Why Arsenal SHOULD worry about FA cup final

There has already been quite a lot said about the man chosen to referee the upcoming FA cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa and I don’t want to get on the back of Jon Moss too much, because he is surely doing the best he can. But the general consensus seems to be that the 44-year old is not quite up to it.

Even the former Premier League referee Mark Halsey has slammed the appointment, as reported by The Express, even though officials usually stick up for each other. Halsey clearly feels, as do many others, that Mark Clattenburg should have got the gig but the authorities seem to be intent on snubbing him.

I am not so sure about all the in fighting and politics involved but it does seem a bit daft that the best man for the job does not always get it, with the bizarre ruling in place that a ref can only do it once. The problem for me is not just that Mister Moss tends to make a few mistakes, because both Arsenal and Aston Villa have to live with his decisions.

What worries me is that his major flaw seems to be giving big decisions, especially penalty kicks, and at Wembley that is more likely to impact on the Gunners than the Villains. In a close game one key decision can decide the result so I guess we will just have to make sure that this final is not close.

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  1. dont ask me to worry im worried already weve never beat this sherwood tottenham u know oh oh πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      1. i personally blame you hafiz….
        If we had one more actual supporter that game instead of someone worried about which ‘who’s who’ names should be in the team we might have got there….
        ohhh the humanity!!!

  2. OT guys but this article in the Independent made me laugh – must be some decent trolling ammo here.

    “The social media giant has released a map indicating the levels of support for every Premier League team in each region of the UK based on the number of followers of the clubs’ official Twitter accounts. Whilst Manchester United dominate in unlikely areas such as Central Devon and North Norfolk, they cannot lay claim to a single London borough. Instead, the capital is dominated by Arsenal supporters with pockets of Chelsea and Liverpool fans.

    Tottenham will be embarrassed to see that there are nearly twice as many Arsenal fans in their borough as their own, with figures showing 18.92 per cent support for the Gunners and 10.81 for Spurs. There are even more Liverpool fans in the borough of Tottenham”.

    Spuds and Chelski can suck on something appropriately shaped.

    1. If that meant us sitting mid-table for 2-3 seasons.. Potentially losing our top players again would you still be for it Hafiz??
      You seem extremely for the change. Please give actual reasons why other than he ‘guarantees success’ which… he doesn’t… Dortmund has been a train-wreck this season far worse than any season at Arsenal under Wenger.. With a far stronger squad and budget than Wenger’s had at his disposal at times. With Klopp leaving and no CL what do you think the chances are of them retaining Aubemayang, Reus, Hummels and Gundogan?? Bare minimum 2 stars will leave…
      Potentially back to back F.A. Cups, an improved position in the table with us being hot favourites for second place. A confident team. Core pieces who constantly talk of the faith of our current manager and the newly found winning mentality with the current group. Why jeopardize that?

      1. I know I can’t stand this over praising, over hyping of klopp people talk like he’s the messiah. 3 years of being a good team in a league with ONE contender for the title makes him world class. He loses 2 Players and his team are in shambles. I was looking at some bvb forums and they were saying klopp was getting fired at the end of the season but they wouldn’t do that to him publicly.

        Make sure you guys catch some bvb games next year the replacement tuchel is a sick coach he’s like klopp but he’s flexible and has more than 1 idea how to plau

    2. Ah yes, Klopp will help us win the prestigious relegation battles as he is with Dortmund. Klopp lost 2 of his best players and the club was ruined. We were losing our best players for 10 years and Wenger still made us competitive and relevant. You cannot move to a massive stadium and still pay huge transfer fee’s if you want to be sustainable. Look at Madrid, nearly half a billion debt but its okay because they’ll be bailed out by the government, we dont have that power. We dont buy history, we are not our rent boy neighbours. Wenger is one of the greatest managers of his era. An elite stadium, youth system, philosophy is now coming into play because he can finally spend and now we’ve been in 2 finals in 2 years and 2nd in the league. He has built a legacy and platform for future managers to do a job. He is not Jose who only manages the richest in the leagues. What does he know about building a stadium and making a club what it is? He will win his trophies ugly and no one will remember his teams football. If Wenger had left when Barca came knocking then we would be a mid-table team. No one gets top 4 with players like Chamack, santos, senderos, Squid, frimpong, denilson, bentner, gervinho, manone, apart fron Wenger.

    3. I can only think you’re joking. AW is Arsenal and greatness will return. We are already seeing the start of a new era with Ozil and Sanchez

    1. Yeah, next level in your FIFA 15 imaginations. Type “Jurgen Klopp” on manager name, and then play “Arsenal” instead. Dump these, by those and won everything for 10 years before get boring. Nice next level dude!

  3. Is the article about klopp??? We won’t get klopp preiod!
    To the article:
    This is a useless article imo.what is required of Arsenal is to play like a top club that they are and hope for the best.the ref cannot play for us buh I knw he can influence matches buh he won’t kick the ball.if we are determined and play like we want it more we will surely win

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