Why Arsenal will beat Man United to EPL star signing?

The first thing that would need to happen for Arsenal to be able to sign the Watford and Nigeria international star Odion Ighalo in the summer would be for Arsene Wenger to make the attempt, of course, and for the player and his current club to agree to make the deal.

According to a Metro report, though, the latter two of these conditions are already set to happen at the end of the season. Despite the 26-year old having taken the Premier League by storm in his debut season, the Hornets know that they cannot force him to stay with them and are already lining up his replacement in the shape of Isaac Success from La Liga’s Granada.

And with Watford ready to accept a transfer fee of around £12 million, possibly because of a release clause in his contract, Ighalo is surely going to appeal to our ‘careful with money’ manager. But the striker is also being linked with our EPL rivals Chelsea and Man United, so why do I think the Gunners can win the transfer battle?

For one thing Ighalo himself was full of praise for the Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny, as reported by the Evening Standard, talking about the Frenchman as the hardest player he has had to play against this season. And if Koscielny can help the Gunners to the Premier League title that will make it easier for us to sign any player.

Another reason is the emergence of Alex Iwobi from the Arsenal academy. The youngster was hailed as being the future of the Nigerian national side this week by his fellow countryman and former Gunner Kanu in a report on the Arsenal website and I am sure this has been noticed by Ighalo. Playing together for Arsenal would help them shine for Nigeria as well so has Wenger got the edge in the upcoming transfer battle?

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  1. I wish just cos I’m Nigerian but is he better than what we have now,? I doubt it. We need an upgrade and Ighalo isn’t.

  2. One good season and all of a sudden he is what a “supposed” big club like Arsenal needs?…is he as good as Giroud? Personally I don’t think so, and I thought we are meant to be looking for an upgrade on Giroud…..meanwhile our perennial direct rivals for titles will go for the likes of Auubermeyang, Lewandowski et al….and we’ll be saddled with a one season wonder with no CL experience, and less than 10 international caps….wow, talk of moving forward…NOT….and am a Nigerian!!!

  3. my line up for hull
    chambers mertesacker koscienly gibbs
    elneny coq
    welbeck iwobi campbell

    after 60 min bring on sanchez for welbeck, flamini for coq and finally giroud for Walcott

    my line up for barca
    bellerin gabriel koscienly nacho
    elneny coq
    ramsey ozil sanchez

    depending on the scoreline I would like to see welbeck, giroud and chamberlain at some point

  4. Ighalo has done well this season…..But if we want to get a striker, we should be going for someone technical gifted. Someone better and offer a whole lot different from what we have.. Someone in Suarez mould, Lewandowski, Aguero etc. Those kind of player.

    Is ighalo better than Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck? I don’t think so…

  5. This is why arsenal fans are called deluded.
    You just think no one is good enough for you when the goals have been hard to come by.
    You think ighalo is not as good as welbeck walcott and giroud right?.
    Well I say he is better than all of them.
    I back ighalo to score more than 20 this season.Something neither have done in their careers.
    How long did giroud have to wait to get his first hattrick?huh lol.
    Giroud only depends on our midfield to score goals.

    But guys keep waiting for that suarez type of striker till you get tired.
    I also guess some of you still think giroud is as good as benzema.

    1. So Its a case of I’m right and everybody else is wrong and they are all deluded for not believing what I do.

      Ighalo, what has he done before this season. How can you say he’s better than Giroud after eight months of form that is similar to Girouds. I’m guessing you crushed on Lacazette big time so now it’s Ighalo, do you ever learn. He might prove to be a top player but he has proved nothing of the sort yet but still anything to have a pop and go over the top ..right.

      We use Walcott and Welbeck primarily as wingers and alternative options – So the question is ? do we want to replace Giroud with this guy / or are we happy with Giroud as first option and getting this dude for competition/back up. My answer is no, simply because like everyone you call deluded I too want us to get the very best possible option.

    2. 0.57 goals per game isn’t something to get wet in the pants about…
      If you do then have a look at Theo goal to game ratio last season, 0.99 goals per game.

      What-ever you can say good about Ighaol then I can find better about the strikers currently at Arsenal. I am not saying Ighalo is a bad player, I am just saying that you over rate him.

    3. Where do you think ighalo would be without Deeney??? His form has been all about the partnership. Can u imagine us going 2 up front…
      Here we are with 3 cbs
      Kos Mert/Gabriel / Nacho (2 of the three)
      Ramsey Cazorla Coquelin Sanchez
      Giroud and Ighalo
      (ighalo replaces Bellerin bcos he can’t play CB)
      (usual defence)
      Usual midfield minus one of: Coquelin / Cazorla / Sanchez / Ramsey / Özil
      Giroud Ighalo
      The point is, will Ighalo be more valuable than whoever we would take out of the starting XI??? And would the partnership with Giroud even work???

  6. I do not believe this rumour in the least, not just because it is metro, I just don’t believe a word of it.

  7. The sooner you realise that ighalo is better than giroud and other strikers in arsenal the better. Comparing ighalo and giroud. Ighalo is faster, a better finisher, two footed, a better footwork and can also shield the ball. The strikers you all are craving for Aubameyang, lewandowski, Benzema are not going to leave their club for arsenal without arsenal paying through the nose to get them. Give the Nigerian a trial that’s if this is true anyway.

    1. I would much prefer to give Akpom more of a chance than waste money and buy yet another CF that WE DO NOT NEED.

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