Why Arsenal v Liverpool is set up for Mesut Ozil

His games for Arsenal against Liverpool have not always been happy occasions, as Mesut Ozil was subbed off by Arsene Wenger after 60 minutes of that horrendous 5-1 drubbing at Anfield in his debut season, but on the whole our club record signing has good reason to look froward to the visit of Brendan Rodgers and his scousers on Monday.

The first time the German international play maker face them was a brilliant 2-0 win at the Emirates and the Gunners also beat them on the way to lifting the FA cup trophy that season. And the last clash between the two Premier League rivals was illuminated by a fantastic free kick goal from Ozil.

So it is hardly surprising to read his words on Arsenal.com about how fondly he remembers that day and how much he is looking forward to getting at them again on Monday evening.

Our number 11 said, “During the warm-up I kept focusing on that corner and took five shots after the other. The practise went well and that’s why I thought during the game that it had gone well in the warm-up so I would surprise the goalkeeper. That’s how I scored the goal, and I was really pleased with it.

“It was a nice feeling. When you assist goals or score them yourself, it does you good but what’s most important is that we have success as a team and that was the case against Liverpool last season.

“We were really convincing, the whole team was very focused and played really well.

“I remember that we delivered a really convincing display. In the first half we decided the game because we had a high level of concentration and wanted to utilise our potential.

“We want to do that again this time. We’re at home and we know exactly how we can beat Liverpool. That’s what we want to do on Monday.”

I am a big fan of Ozil and his abilities but I can see what people mean when they say he can go missing at times. You feel that sometimes he needs to be in the mood and so his comments ahead of the game are very encouraging. And if he needed any more incentive to put on a show then Wenger has given it to him, as reported by Sky Sports. Some of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours have linked Ozil with a transfer to the Turkish club Besiktas but Wenger made it clear that he was a key part of the Gunners team and also reassured fans that the player did not want to leave.

The boss said, “He is completely committed to the club. He is focused on getting results.”

So as well as having a good feeling going in to the match, Ozil will maybe want to lay down a marker as well. Add to that the likelihood that Jordan Henderson looks like missing the game and giving Ozil more time and space in midfield. Now if he just practices his free kicks well in the warm up, who knows…?

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  1. This benzema transfer is killing me. Every 2 hours i am searching something related to benzema on google. Tell me i am not crazy.

    1. Me too. I keep on searching on Twitter, read tweets of those journalists. Then check his odds on joining Arsenal. I repeat this from early morning till I sleep. Going crazy.

    2. Emanuele guillanelli and Jeinny lizarazo are still steadfast on their Benzema claims……..says he’d be unveiled to the Arsenal fans on monday Noon!…….. Monday noon can’t come any sooner, Time to find out how real or fake these gaffers are!

      1. @Twig
        I don’t know if Benzema will make us Champs but he will instill fear and send jitters into the spines of opponents.

        Terry will never be comfortable with him as he usually does with OG ( not meant to disrespect Giroud please).

        ….And I believe in this transfer happening

  2. Arsenal have signed benzema. No really. My aunt’s ex knows a guy, who knows another guy who works in the maintenance department at the emirates and he says arsenal have paid 45 million pounds, with another 5 million after 100 appearances. spread the word . make it happen

  3. Bournemouth put 4 past Westham on their own home turf,the mighty Arsenal couldn’t score 1 against them at the Emirates. Yet according to Le frog,there are no players out there that could better our squad. Smh

  4. Welcome Benzema
    Welcome Benzem
    Welcome Benze
    Welcome Benz
    Welcome Ben
    Welcome Be
    Welcome B
    Welbeck is almost back! =))=))
    Welbeck is almost back as a new Signing 🙁 SMH

    1. I hope for the Cavani rumours more than the Benzema rumours. If Wenger signs Cavani, the FA may as well hand Arsenal the title before December.

      Cavani has got stronger will, energy and determination added to his undoubted talent. Plus he is more a natural goal-scorer than Benzema.


      1. Absolutely agree here. Benz is not that much better than Giroud, Cavini is. I’d pay 5 or 10 million more for him than Benz.

  5. @ArsenalGenesn I’m with You. I keep checking google for Benzema rumour… Next minute I’m seeing Cavani to Arsenal. Now I’m seeing Manu wants Benzema. Call mi Crazy but I have a ‘weird’ feeling that Benzema will be an Arsenal player next week…

    In less than 3weeks, everything will be over….

  6. @Uzi Ozil..Amen. Either he join this week or Benzema come and tell all these are rumors and stop this. I am going crazy.

  7. Benzima 2 @arsenal sounds crazy 2 me can’t imagine @Halamadrid selling him although he is a nice buy for us but did he worth upto 45m considering his age…..in d contrary i think @mesutozil18 will shine against d reds! Follow @donsupernews on twitter 4 more #arsenal news

  8. watched a bit of schalke…draxler is already quality but can improve for sure …scored nice goal wicked shot excellent first touch …moves a bit like rvp….could start him on either wing and then move him in to more attacking role…24m is a steal in this market…hald the price of de bryune or sterling….dont know what the idiot grenouille is doing i really dont….

  9. lord bendtner nets again!
    i gotta feeling that he will score more goals than benzema this season 😉

  10. ___________________Benzema
    ______________Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    _______________Cazorla Krychowiak
    ________Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Let’s get this team (or something close) then we can start talking about challenging for the title. Cech alone won’t win us the title. That’s delusional.

    1. Draxler for Walcott gab for mert …and genuinely believe this would be up there competing with best …. So close but with the idiot grenouille running the show also so far away

  11. I hope Ozil slides a beautiful defence splitting pass and someone puts it away for the winning goal. AFC 3-1 LFC on Monday COYG


    I know ya can’t believe nothing you read about regarding transfers but I came across a few rumours that caught my eye claiming that we may be even be after 2 midfielders, with 1 of them being on loan. How true any of it is is up to the readers imagination!
    But Apparently:
    – we contacted Real Madrid about Illaramendi but may have pulled out of the deal? LFC reduced their bid from 14m to 11m for whatever reason? Juve & Sociedad both supposed to also be interested.
    – Juao Moutinho could be on the cards? This really surprised me at 1st but the more I think about it the more I start to like this idea (maybe I’m just desperate lol) but JM is a very good player and would provide good support/competition/experience for Le Coq
    – Apparently we going for a double raid on PSG for Cavani and Rabiot according to The Guardian (credibility?) I think it was?
    – Benzema either is a done deal along with Gregorz K but AFC waiting for whatever reason to announce the deal(s), we don’t do medicals on match days so maybe Tuesday? Or he isn’t coming and it’s all just been hype for nothing
    – Victor to Spurs is a side-step! Would I truly be happy with him as our new player?? I don’t know if we even in for him but he could become available?

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