Why Arsenal WILL beat Tottenham even without Alexis

Arsenal don’t need Sanchez to beat Spurs by Sam P

As an Arsenal fan I have to say it through gritted teeth, but I do think that our north London rivals Tottenham have got it together a bit and are looking in pretty good form at the minute. So they will no doubt be fancying their chances of beating the Gunners when we play them at White Hart Lane in Saturday’s early Premier League kick-off.

And the fact that our star man Alexis Sanchez has missed the last two games with a hamstring problem and may miss the derby will be increasing their confidence. But I am here to tell you not to worry, because we do not need Alexis to mash the spuds again.

And I am not just being an over-confident Gooner here. For one thing, Arsenal have scored five goals in our last three games and none of those were scored by the Chilean. He was not even on the pitch for the last two games, so the theory that we are totally reliant on him has already been proved wrong.

The other reason I am so confident is that we now have the perfect team and tactics to counter the threat of Spurs. It is pretty clear where that threat comes from, with Harry Kane and Eriksen scoring and creating almost all of their goals. Over to you Coquelin.

But it will be the team shape and ethic as well as the young Frenchman that will frustrate the spuds and they need the win more than us, leaving them vulnerable to the counter attack and us with the players to exploit it in Walcott, Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud.

The game is set up for the Gunners, even if we have to do without Alexis. With him it could be a demolition job!

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  1. I look at Tottenham’s team and I’m not ‘scared’ of anyone. Eriksen is decent, Kane is doing well… The rest just seem average, other than Lloris of course, who I’d happily see in an Arsenal shirt.

    But who do Spurs have to be ‘scared’ of? Cazorla, Alexis and Walcott are our obvious dangermen. Giroud is a threat too, plus Özil appears to be in good form. Our defence seems to be more solid of late, so I think we have the advantage going into it, but it’s a derby game – anything is possible.

    1. Agreed, except what did you say when referencing who to be scared of and merely saying Ozil “appears to be in good form?” What does that really mean? Seriously, I’m curious. You sound dubious, at best, and at worst, am I sensing that you don’t think he’s worth it yet? Truly hope I’m reading the wrong thing between the lines there. I mean, you’re even putting Theo ahead of Giroud (and again, you may well have meant nothing by it), but Giroud has been crushing it against everyone, basically, since he got back. Theo’s just gotten the rust off.

      As far as Spurs, they are in decent form. The derby is always a battle, at least until it gets ripped open, which can happen. And of course, we are in position to retain our North London bragging rights.

  2. If we can do a job on Erikson similar to the Silva Aguero one, that would be a fine start.

    Sanchez not playing a role, i dont want to even imagine this. We didnt miss him against villa but i think most of us would have expected as much. Ozil Walcott Giroud Cazorla etc are definitely at least a level or two above villa players, no disrespect but they just are. Away at spu is certainly a bigger test and considering that Sanchez has saved us many times this season i just pray that he makes the team.

  3. A derby game is mostly defined by which team wants it more…

    And I hope for all the right reasons, come Saturday that team will be Arsenal.

    Long May Our Winning Streak Continue. COYG.

  4. one thing is for sure, arsenal is gunning everyone and continue this mentality!!!!
    maybe we will have a surprise at the end of the season
    just enjoy arsenal football

  5. In their last match Lloris got them the 3 points. 2 ‘out of the thin air’ type saves and one hitting the bar. Hurricane and Erection is all fine until it meets the Coq.

    May be I am out of my depth and going a bit crazy, but i see us winning this Spurs match comfortably again. Prediction. 0-5.

    1. I am not convinced with Spuds yet, Lloris is the reason they came away with 3 points at West Brom.. Their last 2 matches Lloris has been thee biggest factor..

      So to me if we can be clinical against Lloris and mark out Eriksen the I am confident. If The Coq can shut out Silva then I don’t think Eriksen is on Silva’s level. So Loris and Eriksen are the main obstacles.

      Lets play our compact non gung ho football we have played in the past few matches and we will beat Spuds..

  6. We can beat them without Alexis, but can we beat them with Martin Atkinson as the ref? After checking his stats in Arsenal games, he could be a serious problem. I wish we could rather have Rowan Atkinson….his mistakes would be fun and honest.

  7. Ospina
    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Sanchez Cazorla Ozil

    Szczesny Gibbs Chambers Gabriel Rosicky Walcott Giroud

    Think Wenger will go for Ozil on the left based on last weeks showing and if Sanchez is out Walcott with start on the right and Flamini or Akpom will come in on the bench. Possibly Rosicky starting ahead of Ramsey but doubt it. Rest of team picks itself really on current form.

  8. Spurs are feeling good about themselves, and the news of Kane signing a new deal will only put them in good spirit for the weekend derby.
    It’s why Arsenal are best to go into the game as acting like ‘under dogs’. Defend well keep it tight and squeeze them. Give them a false sense of security. Spurs are not use to feeling ‘superior’ to Arsenal, give them the belief, they will struggle with it…and Özil, Sanchez and Cazrola will work there magic.
    Do what Chelsea couldn’t, be prefect.

  9. They are wack. Sanchez can sit this one out. Let the little homes ride on these mother******s.


  10. Um Sanchez could have played against Villa, he was just rested as a precautionary so he’d definitely be fit and firing for the Spuds. The only question is who we drop to fit him in.

    1. Wenger said he wasn’t close to being fit for the Villa match, so its not guarenteed he’ll be fit for Spuds. This is Arsenal we’re talking about. 1 match out magically becomes 3 months out at any given moment.

  11. Do you people remember the times when one our players picked up an injurie and panick mode was activated in an instant, lol. We fans have gone through some serious stress during these years. Nowdays, things are more cool. The team is almost complete, and every player who comes in, has to be a superstar to replace a already good player.

    Nothing is for granted in the epl, we could lose to them and then hit a wall again and crumble. but nowdays we are in such a superb form, that it will be rlly hard for others to beat us.

  12. With Sanchez or Walcott we have pace and goals to hurt the Spuds. Did you see how often Theo was working from the left side in last game, that was obviously a deliberate policy- Ozil , Walcott, Sanchez can work and cause damage from all over the pitch – and makes life very difficult for opposing defenders who don’t even know who they marking


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