Why Arsenal striker will return better than ever

It has definitely been a tough six months for the Arsenal and England international star, but it looks like the waiting and frustration could soon be over for Danny Welbeck. The last we heard from Arsene Wenger was that the forward could be back at the beginning of January but the most important thing is for him to fully recover from that pesky knee injury.

It must have been hard for the former Man United man as he began his Arsenal career well and was a regular starter for Roy Hodgson´s England team. Welbeck was leading the way for goals in the Euro 2016 qualifiers and when he picked up the injury in April we were led to believe that he would be back before the end of the season.

Then it was the start of the next campaign and then the club’s medical team had to admit defeat and send him for surgery. But Danny is a tough character, despite admitting that it was very difficult to deal with this first long term injury problem.

Now though, as reported by Sky Sports, Welbeck is grateful for the help he has had and is fully focused on coming back better than ever. And he is confident that will be the case after using his spell on the sidelines to learn as much as possible about the best way to look after himself and avoid any repeats of the current situation.

Welbeck said, “It is my first injury that has kept me out for so long. I had my operation and once that is sorted you can be out for a few more months.

“For the first month, in a leg brace, not being able to do anything, on a machine six hours a day, it was very difficult. But you have to try and see the positives.

“It is hard but you have to see the positive side and I have learnt a lot more being injured on how to look after your body and prevent injuries.

“I have to see the positive side and hopefully when I come back, I will be flying.”

Welbeck has just turned 25 but already has a wealth of top class experience under two of the most successful managers in the Premier League. And while he does not choose one over the other, I get the idea that Welbeck is happier with the way that Wenger allows him more freedom to play his natural game as well as having more faith in him than Sir Alex Ferguson did.

He said, “Both (managers) have that presence and both are legends in the modern game.

“What can I say? They have won plenty of trophies between them and I have worked under Sir Alex and Arsene Wenger and it is a great honour to say that, but I want to be the best that I can be.

“I definitely feel free. Before we go out against a team we have analysed beforehand [Wenger] gives the team a few pointers of what he wants us to be doing on the pitch and the lads stick to that.

“But he also gives you the freedom to express yourself and play the way you want to play.”

For Welbeck’s sake I hope that he is back in action soon and gets the chance to impress before the end of the January transfer window. If not, will Arsenal need to sign another striker? And what would that do to Welbeck’s chances?

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  1. It’s going to be tough for Danny to make the final squad. Rooney, Kane, Sturridge, Vardy will probably be the four strikers.

    However, Danny will fight hard to make the team and hopefully score lots of goals for Arsenal in the process

  2. Tough question: Who do we root for in the Chelsea vs. Leicester game? I hate Chelsea more than any other team and would love nothing more than to see them further drop in points/table. Of course Liecester is in first place and (IF) we win tomorrow and Liecester ties/loses to Chelsea, we would be in 1st.

    The obvious answer is a draw of course, but I still want Chelsea to lose + although I am impressed with how incredibly well Liecester is playing, it will be very difficult to keep up their current pace throughout the entire campaign.

    1. Neither, they’re both defensive, counter-attacking teams. For all the deserved flack Mourinho has been getting, defensively, he’s for the most part, a very intelligent manager.
      Considering the lack of form of all Chelsea’s attacking players with the exception of Willian… Playing any form of high line against the duo of Vardy and Mahrez is suicidal, unless you’re confident of banging in a few at the other end. (A Sanchez hat-trick never hurts :), at the time 2-5 didn’t look much but looking back.. it’s A-Ok!!! )

      Expect a cagey encounter.. 0-0


    FA shud ban Norwich “KILLER” pits… it was sanchez the other day and now mirrilas yesterday… No way dey shud allow dat…. plus players like martin shud be banned who first push dfe player intentionally nd just den stand dere like srry figures… c’mon FA keep up…

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