Why Arsenal WILL keep focus and push on after internationals?

The last time Arsenal had to take a break from the club competitions we are involved in because of an international break it could hardly have come at a worse time for us, as we had to suffer those two weeks with the painful memory of a proper beating by Liverpool at Anfield.

This time is also a bad time for the Gunners, but for a very different reason. Having won six and drawn one of the games since the last international break, Arsene Wenger and the players would have loved to just carry on, as the boss suggested in his comments after the win over Brighton, but now they must make sure that they pick up where they left off when the Premier League starts again next weekend.

Arsenal fans should not worry too much though, be4cause we have good reasons to be optimistic about our team being focused and hitting the ground running again. For one thing, Wenger seems to have a different mentality going on at the club right now and he seems determined to keep the lads on their toes.

Perhaps more important, though, is the fact that a lot of our internationals have not gone off to join up with their respective nations, mainly due to injury. Theo Walcott has not been selected for England once again but other Gunners ruled out include Ozil, Koscielny and Welbeck.

According to the sports injury website physioroom.com these are all due back for the next EPL match away to Watford, as are Francis Coquelin and Calum Chambers and this in itself should give the Gunners plenty of impetus. It also means that Wenger will be able to work with and talk to the majority of his team over the next two weeks.

So will Arsenal come back with a bang and carry on pushing for the Premier League title do you think?



  1. 6 point difference to both Manchester clubs. Those 6 points can easily be taken off both as we still have to play them twice. The key is to now get back to beating the lower teams.

    This is probably the best it we have looked since the invincible season. World class players like Laca, Mustafi and power with the likes of Kolasinac, Giroud and Xhaka, experience in Kos and Monreal, creativity in Wilshere and youth players already good enough to start like Nelson.

    I think this is the year.

    1. You also bizarrely, called Mustafi”world class” only yesterday on here and I challenged you then about it. Now you, stupidly, repeat this untruth. Do you actually know what a world class CB is like? If you have watched only Arsenal over the last decade, then you will only have seen Koscielny , who when at his best , approches world class. Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Sol Campbell were world class, so were John Terry and Rio Ferdinand at their prime and Hummels is now. If you believe the mistake ridden and clumsy Mustafi is remotely in their class then you need SpecSavers, my delusional fellow Gooner. You are the arch type of “see no wrong if they wear our shirt” away with the fairies fan and WENGER, GAZADIS AND KROENKE MUST WISH THE MANY THOUSANDS AND LARGE MAJORITY OF US WHO WANT WENGER GONE, WERE SIMILARLY EASILY FOOLED. BUT THOSE WITH A BRAIN, ARE NOT!

      1. he isnt right about mustafi thats true.neighter r u about kosielny.he is a very good defender for us but not as good as terry or hummols like u r saying

        1. If you correctly read my post you will see that I said, deliberately and choosing my words carefully,”Koscielny, who when at his best, approaches world class”. I also said Terry(at his prime) and Hummels were and are world class. Those two statements, despite your careless reading, are accurate, in my opinion , obviously. By all means quote me but do me the couresy of accurately quoting not distortion of what I carefully chose to say. For absence of doubt , I believe Kos is, overall, not the supreme player all the other CB’s I chose were at their pomp. That is why I worded my post so carefully. PERHAPS I MIGHT SUGGEST YOUR REPLIES DO THE SAME CAREFUL CHOOSING.

      2. SMH at people that know so little about football that they have to question Mustafi

  2. After the home game v Chelsea
    on New Years day is when
    I believe we will know a
    lot about the EPL title race.

    1. No. We already know that the two Manc clubs will be first and second. I say City top and United Second. If you remotely think Arsenal will still be in the title hunt by New Years Day, when we are already 6 points behind two clubs who can both score plenty and concede very few, then you are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Why are so many fans completely self delusional when it comes to assessing heir own club? Surely, sober common sense and an ability to correctly rate, for good or ill, what our club is doing , is the first step to the necessary improvement we need to seriously challenge at the very top. Fraud owners like Kroenke and sham CEO’S like Gazidis must love delusional fans like you, so they can keep lying to us, doing nothing, spending practically nothing and keep silly fans like you on side, with their current absence of forward planning and “hope for the best, as long as most fans are still fooled” incompetance and fraudulent running of our once highly honourable club. Oh, please come back David Dein and rescue us from these scumbags currently in charge.

        1. We ration exclamation marks .
          Ur flagrant disregard for this makes me uneasy like Ivan in a casino

        2. Never mind the facts eh? The perfect all conquering Arsenal (last title in2004) are , according to you, the greatest team and best run club, with a passionate owner who never misses a game and a CEO who has never lied in his life. Mustafi is the greatest CB the world has ever seen and you fully expect to win the National Lottery every week. And why? Because we are Arsenal of course! I admire loyalty but despise ignorant stupidity and an inability to see facts so clearly in front of your face. Are you and Wenger actually the same person, because you both share the same wilful blindness to reality? And for writing the plain truth I will now get more dislikes than likes; proving the one eyed nature of so many fans. Kroenke , Gazidis and Wenger must be laughing up their sleeves at this wilful blindness shared by so many fans. This blindness ensures they don’t have to actually run the club properly(thus harming Arsenal) to keep the one eyed loony fans happy. If I gave you a stale breadand fishpaste sandwich you would certainly think it a gourmet meal! Pathetic and childish and you should grow up and face lifes realities.

