Why Arsenal SHOULD take Europa League seriously

You’ve got to be in it to win it by DP

As we enter our fifth Champions League Group game, we have to face the facts. We have lost three of our four games so far and have a -4 goal difference. There is very little chance of any of the big teams we may face (if we did somehow get through) that are going to be scared to play us in the knockouts and do any of us seriously believe we would go much further anyway.

So let’s face it. There is a very big possibility that we are going to be playing Thursday night football for the rest of this season, so we may as well try and win it. This is what Wenger thinks…”We would take the competition seriously – but we are not out yet,”

“I believe that this problem is exaggerated a little bit in England because we play Wednesday and Saturday, so it is the same as Thursday and Sunday. I can’t see the difference.

“There are plenty of examples in Portugal and Spain where teams have taken it seriously and won the championship. Benfica are the example, Sevilla have done well.”

The last time Arsenal finished third in our Group was 15 years ago, and we went through to the UEFA Cup and got to the final before losing on penalties to Galatasary. Look at Chelsea. The year after the won the Champions League they finished third, and went on to win the Europa League. We have more than enough players in our squad (when fit) and I am sure our reserves could carry us through the early stages and we could put out stronger teams once we reach, say, the Quarter Finals.

What do you think? Should we go for it? I think we should!

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  1. Listen Baby Please I am not Lebanese on my knees looking for my keys eating some cheese and being bitten by bees.

    We are NOT in Europa League yet. Lets see what happens tonight. Makes no sense to discuss Europa League on CL match day.

    If we lose tonight then that’s a different story and we can discuss that tomorrow but lets see what happens tonight

    1. Well please, go back on your knees and keep begging with your japanese baby who’s stolen your keys, we’re talking facts not dreams.

      1. ooh ooh lets keep this rhyme train goin, cos u aint knowin…

        lookin for my rizla i hear the news,
        coquelins injured an mikel too…

        dj yo MR DJ…reloadddd

        1. Oooooh, noooo shiiiitttiiing!!! You kiiiiddding??? This is bad, so sad, poor lad, Le Cock, out injured. Danger!!! Bozo Wenger!!! We screwed!!! It’s true!!! If we lose, we’re doomed!!! My god!!! Where’s Budd??? Any excuse? It’s no use!!!

          1. Muff diver and kickass fan,
            your rhyming is ?… you both deserve a ban!

            Don’t get me started on my fatman Jam,
            I roll you up like sushi and wash you down with a can,
            Or two…Of diet coke’s… by the way,
            im not one of those typical fat blokes!… I say..
            “Your rhyming is as bad, as your Christmas cracker jokes!” ?

            1. Haha!!! FatBoy, flat rhyme. No time, no dime. Fatman man? More like Fatman fart jam!!! That’s a choke slam!!! Bam!!! Like Big bang!!! Not the theory. Ma flow make u so sorry, cuz ma rhymes so flowery.

    2. Havent wrote on this blog for awhile been reading though however, I Just have one question. Now that le coq. Has an injury and we Will get knock out the champions league today I am now wondering what top player we Will attract playing Europa league? I keep saying this wenger needs to go not even Norwich would place there faith in Arteta and flamini.

  2. winning the europa league guarantees us a place in the uefa champions league next season..so i think that should spur us to go all out in the league irrespective of where we end up on the log.

    1. Europa league is the underworld of football, lots of
      tough sh!t there, you think it’s gonna be easy?

    2. Europa League is tough as every other competition. Think about the fact that you may travel to Sankt Petersburg or Astana. You know how far that is?

  3. There are two kinds of people who when chances are given they do the following

    1- Take the chance and accept the criticism which comes along and bear with it to prove their worth.
    2- Dont say a word and play like Arteta concede yet be part of the squad bring the club down

    I say that again there are latest 5 or 6 players that asked Wenger for a promise from him and he is giving it, this season may be the little horse scenario where Arsenal do perform next they do the actual damage to other clubs.

  4. Why are we keep talking about Europa League Arsenal are way better than just Europa League for cry out loud we still have the chance to go through our group stage we have 2 more games to play if we beat our 2 remaining of games which i believe we’ll, then we’ll still go through even though there is a lot of injuries in the team right now but we still have a good squad to beat any of those 2 team let’s under the fact that Arsenal made mistakes on their first 2 games & of course our 4th game to bayern but they ain’t s**t

  5. What ever the future holds in the future we have zagrib tonight we need to win it big and let the future do its future in the future but we need to win tonight

  6. Of course Wenger will take the Europa league seriously,
    ( Money Money Money)
    It’s a shame that he didn’t take our first two champions league games seriously or was this his plan,since we haven’t made it past the last 16 in years?
    Maybe winning the Europa league or getting to the finals will bring in more revenue than getting knocked out in the 2nd stage of the champions league?

    When it comes to Wenger and his ways of thinking,
    You have to understand that money is his main priority.

    Don’t forget, last season when we got knocked out by Monaco, wenger actually said “maybe the fan’s will be more happy, if we were in the europa league”

    That makes me wonder ?

  7. I hate Arsene Wenger…. I desire a change in Management. Every year same thing, same old excuses… Same injuries.
    Only a mad man does same things expecting different results… Arsene Wenger!

  8. If peradventure, Arsenal fell into the Europa League and still win the title or come 2nd or 3rd in the table this season, and yet fail to win the Europa League. Won’t Arsenal still qualify for next season Ucl?
    As to step forward, Arsenal will not fail to beat the doping Dinamo Zagreb team tonight at the Emirates Stadium.
    As for thinking of getting more money out of any the 2 Uefa competitions, is it only the Boss that will get the likely more money if Arsenal play in the Europa League and are successful? I think the Arsenal club, the Gunners, the back room staff, the management staff, the Arsenal club owners and even Uefa and others will get some money as well. The only group that will not get money are the un-investing Gooner like me. I don’t have a viewing house to show the games and get my own share out of the windfall. Don’t tell me who tells me not to have one.

  9. Europa League is still coveted silverware throughout Europe. If we were to win it and the League, that would mean we’re ready for the CL next season…

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