Why Arsenal want Man Utd to beat Man City into 4th

One of the main reasons why a large number of Arsenal fans and almost all of the football media have been so hard on Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players for not maintaining the Premier League title challenge this season, apart from the 12 year gap since the Gunners were last champions of course, is because the struggles of our big Premier League rivals Man City, Chelsea, Man United and even Liverpool seemed to have opened the door.

It was not to be and we can only hope that Arsenal come back stronger next season but the worry is that all of those clubs that usually fight for the title will come back stronger as well. That is why I think it would be better for Arsenal if Man United were to leapfrog their local rivals and claim the last Champions League spot.

If they don’t the rumour mill reckons that Louis van Gaal will be replaced by Jose Mourinho and whatever you think about the man he does have a knack of getting results, especially in his first year with a new club. I really hope that United stick with van Gaal because it will make Wenger’s job easier.

Plus if City have to play in the Europa League while rebuilding their aging squad it will make the job of their new boss Pep Guardiola much tougher, so are we all hoping that United get that fourth Champions League spot?


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  1. You know, its more and more apparent to me that Arsenal fans, and maybe even AFC has an inferiority complex, as evidence by all of the worrying about what other clubs are doing instead of focusing on what Arsenal is doing. The only things that Arsenal should be focusing on is what do we need to do to make this team a lot better next year. To hell with Man City, Man United, Liverpool, or Chelsea. whether Man City or Man United is 4th or fifth is not that important if Arsenal takes care of its business this summer. The only thing that we should consider about the other teams is that they will do their best to get better. SO should Arsenal. That means Arsenal should identify the needs of the club and go after them. The me this means at least 6 players in are needed to make this team capable of winning the League next year.

    1. Yes. Also, the only reason fans should not want Mourinho at ManU is because he is a terrible human being and is poison to the league because of the vile hew spews constantly.

  2. Forget spuds Man U is my enemy no.1 do to my friends here (their fans), and the fact that I started supporting Arsenal at the time where its 2 horse race between Man U and us around 2002. So I h*te man u with passion. So Man city should qualify for me.

  3. First thing first, we should be focus on ourselves to reinforce the team and to make changes at once.
    I think there’s no advantage whether ManShit or ManUre to get qualify for CL.
    But, if I have to choose which one, I’ll choose Mancit. Apart from our rivalries with ManUre and not for strategic reason, I really don’t like Mou from the bottom of my hart. Roman did kicked his a$$ twice, but he also saved the Portuguese egomaniac clown reputation from further humiliation. I feel I still have score to settle with him and it’s not even tie yet. To see Mou with all of his swagger leading ManUre at Europa league, will make me little better. And if they don’t win the second tier trophy I’ll be more happier. Welcome back aboard “senor o burro” !!! (look the translator to see the meaning)

  4. Arsenal don’t need to worry about other teams whether they strengthen or not. Arsenal need to focus on Arsenal and what they do best. Play to our strengths and we can win the league. We are just 3 tough cookies away from the title. 1. A deadly striker 2. A defensive midfield 3. Center back 4. a left back and 5. a right back. COYG.

  5. I would rather cheer on Newcastle, to beat the Spuds ?
    Come on Arsenal… Nick that 2nd place trophy…
    Boy! are we improving! ??

    1. I was so unhappy when Sunderland won the relegation battle, was hoping to see Newcastle playing for their lives today

  6. Maureen has previously walked in to clubs with established well balanced teams. Don’t think you can say that about the current UTD side. Personally I’d love to see UTD miss out on CL football.

  7. It’s Groundhog day, in every way! ?
    WARNING!!! ?
    (This is not for the faint hearted)

    Wenger, who opted not to buy a single outfield player last summer, said “we will try” to buy a striker in this transfer window. But he reiterated his opinion that there is a shortage of top-class forwards available on the market that makes it difficult to strike a deal.

    “When you buy you want to buy top strikers,” he said. “[You do it] by finding the right person. We have targets, and hopefully we can do that.”

  8. LVG or Mourinho…. Nothing makes Wenger job Easy. Wenger is His own problem.

    I don’t care if LVG or Mourinho is in Manu next season. We have to focus on what we do and remember to be the best, You have to beat the best and the rest.

  9. Arsenal is safe and there is nothing now to worry about. We will either be 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (hopefully 2nd.)

    Back to the topic. I really really want man city to go 5th. Its not that i like man u but if they are 4th then vaan gal would stay. And that is way better than mu coming in.

    Pep, who he thinks he is the best coach in the world can proof himself. He had messi during barca and had all the top players in munich thats why he won a lot of trophies. If man city is 5th then let’s see if he can win europa and take man city to one of the best clubs.

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