Why Arsenal will forget Lemar transfer and sign Mahrez instead?

I for one am starting to get concerned about the Arsenal transfer pursuit of the highly rated young French international Thomas Lemar who is currently on the books of the Ligue 1 title holders AS Monaco. Going by all the Arsenal transfer rumours there have been it seems clear that Arsene Wenger is very keen to sign the 21-year old winger but it is just as clear that his club are reluctant to sell.

The Mirror’s John Cross who is on tour with the Gunners right now reckons that Wenger will have to break the club’s transfer record, just recently set when we signed Alexandre Lacazette, if he is to have any chance of Monaco selling. Even if we do offer above that there is no guarantee we will get him and that is not the only problem.

The clock is ticking for Arsenal as the new Premier League season draws closer and because of a tough early set of fixtures to face I think Wenger needs to have his team ready and raring to go as soon as possible. With the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Mustafi, Bellerin, Holding and Chambers still on their summer holidays it puts even more onus on the new signings getting settled in good time.

So with the Lemar saga dragging on and another report in The Mirror revealing that Leicester City are looking ready to sell Riyad Mahrez, with the Algerian thought to be keen to join Arsenal, will Arsenal and Wenger give up on the young Frenchman and go for Mahrez instead?



  1. We’ve often had this problem of losing out on ransfer because Wenger is waiting for something to happen…from What I have seen of Lemar I don’t think he has done enough yet for a club like arsenal to be waiting for him..

    For once I would like the squad to be ready before the start of the season rather that waiting for a transfer that may not happen

    Worryingly why are we trying to buy all their youth players what happened to our scouting?…Should we be buying their chief scout instead ?….if only 2yrs ago they had Martial and now Mendy Bernado silva Bakayoko Mbappe Lemar all less that 22 and in demand all over europe..

    Spending close to £60m on a player with 1 good season sounds crazy to me..

    I will rather go for Mahrez yes he is inconsistent but proven in the EPL..

    1. Mahrej already developed and stared player in the premier league will be far more better than Thomas Lehmar whatsoever cost the price may be.Mahrej has already adapted to EPL and he is better player than Lemar.

    2. “We’ve often had this problem of losing out on ransfer because Wenger is waiting for something to happen” According to who? Or are you usually present during the transfer negations at Arsenal? Because, to me, that sounds like something you’ve made up in your head, yet for some reason, you still use it as something to criticise Wenger with. It’s simply a case of; say something enough times and it becomes the truth.

  2. I would like to sign him, but Mahrez, and Ozil in the same team is surely not a good idea.

  3. Wenger should please get Mahrez, with him we are assured of at least 10 goals and 10 assist.

    1. Also assured of conceding 10 goals , both him and ozil are bad at defending there will be no cover for wing back positions

    2. Assured based on what? He hasn’t come close to 10 goals and 10 assists in two of the last three seasons

  4. £80 million is too much for Lemar
    I can think of other top players I would rather spend £80 million on.

    Hopefully we will get Lamar for less because he is young and very skilled player. Very few weaknesses. His crosses, passes, dribbling and set pieces particularly I’m fond of. He can eventually replace Alexis on the left.

    I would not mind sell Walcott for £30 million and getting both Lemar and Mahrez

    Both want to come here very much
    Lemar is fighting hard to come here.
    But we have not bid on Mahrez so it’s likely Roma will get him unfortunately

    1. 80M is to discourage Arsenal ; there is no way we are paying that much. 50-55 M at max and even that is too high but it is undisputed that he will be a superstar; and can play multiple roles. If we sell Walcott, going for Mahrez makes sense but not sure Mahrez will come to sit on the bench. If we cannot get Lemar and we sell walcott we will go for Mahrez; my sense is something’s gonna give in the next few weeks and that can be as uneventful as refusing to sell wallcott because we may say that he is a flat track bully but he still scores goals

    1. What a lovely way to talk about the people that play for the club that you claim to support. Why do Arsenal have so many fans like this dickhead? All the negativity, can and does, seriously effect the players.

