Why Arsenal still need to THRASH West Brom!

Why Arsenal Need to Win Convincingly This Weekend!

With automatic qualification for next season’s Champions League all but secured despite the rather disappointing draw against Sunderland, Arsenal must now focus their attention on the FA Cup final against Aston Villa, and the Gunners midfielder Jack Wilshere has warned that the North London side must put things right in regards to form before the big game at Wembley.

The Englishman, who started his first game since November, was quoted by Arsenal’s official website as saying: “The big thing for us as a team is to go into the FA Cup final with some confidence. We have had three I would say disappointing results for us at home because we are an attacking team and haven’t scored in three games.”

“But we felt we put in some positive performances and created chances, but you have to put them away. We want to make sure we put that right before the cup final.”

For me, it is really worrying that Arsenal haven’t managed to score in the last three home games and while our opponents in those games can be accused of coming to the Emirates and parking the bus, the attacking talent that the Gunners squad has should really be able to break them down, at least once.

Of course, going into the Cup final, Villa boss Tim Sherwood will most definitely be influenced by the tactics of Jose Mourinho and Dick Advocaat and may well set up his side to defend deep and hit on the break. The worry is that Villa have a very young and energetic side and can be very effective playing in that manner, especially knowing that the prize on offer is the FA Cup.

Ideally, keeping in mind what Jack said, I would like for Arsenal to trash West Brom this weekend. While it will certainly be easier said than done, a convincing win against the Baggies will not only get the wind back in the sails of the team but also fire a warning shot to Tim Sherwood’s side, sending a message that the Gunners are firing again and letting the former Spurs boss know that he has to attack if he wants to win.


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    1. A fresh approach to the team is needed whilst i like the team you suggested, it is now time to start getting people ready for the FA Cup Final. A great way to get them motivated is remind everyone no one will automatically on the team sheet next Saturday. A combination of youth and experience against West Brom will demonstrate to the lads they have an opportunity to earn a spot on the team. whilst simultaneously reminding the starting 11 that their days may be numbered if they don’t step up!!!!!!!

  1. Thrash? No, I’d prefer Wegner put out a decent team, get some youth playing and give some players a rest. We need to be both physically and mentally prepared going into the FA Cup. Moreover Wegner should have a thorough analysis of Aston Villa by now and be drilling the team on how to beat them though the fact that Villa are a good counter attacking outfit worry me.

    Lets get a good performance in and look forward to a good cup match.

    1. The good thing is that Villa aren’t really a defensive side. Even if they wanted to be, you can’t park the bus at Wembley, the pitch is just too big – there’s always space for attackers to move into. Plus no fans would allow their team to approach a cup final like that.

  2. rest the players and field the reserves….even City Chelsea will be doing the same….

    give the players extra rest and prepare for next season…..

    some of these players need the rest for the FA Cup….those not involve should be off for their rest and holidays

  3. Teams have worked out how to play against Arsenal if you havent noticed, It happened against Chelsea, Swansea and Sunderland whereby they ‘Park the bus’. If we name the same formation against Aston Villa at Wembley they will do the same and hit us on the counter between Bellerin and Metersacker our week spot, why? because bellerin would be to far forward when a counter attack happens and it usually involves Per in a foot race against the oppositions fastest player. So this game against West Brom is important because it will allow us to experiment with different form of tactics (if Wenger does) i don’t really care weather we win or not (ideally i’d prefer it if we did) but what i do care about is that we have a different tactical approach than what we’ve had in recent games (even if it means dropping people), because if we don’t, all Villa have to do is park the bus and when possible lump it up to Benteke or when Arsenal commit too many men forward have Agbonglahor/Nzogbia/Sinclair/Grealish run against Metersacker (I’m not saying he is a bad defender, he is just not fast!!!!)

  4. Flamini and Rosicky are
    probably leaving so they
    should play v WBA as they
    may not get game time in the final.
    Walcott and Wilshere are fit to start now.
    Gabriel if fit needs a start Chambers also.
    The GK is an intriguing one.
    Ozil Sanchez and Cazorla could all do with a rest.
    But will Wenger actually make 7-9 changes?
    Probably not.
    Will Diaby get a farewell cameo?

  5. Give young players like Hayden, Bielik, Akpom, Crowley and players who haven’t played a lot like Rosicky, Flamini, Chambers, Wilshere, Walcott playing time.


  6. why keep the reserves when Wenger not going to play them???

    its a meaningless game…nothing to play for…just rest the players and field the reserves Wenger

    1. Not that simple. Some want/need 2 weeks rest – others need to play once a week to keep match sharp/fit.

      1. they have already played 2 games in a week and if they are going to play this sun…its gonna be 3….

  7. LOL – Barcelona to bid £50M+ for Aaron Ramsey according to the Sun – despite the embargo (?). Yeah right. But would if true make a few of the AR16 bashers on here happy.

    1. I’d take £50m for Ramsey, I think very few wouldn’t. Ramsey is a poor winger, but a great CM. Be tough to replace him though, I can’t really think of any players that are similar to him, not off of the top of my head at least. Outstanding stamina and a good all-round player.

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