Why Arsenal were right to send Akpom to Hull and back

If you Arsenal fans out there want to get another look at the young Gunners striker Chuba Akpom in action then you will have the chance tomorrow, as Hull City kick off their second league game of the season at noon and it is being shown on telly.

Akpom has already settled into life at his new club, with an excellent goal in each of his two games so far. If he plays well and/or scores tomorrow and Arsenal struggle again, then some will inevitably turn on Arsene Wenger and question the manager’s wisdom in letting such a prospect go out on loan when we could have done with him ourselves.

But I for one think it was a good move and agree with the prof’s words on the reasons for it, as reported by the Arsenal website this week. The whole idea is to allow Akpom to develop and Wenger has the big picture in mind rather than what Akpom may or may not have offered us this season.

He said, “I told him many times that I believe he has the quality to play for Arsenal Football Club.

“He’s not completely ready to play [here] yet but the quality is there and the experience can strengthen your belief.

“The experience in the Championship will teach him how to fight, how not to give up, and it’s an important step between youth-team football and the Premier League.”

With Yaya Sanogo struggling to live up to his early promise and with Joel Campbell seemingly on his way out of the club, Akpom is the best forward prospect we have and Wenger is right to try to do whatever it takes to make the most of that. Look what regular football did for Benik Afobe and Akpom’s two goals have already started to prove the boss right. Perhaps some fans will worry that Akpom will follow Afobe out the door but, as reported by Sky Sports, he does not sound that way inclined.

Akpom said, ““The boss (Arsene Wenger) said I’d be in his plans for the season but he wants me to play as many games as possible. I’m 19 going on 20 and I need to play games. He’s told me to be confident and show what I can do and he’s really encouraged me.”

So is the fact that Akpom is happy to have gone to Hull City and is desperate to prove himself ready for Arsenal the final proof that Wenger got this one right?

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  1. I pray when chuba’s loan spell is over at hull city, that he comes back to us a goal scoring machine! Coyg!

  2. Big difference between scoring in the Championship and the PL.

    Good that he wants to play and prove/improve himself and is willing to drop a league to do it so hopefully one for the future but is the finished article I want to see us signing now.

  3. Hopefully he’ll take the league by storm. It would/will not bode well for Wenger if Chuba outscores Giroud this season. I reckon Hayden will get some great experience and we will get back another promising star for the future. He looks to have all the essential qualities and now just needs the game time.

    Arsenals future looks very bright. Many many promising players to look forward to especially in the attacking sense. Back to Chuba, he too looks to have all the necessary tools and just needs to learn a few things like timing of his runs and how to play with back to goal. Really hope he makes it, we seen what it is like to have a Gooner playing striker (Wrighty) and it was a beautiful sight. Allot of my best memories were witnessing Ian Wright in the Arsenal colours.

    1. Ah Ian Wright was a joy to watch – one of the fans playing for the club- he didn’t need a Manager to try and motivate him.

      (Dreadful dress sense though)

  4. its nice for him..would’ve been more better if it were to a premier league team. i think hull city will do him a lot of good. hopefully next season he’ll be our part of our focal point. saddle up boy you on the path to being our next king

  5. Off topic jeinny lizzaros twitter is getting interesting, RM in for reus and pogba if JV sell pogba benzema will come to us. A lot can go wrong with this but I kind of believe it! Also conspiracy theory Danny welbeck really injured or being kept warn to sell if we sign a striker?

    1. She’s just trying to get more followers to oggle at her plastic chest and rear. Wouldn’t pay any attention if I were you.

  6. People always get carried away with our youth players. Akpom is a very talented player and has a lot of potential, but at this point in his career he’s no where near good enough to play competitively for our first team. He needs experience, to learn his role in a team. He isn’t going to get it here so he’s been loaned out. In the future hopefully he will grow to a level where he is a top striker playing for us every game, but not now.

  7. A good win tomorrow and
    we be in the top 10.
    Beat Liverpool the week after
    and we be top 6.
    Just saying.

      1. Cavani sucks. Overrated has been who doesn’t score much in France. He would struggle to score 10 goals per season in the EPL.

  8. The promise is there and I personally think he’s better that Afobe, is Afobe can score 32 goals in a season then Chuba can do it also.

  9. I said recently for Wenger to mind his own business and stop commenting about Mourinho our Chelsea because it encouraged Mourinho to come up with nasty response. He said stuff about the doctor while all the other 18 managers minding their business.And now Mourinho has responded and it’s all over the sport medias.

    when asked whether he is surprised that Manuel Pellegrini remains at Manchester City following their disappointing campaign, Mourinho replied: “Why? Some other clubs are disappointed for 15 years and the manager is the same.”

  10. Giroud needs to go on loan to Championship club. This guy has never scored 30 goals in any
    season. This guy is almost 30 and still doesnt improve. Akpom will put Giroud to shame this season by scoring 30 goals for Hull and allow Giroud to leave for free.

    1. @moneytalks
      I don’t see Akpom scoring 30 goals, even if he was with us.
      Afobe scored 32 in all competitions. He still was sold…

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