  5. Perhaps one reason Wenger is going so strongly for a Lemar as a replacement to Sanchez-

    And being smart knows Lemar will need one season to settle in.

    And for 1 season at least get super talented squad

  6. I will prefer to stop buy Lamar for 80m pounds is too expensive joke and turn attention to marezh and don’t let our loose the both players, we must act fast for Mahesh to bolster our attack next season.

  7. mahrez is better than that guy lemar I watched Monaco vs Ajax the lemar is not that good. Arsenal should sign mahrez.

    1. You watched him play only 1 match and from that, you genuinely believe that you completely understand the player? Well then, why don’t you become a scout for a top club, considering you can judge a players worth in only 90 minutes, whilst for most other scouts, they can take years and years keeping tabs on players.

      1. I have watched many clips of them both. lets quit lying to ourselves. we all know that at the moment, mahrez is better than lemar….just that for lemar’s age, he has great potential and could be world class in the future…but if we are looking for short term success, it will be with mahrez

  8. Walcott is a good player. His statistics last season were very good. Ideally want him to stay. However, if it’s necessary to sell him to obtain better players (ie for £30 million and/or use his high salary for new players) then we should consider it.

    Same if the Chambers for £20 million to Crystal Palace is true

    Others we should consider off loading (sale/release /loan) are Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere (injuries), Lucas, Akpom, Szczesny, Campbell and Eleny.

    1. Latest updates.

      Gibbs to WBA .. £10 million.
      Chambers to Palace .. £20 million (with a buy back clause inserted )
      Mr selfie to Juventus.. £10 million

      Neymar to PSG €222 million lol
      Hart to West Ham (loan deal)
      Hernandez to West Ham £13 million

  9. All I know is that at this moment with sanchez staying our best 11should compete for top 4 but will not challenge for the title … Need a quality upgrade on both the right wing and in the middle of the park …. But then again have done for 5 years and the zipperman has failed to deliver

    1. C’mon, Ramsey and Walcott are world class players that have been unlucky with injuries over the past few seasons.

      Lemar, Mahrez, Goretska, Carvalho, Seri, etc are all overrated players that predominantly play in inferior leagues across Europe.

      Or so the majority of Arsenal fans would have you believe.

      1. no way …… walcott is overestimated….. no good for arsenal. He would fit in a mid-table team…
        Ramsey is a joke!! the worst midfielder we have in our squad.
        we will never reach top table ( champions ) with such weak players.

  10. Mahrez and Lemar are two different type of players.

    Lemar while considered being a winger, knowing Wenger i see Lemar in the Cazorla role, his technical ability, short and long pass capabilities, he also works defensively which fits perfectly in Wenger’s plans for the midfield.The draw back in his case no experience in EPL.

    In Mahrez case, he is definitely a wide attacking player, who goes by opponents as if they are not there, has good technical abilities, a wonderful left foot, and does score goals, probably would score more in a team like Arsenal. The draw back here is defensive attributes, not the best.

    Arsenal has a lot of players that can play in the wide areas, however, the technically ability needed in the central midfield is very low, so i figure the is so much effort been put in to get Lemar.

    Personally, i would not mind both, But, Lemar seems the most needed, but, i would give Leicester the money and run with Mahrez.

  11. There is so much talk about getting wingers and strikers that we are all forgetting our stats from last season.It was not scoring goals which was the problem(thanks to Alexis whom people have already started demonising for being ambitious) but its conceding goals which is our problem.So shouldn’t the club be more focussed on getting a CDM and a CB.
    If you see the table conceded as many goals as Everton who finished 7th.Also if you see our stats for last 5 yr, last year was when we scored more goals but we also conceded more goals.
    2016 – 77 scored , 44 conceded
    2015 – 65 scored , 36 conceded
    2014 – 71 scored, 36 conceded
    2013 – 68 scored , 41 conceded
    2012. – 72 scored, 37 conceded
    So, shouldn’t we be making some changes to the defence than attack?

