Why Arsenal should worry about `Lucky´ Man Utd

There is such a thing as good luck in football, honestly Arsenal fans I have seen it happen to other teams, and there is no doubt that our next opponents Manchester United have had their fair share of it this season. But when a side keeps being called lucky as they win, you have to wonder if there is a bit more to it.

To be honest, I kept thinking that it would all catch up with them but they keep grinding out the results and I am starting to believe that it is because that is what they are set up to do. Once again last night, away to Newcastle, United had to call on David De Gea. The Spaniard has rescued them countless times this season, including at the Emirates when we battered them without scoring. But is it lucky to have a good keeper?

The creative players and strikers of Arsenal will need to be sharp in order to breach De Gea´s goal on Monday, that is for sure.

And although their attacking play is far from fluent, they keep coming up with the goals to win or draw games. Ashley Young scored their winner right at the end last night, with the benefit if a defensive mix-up, but if he and Rooney and Januzaj had not been pushing until the end and pressing the Newcastle defenders and keeper, it would have been a draw. Van Gaal has clearly got them playing this way because he feels it is their best chance of winning and you can´t argue with their results and their place in the league table.

What I´m saying is that we should not dismiss them as lucky, because just two defeats in 22 games cannot be a coincidence. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. I think we must not show them we are desperate to score, that will give them a chance to furnish us like always, let’s play the Atletico way for this game alone. Team work.

    2. I say Rhino is our problem. He weaken’s the team terribly. Why does he often bomb forward when he knows he’s like a car that never accelerates???

      He (grandPer) did it again. Did anyone see when did exactly what he did in the Monaco game again when we played QPR? Austin could have scored the first time he took that shot that flew down the right of Ospina and narrowly missed the goal. Instead of closing down Austin, Rhino just stood still, held his “BALLS” protectively with both hands, customarily flinched, but luckily, thanks to the Universe, the ball missed.

      Damn it. Oh, angel Gabriel!!! Why now??? Lord give me a sign!!!

    3. I for once feel real positive about facing manure. Let’s all believe we can do it.positive vibe is all we need and quality is what we got

      1. Lol, we always feel positive and we always end up losing to Manure. We should leave the positivity to the players to manage and we fans keep our fingers crossed and spot wasting positivity. Classic say so.

  1. if we play with the right mentality, and show that we are a better team than them we will surely win our big name players need to step up and prove it

    1. We got to go there believing we can win, play our game and give everything and then I think we can win.

      Going to take team effort, coyg

  2. I’ve never understood teams being lucky in this fashion, as a kid growing up your coaches try to ingrain in your psyche the little intangibles that serve you well as a footballer. “play to the whistle ” or “press press press”, things that make you gain that winning mentality. That’s what United did, Tim Krul doesn’t have that mis – kick if Rooney doesn’t press.

    Same way we don’t score that goal vs Sunderland if Sanchez doesn’t harry defenders. As for De Gea, that’s what you have world class players in your squad to do, their job. Biggest load of rubbish I’ve heard is “Oh you guys would have lost if it wasn’t for your goalkeeper”.

    At any rate I think we’ll beat United, I am respectful of any team but we’re simply playing better football than they ATM, hopefully we’ll take our chances and get the result.

    1. Oh no, Jack and schez have been flicking fags at his hair laquer again!

      Put him out somebody!

  3. Along with Lloris and Forster, De Gea can help a side that struggles to find a consistant attack.

  4. very soon their luck will soon runs out .. they cant rely on mar luck for their fortune, maybe that will start for Monday night.

  5. It would be nieve to not be wary of Manu’s threat to our 2nd place in the league this season!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think being positive is great and pointing out our opponents weaknesses is cool to.

    However, lets not make overconfident or cocky comments. We thought we would beat Southampton and we didn’t, we thought we would beat Spurs and we didn’t. We thought we would beat Monaco and we lost 1-3

    Fact is United are definitely beatable but we can’t forget we are too and we lost to United.

