent come through your academy, and the American can go back to his ranch having saved money, not caring if it’s too soon for these rookies or not.

Now don’t get me wrong, promoting youth is smart when you are a self-sustained model but there’s got to be a balance. Don’t throw them into the deep end without correcting the issues from the last campaign. It’s less than a month till the Prem kicks off and we are weaker than the squad we had in Baku.

The Kroenke family would love you to not notice that and be blinded by the romantic notion of one of our own breaking though. In reality, there is a reason Eddie ‘s senior goals have been in a cup tie against lower League opposition and in pre -season. Yet in the Europa League, he was trying to force things because he wanted it too much. We know he can finish; he’s proven that in the Under 23 but it’s about building his mentality gradually.
Very few have a Rooney or Owen who you can fast track into the first team. Even when we knew Wilshire was special, we loaned him out to get that taste of playing weekly.

That’s what Eddie needs next, scoring loads in the Championship will be better in the long term then 10-minute cameos. Smith Rowe and Nelson can now be trusted because they went abroad and proved they could handle with what comes from being in a first team. We have 5 or 6 kids who could be the heartbeat of our club for the next decade. Future leaders/captains who will understand the values of the club who as fans will never want them to leave and be the face of Arsenal FC.

I just want them to have the correct pathway and not rushed into the first team for the sake of saving money for Kroenke…

Dan Smith


  1. the kids are ready. they are trained to play for Arsenal. it is not saving cash, after all Arsenal belongs to the owners. he can decide otherwise.me am excited than ever before to see them in the first term.

  2. Good article Dan.

    I do agree to a point but then, I don’t see Kronke willing to spend £70m on Zaha anyway. Let alone another £60 – £80m to sort the other areas out. And there is the problem. If we can promote the youngsters into the team now then we have more options going into the new season.

    If we loan them they will quite likely get good experience. No doubt. But, if they stay and take the opportunities when UE rotates the team I think they will help the whole team as a unit to develop further!?

    I think we need the youth in this team, now. It’s ageing and we don’t have a lot of money. Further more, they have impressed me more than some of our so called “starting eleven”. I feel they are ready to integrate..

  3. 1. Loaning Eddie is a risky gamble if nobody else is signed for the role of the 3rd striker, and a complete clusterfuck if the club signs some young and promising striker (like Kean or Wesley Moraes) hindering Nketiah’s chances after coming back from loan.

    2. “Don’t throw them into the deep end” is a reasonable argument, but having him played 500 competitive senior minutes in the last couple of seasons as well as 500 friendly senior minutes, I think promoting him to 3rd choice striker and starting him in cup ties and EL fixtures would no longer qualify for the deep end.

  4. Spot on GR.Nketiah and for that matter Bielik should not be loaned out.Nketiah is a prime example of the evolution of youth at our Club which has been accelerated by Ljunberg.Nketiah has more inane talent than Welbeck ,has greater composure,first touch and is a better finisher.He provides excellent back up for Laca and Auba and will probably take over from the latter in due course.The case for playing Beilik is in my opinion even more clear cut as he and for that matter, Chambers are already better than our experienced group of defenders who are sub standard and in some cases past their sell by dates.Give these talented younger players an opportunity sooner rather than later.

    1. Grandad-you have been consistently saying Bielik should be given every opportunity at the Club and I fail to see what more the lad can do to be given a chance.Was it Birmingham he first went on loan to?Then Charlton where he had a stellar season for them.This is what you get from getting regular games at a young age.I just cannot believe he could do any worst than Mustafi who just has to go.He will not be needed for back-up even if Kos goes.I see Holding and Sokritis as our two main CB’s with Chambers and Mavo in reserve.Surely having Bielik will give us just a bit more cover?And what message does it send to the other lads who will go out on loan?Getting games every week helped Bielik in his development and the boy deserves at least a season to see if he can force his way in at CB with the added bonus of sitting as a DM if required.To me it’s a no brainstorm.
      It’s the same with Eddie but I can also see the benefit of him staying as a third striker.He would be on the bench at least most weeks and getting Europa and Carabao cup games early season to give him an opportunity.it Will also save us having to pay out for a third striker and use the money on more urgent positions such as a Winger.
      Let’s see how Emery plays this.But any loan should definitely allow us a clause to bring the players back if we suffer injuries.Just think how many games Chambers would have played from Xmas onwards if we were able to bring him back from Fulham.

  5. I agree to Some point but the youngsters can be used in cup games gaining experience HAS well as in prem league. On transfers City want Mangala gone And would-be allow HIM to go for Free. Get him. Offer Mustafi & 7m for Ake at Bournemouth. Sell Jenkinson to Palace 4/5m. Ceballos on a loan deal. BuyAjax Winger who CAN play left,right or through the middle. Job done.

  6. I really hope Bielik doesn’t leave and we give him a chance. With Kos leaving, Monreal not a CB and Mustafi being Mustafi I don’t understand why we don’t give Bielik a shot. Surely he can’t be any worse and based on his natural improvement we’ve seen in the last year he might surprise us!

    I hope we don’t make another mistake with this one

  7. What is the point of having such wonderful youngsters and then send them out while we don’t have electrifying players not in the first team.
    The rise has come of Saka, Nketiah, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Willock tremendous players. Prefer them over Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Iwobi.
    Arsenal new Golden generation is coming so let’s savor the sad days now. Joy will come again fellow gunners.

  8. We loaned out Chambers and then got injuries. They happen. Chambers could have played full back, CB or DM. Aubamyang or Lacazette could get injured. It would be insanity to loan out Nketiah for that reason.