  12. Mahrez shine in a team who play a reactive football, can you imagine, he play on a team who control possession most of the time. Mahrez will have a better chance to do his magic. Teams or players can get lucky for a season in terms of scoring goals or winning championships but, for a player to have great skills and abilities to dribble and be create is not luck. yes, your level may drop but you still have. I think in the right setting Mahrez will very good.

    1. Not sure you right.

      Leicester are counter attacking team, s Mehrez had space on his attacks.

      Rather than trying to get through whole team determined to defend at all costs.

      I’m still a fan, but may not be as prolific as you suggest

      1. Mahrez is excellent in tight spaces and other good players around him, it will make it better for him and others. Last year every club in the PL know Mahrez and start 2 or 3 player defending him because the rest of his team is not as good.

  13. One player I wouldn’t mind seeing out the door is Welbeck.

    He’s supposed to be a striker/forward, looking at his stats across his career, he should be arrested under the trade description act!

    He seems like a nice enough bloke, but all he offers is energy and strength, his passing is questionable at best, and his finishing is diabolical. If we can find someone stupid enough to give us £12-15 million for him, get rid.

    1. Hate to agree. But he’s not a natural finisher by any means. Lacks confidence.

      Don’t think he should be playing in top-flight.

      That said- he is ok 3rd striker. That only gets in field in rare situation and bad injuries.

    2. He’s a big game player, always turns up against united. He did well against chelsea in the FA cup by constantly pressing their defense.

  14. For me which ever player comes to the the club arsenal should play pressing football giving no chance of settling to the openent even on their center half snatching the ball and every body makes him self free to receive the ball ,going fast to the goal with the mid fielder fast availing themselves around the goal creating chance for a shoot on goal ,when they loose the ball every body including the striker coming back fast marking the opponent players and pressin on the one holding the ball to make them unsettle and loose the ball.I have seen a team playing this kind of game being very difficult and almost always beat their oponents and we need a players which is suited for such kind of game and willing to work hard tofor train for such of tactics as such kind of game needs stamina,strength, pace ,fighting and winning spirit ,skill to dribble and pass the opponent players at the required time and place ,ruthless and killer instinct on the goal .That is what i believe it is required to challenge for the title.

  15. Just once I would love for Wenger to bring a player into the squad because they have proven themselves to excel in a particular position and we need to fill that specific role…for someone who largely used the same formation for the better part of 20 years you would think that this would be a relatively easy task…hopefully it won’t take another 20 years to make similar adjustments to player movement and selection now that he has reverted back to a 3-back formation which he hadn’t utilized for two decades…for the love of god, can’t we just make changes from a position of strength instead of always needing to be forced to act out of desperation all the friggin time

  16. As a Leicester fan born and bread, I would just like to say to Arsenal…..PLEASE hurry up and sign this prima donna. We were so close to Booing him last season. The man is scared of a tackle, will hide if things are not going his way and is very rude to supporters. PLEASE take him off our hands so we can give DG his long awaited chance. Or we might just send him on a season long loan to Grimsby Town lol

  17. I can see lots of Mahrez fans on here so I expect to get the thumbs down here. IMO Mahrez is the exact profile of a player that we don’t need. For years we have been crying out for steel and mettle and all of a sudden a talented but mercurial player who Leicester fans seem to have lost faith in is apparently the the answer. He is doing to Leicester what Alexis is seemingly doing to us and many of us are not happy with AS. Say what you want about Arsenal teams but creativity has never been the commodity we need most. For me, price notwithstanding, Lemar all day every day.

  18. playing football is about intelligence and making decision. Its not about how fast you run and how much or how strong you are. Its about players who are talented and creative. The world belong to the players who make things happen, who doing things and you say WOW. Arsenal need that types of players

    mahrez is not baD, he wl improve but know Roma is also in the race and the player is willing to
    join them so we may loose also Mahrez if we don’t deo business quickly or le profesor have other
    surprise signing -be obtimistic time is in our favour

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