    I think we have a better defense and defensive midfielder than they do. They have an awesome GK. Our defense needs to be solid as a rock. Coquelin has to be on top form. I’m a bit worried about Mertsacker. Falcao, Rooney, di Maria, Herrera are better than QPR’s attack. I wish Gabriel wasn’t injured because I would prefer Gabriel to play instead.

    Good thing is that because United has a poor defense, Giroud will be effective against them. If I remember correctly Giroud scored against United.

    I think we will win 1-3 or 1-2

    A win against United at OT will move us closer to retaining the FA Cup and will be a win we will remember for years

    1. Very good point.

      We struggled with QPRs attack at times which was slow and unimaginative. Man U, although they are not top of their game will bring different and more problems.

      We need to be on our game. Meaning No Monaco moments in defense, mid or up top.

    2. Good point. Absolutely spot on, you can’t say it any better than you just did.. our players just need to be focus and play like their life depends on that match.. We need to beat them not because we just want to keep the FA, cup we need to beat them cause we need to show them we have better team than them ATM and we still want to keep our FA CUP period.

  7. Depends which team shows up, the team that beat city and Dortmund by pressing high all game long? the team that defended as a unit and broke team(S) on the counterattack? If that team shows up then we will win. If the team that played Monaco or Chelsea shows up that wants to play ‘total football’ then we’re out of the FA cup

  8. Man U are lucky, and their luck WILL run out.

    They have ridden the percentages for some games now, and the law of averages will turn against them.

    We on the other hand have had a balanced season through winning, drawing and losing, so the law of averages says we can have a good end to the season (in my book anyway..!).

    Without Rooney United would be in Moyes territory. Admittedly, Van Gaal is getting something out of the team, but then he spent plenty in the process, so he should have a team that can win games…!

  9. Hope Spuds don’t get Lacazette. Awesome striker. Scores every game. Future Balon d’Or winner

    1. Spurs get who? Are you joking? One of the most coveted strikers out there is going to end up at the 4th best club in London on their meagre wages?

      You are having a laugh?

  10. Looks like Theo’s Arsenal career is coming to an end. A lot has changed in the year he was out, before injury he was one of our main players banging goals left right and centre. Now he has fallen back in the pecking order, struggling to make the team.

  11. I just hope our defence doesn’t mess up and dat we get d first goal of d game to boost our confidence

  12. against UNiTED . one lucky longball , one deflection set piece goal , one ;lucky penalty and MANU wins. Arsenal dominate more shots, mpre corners , more crosses etc.

  13. Anyone that contests United’s luck simply has to watch the Newcastle game. Newcastle were robbed of one of the clearest penalties you’ll see, and United were gifted the goal in the 90th minute for the three points after a bang average performance.

  14. No such thing as luck.
    You make your own prep and perform (or don’t) and f@ck up or dont.

    Luck like a spud is a four letter word that doesn’t exist in reality (confuscious)

  15. Newcastle were poor. They have played better this year. United looked like the better side but the game looked like a draw and maybe should have. Janmaat, that dude was a fault for ball watching. What a woeful player. Maybe van gaal slipped him a fiver. Him, the goalie and van gaal are all Dutch you know.

    So yeah they didn’t deserve the win but a loss would have been harsh given how poor Newcastle were.

  16. United are similar to us in a lot of ways. They are learning their system and they haven’t mastered it. Neither have we. They don’t have a balanced side but are making do. Neither do we.

    They have a home field advantage, which is so massive. It could be their winner.

    But I suspect they don’t want it as much as us. They will be looking over their shoulders to their difficult fixture list.

    I can see their players seeing a loss as a blessing in disguise. They are so focused on the top 4 and the fa cup is a distraction and luxury.

    Very even. We could lose it. We have known to been poor. They could raise their game and win it.

    If arsenal are going to win they need to frustrate united. They need to be organised. They need to grind out a result.

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