High-Powered Arsenal to KEEP making Wenger happy!

That international break may have come at the perfect time for Arsenal, as it looked like quite a few key players and the team in general was running on empty a bit. We heard Arsene Wenger suggest a few times that the Gunners had run out of legs towards the end of games and that led to us hanging on against the likes of Newcastle and QPR.

I think that all our injury problems as well as having all the extra games from the Champions League and FA cup competitions had really taken it out of the players and we generally looked a lot fresher against Liverpool. Wenger certainly thought so as he spoke to Arsenal Player about the intensity the Gunners showed right from the start and managed to keep up until the end, highlighted by Giroud scoring in stoppage time.

The manager said, “We started with intensity, we decided to do that before the game and I must say credit to the players because they did it in a convincing way.

“It is a great result and before the game we would have signed for that. We played with good intensity, took advantage of our strong moments and one or twice we maybe [got] lucky, but overall I’m happy with the cohesion, the urgency, the desire.

“The quality of our movement around the box was great, so overall it is a good day.

“We’re in a strong position. It is down to us to remain as consistent as we are at the moment, and we can look back with a little distance and up front because Man City are [there] and we have to wait to see their result. We will do as well as we can until the end.”

Keeping up that intensity for the rest of the season will certainly help and there is no reason why we can´t. Apart from the final week of the Premier League, Arsenal have no more midweek games to play and that means the players can give their all one weekend and be well rested for the next game.

At the same time Wenger now has a full squad to choose from as the injured players return. So Arsenal fans can look forward to the team firing on all cylinders for the next two months. Will that mean another trophy (or even two) coming our way?


  1. misoko says:

    Imagine we are a free injury team now! Lol even Diaby is Back, hope Crystal Palace do something tonight!! COYG

  2. sparkles says:

    With our present form and desire to win, I will gladly settle for 2nd and the FA cup but if chelsea decide to go to sleep and happen 2 slip, the winning league title will be a dream come true for me.

  3. gNgooner says:

    Wenger and the team finally getting it right..we’re all happy.things can only get better.

  4. fred cowardly says:

    Crystal Palace just needs a draw for us to stay in second place but a win would be lovely. It will be extremely difficult but it’s possible..City lost and drew with Burnley, so anything is possible..

    Just because we beat Burnley 3-0 at home means nothing. This is an away match, Burnley is fighting for PL safety.

    Remember Burnley are two to three points from safety so they will be fighting for their lives. They also beat and drew with City and drew with Chelsea so we need to be tough and good as we were on Saturday. They can beat us if we aren’t on our game.

    Also, we need to maintain our intensitY and quality in the second half. We have been getting a bit lazy in the second half for many games. As long as we win I don’t care but one day this could hurt us like when we lost to Spurs and when Brighton got two goal Back in the second

  5. ButtFlaps says:

    It all falling into the place!!! Burnely have to be worry!!!!

  6. Kotte says:

    Yea away games in the Epl are always tough bt i hope we burn the Burnleys to ashes..as for 2nyt Man c are in for a tough game i pray palace get smtin out of ths game!

  7. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    I hope man city win all their games and overtake chelsea to the trophy.. I would have wished for Arsenal to do that but we all know it’s impossible under Wenger..maybe the new coaching coming next season 🙁 🙁 .
    I prefer anu other team winning the trophy to chelsea. 🙁 …infact, I would be glad if chelsea lost the title and arsenal lost top 4 than if arsenal finish 2nd and chelsea win the title 🙁 🙁
    But I would ofcos be most glad if arsenal won the title meaning chelsea loosing it 🙂 🙂 …if only Wenger could do it..too bad he can’t 🙁

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