Why Arsenal striker could be key to sealing transfer of Everton star

There are plenty more Arsenal transfer rumours this week linking the club with possible moves for a number of central midfielders in the January transfer window. Sami Khedira is still mentioned, although the German star seems set to extend his stay at Real Madrid, until next summer at least.

And there have been many more players toted as targets for Arsene Wenger. One of the latest of these, making a late run into the box as it were, is the Everton and Republic of Ireland midfielder James McCarthy. The Gunners were linked with him before when he was playing for Wigan but he ended up following Roberto Martinez to Goodison Park in a transfer that made him the Toffees second most expensive player at the time.

He has continued to improve and impress and now, according to the Mail on Sunday, he has been identified by Wenger and his assistants as the perfect player to bolster the heart of the Gunners team. The papaer claims that we are preparing a £16 million offer for him in January, but Everton and Martinez may well be reluctant to sell and we may need to go higher.

But even then, especially with Gareth Barry not getting any younger, we may find it hard to bring him to north London. But we do have something that Everton want, in the shape of our young Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell. We are not playing him anyway and have plenty of attacking options, so maybe he could be used as part of the transfer deal for McCarthy.

Everton already fave competition for Campbell, according to the Sun on Sunday, from West Brom so maybe that will; sharpen up their interest in a January transfer and that might just be the leverage Arsenal need to get McCarthy coming the other way.

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    1. you want us to be without a manager mid-season? you must be mad.

      this is summer-talk! THEN whatever. but wenger out now? child-like nearsightedness.

    1. @Greg…… U’d be surprised to knw the final scoreline….spuds 2 : Everton 1 …….while we are trying to get rid of a pest and solve our problems, u are out ere Laughing at the spuds

  1. campbell hasn’t even got a run of games to judge him yet why is everyone so eager to get rid of him?!

  2. @ vijay gunner
    i agree spot on! Joel campbell has not gotten the opportunity to prove and justify himself at arsenal!

  3. And some here says the league is over. Man city is 6pts behind chelsea which means there a lot of drama to unfold. Campbell should be loan to a premier league club like swansea, then we would get to know what he has to give cos to be sincere i dont see him overtaking ox for now. Wenger should just go for a def and dmf without dithering

    1. The thing is, City have been able to get 27 points with only one player in form and with several injuries. Chelsea have managed 33 points with their entire team playing well – City will get better, Chelsea are due a ‘dip’

  4. The situation with J.Campbell is rather simple. Just send him on loan to an English club in January and let him prove he can cut it in the EPL. He would get games and we won’t lose him should he end up doing well. I’m sure many midtable clubs would like to have J.Campbell in their squad…

      1. @ mesut O grillz…..want one? …… “Arsenal prepare to send Kroenke on Loan” in january………. How bout that?

    1. Agreed.

      Every team up the table until Swansea would take him, it would be pointless sending campbell to the Swans…unless Routledge and Dyer went out longterm.

    1. Only reason we would be after McCarthy is Wenger’s obsession with the British core which is already enough at Arsenal.

  5. Wenger will only buy if he sees the 4th place in danger. Right now we might get it without the need of new players, so dont be surprised if we dont buy nothing significant.

  6. Maybe Diaby is healthy…

    Secretly AW has been making Diaby lift, exercise, and eat protein in the Arsenal Hospital for the last 4 years. Then one day, Diaby is gonna show up on the pitch looking like the Hulk.

    1. Henry should come back as a coach. Welbeck showed against Galatasaray that he has potential to play the style of Henry, no one better he can learn from than the master himself.

      1. Agree 100% an hour a day film session a day breaking down past movements, and while you at it have midfielders in the meeting mandatory, syncing cues to make runs and trapping high-lines and opposing offside traps aren´t even in our mix at the moment…
        god forbid he might teach our MF a thing or two about that 4th mf run that ramsey has seen to be lacking.

        I would go so far as to get Thierry to get Michael Johnson on a flight over to re-teach a couple of our lads (Monreal & Giroud) how to run properly…I´m sure they have a good 0.2 we could squeeze outta their 40m…he does high level consulting in track & speed improvement, american football, futbol del mundo etc.

    2. If that´s the case send Sanogo to Hull and Campbell to Leicester, call up Chuba rotate him, Podolski, Sanchez and Welbeck, we truly don´t need to loan Campbell, he looks tight and afraid of making an error.

      We have plenty up top we simply need a DM a CB and a utility CM/DM/CB-HB

      It would also be nice if someone told Santi to stop kicking the ball into and at human bodies, I´m certain he has the highest % of blocked attempts on goal in the league thusfar…

    1. what a feeble and soap operatic perspective. Spurs has nothing to do with anything…

      What´s sad is that at this point this is the shiny little thing that is distracting you.

  7. McCarthy is hardly the big powerhouse we need. He’s 5’11.. Yes he works hard and isn’t shy of a tackle, but Flamini fills both of those attributes too. We need someone with more physical presence a 6’1+ dominant player.

    1. @mick the gooner
      Macherano is only 5′ 9″
      Makelele was 5’7″
      Both were and are the best at that position…

      1. What´s also worth mentioning as well is that he seems to lack the quality and or the ambition to display a level of quality that would make his overall position easier. The height to me between 5´9 and 6´2 is of little consequence. The two players you mention had a Pentium 2 futbol processor to fall back on. not saying he is that far off…he very well could up his level with team/competition. Should we still be taking the cheap gambles with clearly better players out there? Decisive action is needed I think we´re all in agreement. Get it over asap.