  3. Arsenal fans on this site make me sick. Get behind your team. You sound like spurs. Our squad is very good and alot of oud players would do very well in any top 4 club. Our squad is big and all of the players are getting to play thanks to europa. I think it may actually be a good thing being there as we can focus on the PL and players working back to fitness or who need a spank “alexis” can play in europa. Our big tests are yet to come against the manchester clubs. If we manage to beat those clubs we have a good shout. I also think that both clubs have weaknesses. City are playing very high intensity attacking football. As Liverpool did last season and ended with injuries and burning out. Utd for me are the more likely to win it. They are balanced and looking sharp but if lukaku takes a hit or gets a drought I dont think threy will score as many.

  4. If the beautiful game of football was as predictable as most of you are trying to put it by awarding the 2 Manchester clubs trophies they have not earned yet I would have gladly switched to watching hockey; cricket or some other sport I find boring but unpredictable.

    If all the pundits / ex players / journalist and so called experts feel Pep’s team will win the title why not hand it to him already. Not even in 1 team serie A / Bundaleauga or League 1 do people give up on a chase so easily.

    Not to say Arsenal will win the title but a lot of people including our own fans have written us off a few games into the season, where is the loyalty in that, what message are we sending to the players and the so called world class players we want to come in?

    Shut up already and support your team or go support Man U or City.

    Anything can happen in football, especially in the EPL, its a marathon and not a sprint. The top 3 are even yet to play each other, this league will only shape up around January or so and if the top 6 are still separated but only 3 to 6 points anything can happen. Can we do better and bring in some reinforcements in January, yes we can; are our boys good enough to push for it, yes they are; should they go for it, hell yeah!!!

    1. I will remind you of the idiocy of this “all is perfect at our club” comment, when we are double figures behind the top two(both of them) comde Christmas. We are not remotely in their class and instead of meekly accepting dross by a past his era manager , care nothing owner and lying CEO, you should be joining the sane fans who can clearly see our many, weaknesses and demand better. Loyalty to stale bread is not , in fact loyalty to the improvement needed at our club. It is an acceptance of what will be fifth/sixth best this season. I will put money on it against anyone braveand stupid enough to bet me differently.

  5. What We need now is to start grinding results.. Thats what makes You Champions.. Sometimes You play bad n still Win.. But sometimes You play great but still don’t get rewarded.. e.g. Chelsea game. Lets be consistent enough to mount a Title challenge.. Now that everyone has written Us off.. Its even more good to keep Our Heads down n keep getting the results.. In Cech.. We’ve that talking quality which maintains Our Defence.. Kolasinac is one that kind of player that We’ve sorely missed since Patrick Viera left the club(His Physicality), and His performances have energised Bellerin! In Lacazette We have a really good striker.. I hope Wenger finds some or the other way to play for 90 minutes! We’ve Gem of a Squad.. Just a rigid tough tackling player.. Someone like.. Ndidi.. Or Maybe Yaya Toure would be the last part of the missing puzzle.. N then.. Why won’t We be able to compete with the Best! I seriously want Us atleast to mount a Title challenge.. Not to show the World.. But to win back Our own fans.. Who are already tipping Manchester clubs to win it…. Anyways.. #COYG….

  6. @jonfox
    Not everyone may be as smart and eloquent as you but there is no need to be rude and dismissive with others on here. Oh by the way the way your caps lock seems to keep sticking on!

    All this talk of Terry, Hummers etc if you want to compare mustafi kos etc against a world club cb it has to be Ramos he does and has everything.

  7. Eloquence is irrelevant but smartness, (or to put it in my own words) an ability to clearly see both strengths and weaknesses and fearlessly state them, is vital if we fans are ever to force this misrun club to fulfil its potential and be run honestly, without lying to and fooling us fans. I accept Ramos is world class but that is missing my point, which is that clearly Mustafi is miles from being so. My cap lock is used to emphasise certain words or phrases which is a well known and widely used device in writing. You are free to use it too and do not need my permission and I will not invoice you for the free advice.

  8. You cant tell me you’re smart (you see strenght and weakness). You just a grandiloquent (pompous and extravagent in language)
    keep it up!!!

  9. I think these negativity by the fans here could actually motivate the players and I do not agree that Wenger is our biggest problem, I say this because somebody gave him a job and that person or persons obviously think he is doing a good job so they offer him a new contract and I can bet he will get another two years this time next year. As for Mustafi, all I can say is that Ramos and co were not world class at 24

  10. It’s September and d Manchester clubs r already champions!!!same as last year? Pathetic pathetic pathetic!!!despite all d contractual challenges arsenal had last year involving our 3 most influential figures Wenger,ozil and Sanchez which to a very big extent hampered d on field performance of our team, we still finished ahead of one of the baptized champions and we’re only 3points off d other pre crowned champion in our worst league outing in d last 21 years,how deluded can one be?

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