Why Arsenal should worry about the Liverpool midfield battle..

Stats show Leiva and Can will dominate Flamini and Ramsey in key midfield battle by RC

Jürgen Klopp has admitted than Liverpool cannot compete with Arsenal if they try to match Arsene Wenger’s possession-based game-plan.

The Premier League leaders go to Anfield on Wednesday night as they continue their pursuit of claiming a first league title for 12 years. However, Klopp has suggested that Liverpool will have to adopt a more defensive approach, as they did in their impressive 1-0 away win over Stoke City in the Capital One Cup semi-final last week, to claim all three points.

Fantasy football game www.oulala.com have analysed both sides and have revealed some underlying stats that suggest if Liverpool are to beat Arsenal, the midfield battle will be crucial.

Oulala’s stats shows that Reds midfield pair, Lucas Leiva and Emre Can, have outperformed Arsenal duo, Mathieu Flamini and Aaron Ramsey, in a host of key areas this season.

On a per game basis, Lucas and Can boast more tackles won (5.6 to 3), more duels won (6.2 to 4.2) and more successful forward passes (76 to 65).

Furthermore, the Liverpool duo also come out on top for overall tackle success rate (49 to 33 per cent), duel success rate (56 to 50 per cent) and take-on success rate (66 to 63 per cent). It appears Arsenal are undoubtedly missing the injured Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla from the heart of their midfield. With both out with respective knee injuries and unlikely to return until March, Jürgen Klopp will look to Lucas Leiva and Emre Can to provide the steel that Liverpool will need to overcome Arsene Wenger’s side this evening.

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  1. *smiles*

    It really might not matter after all. I just hope Arsene has a solid master plan in store for them.

    1. Really ?? REALLY ? Our midfield is on a whole other level to these guys, Ramsey will eat them up for breakfast

  2. As I stated in a post yesterday Flamini and Ramsey must play closer to each other for us not to be over run.

    If Ramsey bombs forward carelessly each time and tries to play Ozil’s role we will be in trouble. Its important we maintain shape all the time. Joel, Bellarin and Ozil should also chip in and swell up the midfield leaving Theo and OG to do the damage either on the counter or for them to press abit higher up the field. My reasons for this are:

    – With Ozil’s vision he can assist even from our own box, yes his that good.

    – Joel is a carbon copy of Sanchez in terms of work rate, he can win the ball and turn it into an attack or a sublime pass forward for speedy Walcott to ponce on or for OG to hold the ball and wait for support.

    – Bellarin’s speed means he can help out in field as well as take care of his position (and Part of Mert’s), he has done this before.

    My point is if we give Lpool space in front of goal they are not afraid to take long range shots even without Countinho. I’m sure Kos will have Benteke in his pocket though lets also look out for set-pieces. Monreal needs to chew up Clyne too and cut off the supply in the box.

    I’m so bumped up for this game, just hope by the time the final whistle blows I will be like this too.

    1. I don’t get this Ramsey bashing, he’s very capable of remaining disciplined and he only does so when the boss tells him to in high profile games, otherwise Wenger encourages him to go forward because he consistently creates goal opportunities. If he was so reckless as you all claim then the manager wouldn’t put any trust in him and keep him on the bench.

  3. Simple sit back and counter
    Play Walcott up top with Campbell and ox on wings

    Bould and wenger absolute drill flamin ” YOU ARE NOT A STRIKER JUST SIT IN FRONT OF THE CBK’S ” lol

    Same applies to Ramsey but obv attacking also

    Il take 1point all day long and run considering they have a very good record against top teams.

  4. @007 , beneke I agree hasn’t shown any form yet bit I certainly wouldn’t be that confident. If Liverpool use the tactics we all think they are gna use direct physical no nonsense approach that could play right into benetekes hands.

    Agree about the midfield 100% though but I’m certain that Ramsey will most likely do all the things above which u and a lot of us have stated he shouldn’t, don’t know why he feels that he still has to prove a point etc he frustrates a he’ll of a lot got massive potential but just doesn’t read games and situations like you would want him to.

    1. Point taken on the Benteke isue.

      Yeah and on Ramsey its always great when he scores but frustrates the sh!8 out of me when he tries to do too much or win the game by himself and he ends up either losing the ball or committing a silly foul.

  5. Liverpool will be overcomed by a rampant Arsenal side today, they wont know what hit them, all their pressing will lead to their downfall, just one drop of the shoulder from Ozil, Ox or Campbell and their midfield pressing will be shattered. Incase they decide not to press, Arsenal will show how deadly they are in the final third nowadays. They only world class player in Liverpool is James Milner and he is injured, the rest run around like headless chicken, but u can run all day, but quality still shows.

  6. @007, oh don’t get me started on ramseys attempted flicks and tricks aaaarghhhhh lol

    if the lad keeps it simple and concentrates on his strengths he can go far rather then trying to impress everyone when he clearly does not possess that side of the game like the ozils of this world.

    i fancy a draw but just have a real bad feeling about tonight game and the last time i had it well thats Every game lol surely im not the only 1?

    all the constant bottling performances have made us all pessimistic has it not?

    unless your Ty from arsenalfan tv lol

    Big Up Claude 🙂

  7. We will be fine
    Ramsey and Flamini at the back of cm
    Ozil cam
    Walcott and Campbell or Ox on the either side
    giroud up front

    We can win if we play our best

  8. It will be a tough game. Ramsey is major concern for me. He doesn`t seem to understand his role in that position. I hope he plays differently tonight. Good luck to the boys, we need those 3 points.

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