  8. As unpopular as this is for me to say, why would any player want to come play for a manager that can’t beat any of the top 4 teams?

    1. @dennis, ask sanchez, debuchy,chambers, ozil etc. Mourinho defeated all top six last season but had nothing to show for it. So, its not about four teams but about all teams. Except it pains you that despite your daily degrading of arsene he still managed to have sanchez. Its time i begin to rain curse on anyone that would wish my team to fail just to say “i said so” with or without wenger, my beloved club will rise and shine again. SO BE IT

    2. Jorgen klopps borussia dotmund lost their match again. I dont want them to be relegated but they are at the bottom of their league

    3. You have a distinct view of competition…clearly other factors go in. When you say that it´s like basically saying why would anyone want to play for that manager?

  9. What problem have you with wengers followers? It shouldnt be your headache if they choose to support him. So its now totts cos they defeated everton,right? I bet you will pick another team in few weeks time to replace totts. something like “if aston villa move above afc will arsenes followers still praise him” i am beginning to think your hatred for wenger is more than arsenal related.

    1. @Tope
      I still feel many here are against AW just because he’s French. Yeah, I said it. And save me that tripe “Well what about Henry, Kos, Viera, Nasri etc)
      “What does he know about English football, he’s French”
      Tony Adams

    2. @Tope we have a massive problem with Wenger followers, we suspect you guys are undercover Spud supporters wanting our Great Club to fail, so please take your fake asses away from this club 🙂
      #WengerOut #Dictator #GiveUsOurClubBack #COYG

  10. Forget mediocre buys, heres a list within a very tight budget as we know our deluded board and management like:
    Fabian Schar – £8m to replace Mertesacker
    Ron Vlaar – £8m to finally replace Vermalean
    Tyrone Mings – £6m plus back to Ipswich on loan
    Nigel De Jong – £5m (out of contract 6 months) to replace Flamini
    Moussa Sissoko – £15m to replace Arteta and Diaby
    Marcel Brozovic – £6m to replace Rosicky
    Yevhen Konoplyanka – £5m (out of contract 6 months) to replace Cazorla and Podolski
    Dennis Praet – £10m back up and successor for Ozil
    Luiz Adriano – £12m (out of contract 6 months) to replace Yaya Sanogoal

    Income from the sale of un-unsed/deadwoods:
    Mertesacker £6m
    Flamini £2m
    Diaby Free
    Arteta £2m
    Coquelin £2m
    Rosicky £2m
    Cazorla £10m
    Campbell £8m
    Podolski £8m

      1. Leave Giroud in the squad, as i would love for him to see that a 20 plus league goal scorer exists and that he and Welbeck are best just benchwarmers for Arsenal.

    1. Moussa sissoko…Nigel de jong…lol

      Why even sell Coquelin, to watch AC Milan or Roma snatch him up and sell him 2 years later for 14mil…

      And Konoplyanka…pick one, he can´t replace two different positions…

      1. Whats so funny about 2 strong central midfielders who command their area of the pitch. Oh yeh that is unheard of at Arsenal !
        Every top team in Europe has at least 2 commanding mids in their team, city have 3 chelsea have 3 bayern have 4 madrid have 3 barca have 2 psg have 3….i think you get the drift?
        Konoplyanka is a powerful natural winger whose both footed and can play as CAM, and one who scores regularly, what so funny with him, oh yes the fact he is a natural winger as its unheard of at Arsenal!
        Sorry next time i will explain in Arsene English so you dont find it too funny!!

        1. Oh sorry i started laughing at the end of that post…Coquelin being sold for £14m few years later, the guy is at best league one footballer….been sent back from every loan deal past 2/3 years, lets see if Charlton agree to take him permanantly

  11. This isn’t the NBA. For whatever reason, trading players is a rare event in football. And just as well for us or Sanchez would probably be playing for Liverpool.

    1. @trendeau you are right about not being in the NBA. Then please explain how some clubs have bought an entire team in a transfer window?
      Ps. sanchez chose the city of london over liverpool, had nothing to do with winning trophies!!

      1. @Goonerbro – you’re right that teams can buy entire teams in the transfer window but my comment has to do with teams trading players, either straight up or plus cash. This is a common occurrence in all North American sports but rarely happens in football. That’s why I’m always surprised when the rumour mill starts suggesting once in a blue moon trades like McCarthy for Campbell.

        1. Yeah that was my thought…that is a rarity at best, best left for inter-league transactions…

          You know the kind that would see a Vermaelen resurfacing…

        2. Schar – out of contract 6 months
          Vlaar – out of contract 6 months
          De Jong – out of contract 6 months
          Konoplyanka – out of contract 6 months
          Adriano – out of contract 6 months

          How hard is it to sign players who are at the end of their current deals, also looking to move on (the hint being, they refusing to negotiate new deals at current clubs) and all except Vlaar have Champs League experience.

          As for the likes of Sissoko and Mings, they would never reject the chance to play for a team in Champions League so not alot of persuading required.

          Please as a fellow gooner do not be negative or pessimistic regarding transfers. These are realistic buys and value for money and will command lower wages than players like poldi!!

          1. Ps when i originally said replace it means sell the other player in question not swap with the new player, coz lets be realistic who will sell a top player in return for deadwood even for free!!

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