  9. what’s the essence of grooming them, With the development of our youth, I don’t mind us not buying on other positions except the defence, The like of ESR, willock, Guendouzi can master the middle with Xhaka and Torreira in there midst, Saka, Nelson on the wings. Defence should be our priority

  10. I hope we don’t loan him out. I see what you’re saying Dan – scoring loads in the championship will be much better than 10 minute cameos – and it makes sense! But.. they all have to start somewhere. Bellerin was thrown in at the deep end & look at him now.. a regular starter.
    I know people will argue that pre-season & league one are a completely different kettle of fish & they’d be right, but if now isn’t the right time to put our faith in them and give them that chance, when will it ever be??

  11. What’s the point of having an academy, getting players to a level where they look ready to join the first team squad and then say, no, let’s farm him out for another season. Surely one of the reasons for bringing youngsters through is to save spending big all the time. So he goes out on loan again, doesn’t get the necessary game time in his foster team, his hunger drops and when he returns gets sold for peanuts only to be worth tens of millions a year or so later. If you can bring a younger player from the French second division and put him straight into the team, you can equally do the same with a player from our academy desperate for first team games. Anyway, whatever this article is suggesting will not happen as Emery has already stated Nketiah is not going out on loan.

  12. If cant secure enough games, Loan all these kids to good teams playing them on a regular. They will progress and valued.

  13. Stop throwing money around.
    Saka Guendouzie Smith-Rowe Martinelli Nketiah.
    They are all ready now.
    Just play them.

  14. Nketiah

    Nelson. Smith-Rowe. Martinelli.

    Willock. Torreira.

    Kolasinac. Holding. Chambers. Bellerin.


    M. Niles
    E. Martinez

    The Golden boys that will bring glory back to Arsenal watch out.

    1. Tierney and Saliba in two years and that should be a very good side.Tierney in place of Kolasinac (sorry Sue) makes it look even better

  15. How old was Fabregas when we gave him a chance in first team in 2006? Age is only a number, if they are good enough, then they are good to play .
    Nketiah, Willock and Beilik to me, are the most advanced in development amongst our youngsters. Their game ooze maturity.
    I heard Emery is in love with video analysis of players. If this is true, then he must know that those three are well ripe for first team roles.

    I’m not sold on Nelson, Saka and Olayinka. Injury unfortunately had derailed Rowe.
    So I say loan the Four of them out to a club where they will get good minutes. Rowe loan to Bundesliga last time around wasn’t so good, he rarely got good playing time. The championship or the newly EPL promoted teams where they would get better game times will be more preferred.

    Of course, keeping Chambers is stating the obvious. A versatile player who could play RB, DM and CB will always be crucial for a team with limited budget and bad injury record . So keep him.

    I don’t know about Bennacer, I think if he had blossomed last season, we wouldn’t have bought Torreira. Buying him back when we still have Torreira makes no sense.
    But if we can use him to replace Elneney, it would be nice. Although it would appear selling Elneny has not been easy. Additionally Bennacer at this stage of his career might not be ready to settle for bench role in Arsenal, when AC Milan and other clubs are offering him first team role.

    However if we can ship off Elneny and Benaccer accepts to take on a bench /squad depth role, I would like to see him back to Arsenal. He was the best player in AFCON( I know many here will say it’s only AFCON), but he was up against the likes of Ndidi (Leceister and Nigeria) and still dominated the midfield.
    He is a better player than Elneny (not that it’s hard to be better than Elneny), but he will improve our squad depth and he is our own.

    1. I know this all probably a load of ? but apparently we’ve upped our bid to 55m & Nelson (or even Saka) on loan to Palace for Wilf. I seriously doubt this will cut it..
      As for Bennacer.. I didn’t think we were going to bring him back, instead settling for 30% of whatever he’s sold to AC Milan (?) for.
      As for Elneny, there’s talk of West Ham wanting him (????)

    2. I’d like to see Nketiah on loan, but I agree about everything else. Saka is still a pretty limited player and needs to keep training and growing, ESR I don’t really know what is happening to him right now. Always seems to be injured lately. Nelson, another loan wouldn’t hurt if we are able to bring in a winger. Nketiah is the best youth player we currently have. We would set him be tremendously if he doesnt get adequate game time this season tho. If Emery has him apart of his plan, then he should stay. But if he is going to mostly sit and there is an opportunity to start for a championship side and play week-in-week-out, a loan would be much better.

  16. The comment in the article ‘Don’t throw them into the deep end without correcting the issues from the last campaign’ is ridiculous. Correcting the issues from the last campaign is PRECISELY WHY they should be thrown in! Or do you expect the deadwood who failed us last term to miraculously come good this term? Neither do I!
    Furthermore if the youngsters start then I also disagree with the statement ‘we are weaker than the squad we had in Baku’. On the contrary we would be much stronger.
    A couple of quotes from Matt Busby: “If they are good enough, they are old enough.” and (on young players) “If you don’t put them in, you can’t know what you’ve got.”
    So enough of the weak-kneed waffle – just stick ’em in and let’s see what happens.

  17. From what I understand, Eddie is gona stay because he wont be about the 10min slots but about getting proper game time.

    We had an over relevant on Laca and Auba last season. They need someone who can get 10 goals. Eddie can. Already 3 goals as fox in the box in ore season against top opponents. The goal against Norwich also was a sign of a man who has instinct in his blood.

    Regardless of if we buy or keep to youth, the youth deserve their chance, whether that’s from arsenal or another top team.

    It way as well be at arsenal. Where stars are made.

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