Why Arsenal WILL NOT be bidding for Petr Cech

New Kid on the Block : Emi Martinez
On the verge of leaving Arsenal in the summer, Argentine 22-year-old goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez feared that his time was up at the Emirates after Arsene Wenger signed David Ospina as back up to number one goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. Jumping forward a few months we’ve seen the young goalkeeper thrust into the spot light of the first team. With some excellent performances in both the Premier League and the Champions League, Martinez has quickly become one of the most talked about goalkeepers in European football.
Martinez kept his third clean sheet in a row after Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Southampton on Wednesday night. Since standing in for regular number one Wojciech Szczesny the third choice goalkeeper has risen to the challenge and made a big impression. In fact, Martinez has gone as far as saying that he now wants to challenge Szczesny for the number one spot. A clear sign that he is full of confidence on the back of his superb performances.
Our friends at Opta powered fantasy football game www.oulala.com have focused their attention on the two Arsenal goalkeepers on a per game basis and Martinez has a point as to why he deserves Wenger’s backing. The stats suggest that Szczesny will face a fight in regaining his first team spot once he regains full fitness. Martinez leads the Pole for clean sheets, fewer goals conceded, saves per goal, catches and punches.

With Szczesny and Ospina both due back from injury during December, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger faces a festive headache in whether to stick with the ever impressive youngster or to recall Wojciech Szczesny. Wenger may now consider crossing Chelsea’s Petr Cech off of his Christmas shopping list with the goalkeeping talent that has emerged at Arsenal.
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    1. theres something called we already have 3 solid keepers and martinez is playing excellently. and we just purchased ospina who i think is very good he just needs a run of games. But either way if szczesny starts i want him to earn it not just have arsene GIVE it to him. I truly think ospina can be our #1 and who knows maybe martinez deserves to be the back up from here on out

    1. Everyone was saying the same thing for Vito Mannone. After the Norwich game, when he cost us 3 points, everyone’s opinion changed. Let’s see how this works out now.

  1. Jose would never sell Cech to us. End of story. I must say though, I do appreciate Martinez’s confidence taking a cross out of the air.

  2. Doubt we would get Cech. Ospina is also a top keeper we haven’t seen much of. My rankings:




    1. ahaha.. woj far down. as for me i see no reason to drop Martinez, he actually did nothing wrong. i somehow feel more comfortable when he is in the post, than szczesny. i dont even know why.

      1. Szczeney is just too lazy and lack of competition…..he hardly makes a save…which is why all shots on target are goals

    2. Your concept of support is so warped my friend. You think slating other players is the best way of showing that another player is quality. Scezny kept the highest number of clean sheet last season alongside cech, hardly a feat that can be achieved by average keepers. This is more so considering that you never rated our defebsers and the defensive midfielders.

  3. “One of the most talked about goalkeepers in Europe”?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Calm the f**k down mate

  4. While you write up about martinez is excellent I do feel it was not necessary to bring cech in it. Wenger has never said they were looking at buying a goal keeper. Wenger works with the players day in day out so he is better poised than us to know martinez’s state of readiness. We only get the chance to see them when they play while wenger sees them in training. What we are seeing now he saw months back.

    The club seems to be cery good at grooming goal keepers. You will go back as far as almunia to see when we last bought a keeper before ospina who was brought as second choice. You can not doubtthe quality of lukas and vito who were groomed at Arsenal. We also have Vickers who has had a number of loan spells and anoyher keeper who is on loan again I think his name is macey.

    So the goalkeeping department is onne area where the media must save us from their transfer nonsense.

  5. For gala game rest key players and play these players:
    Martinez bellerin chambers per debuchy flamini zelalem campbell rosicky podolski sanogo.. Still a very good team to beat gala.. COYG!!

  6. A few good results and there are less anti Wenger fans on this site.

    Either that or they are moderated

  7. For me martinez and ospino is fear fear better than seszy,martinez do organizes his back four very well than seszy that is y he’s very good at goal but ospino is good also but I hv nt seen him play much game for seszy he’s a brother to Almonia or reina former liverpool keeper

    1. Maybe somebody should remind you that scezny had the joint highest number of clean sheets alongside cech last season. Hardly an also ran keeper considering you do not rate our defence.

  8. I still rem us loosing the UCL Trophy because our reserve goalie was Almunia 🙁 🙁 🙁
    If we had a Martinez, or Ospina or Fabianski, we would have won that Game.
    #Wenger’s mistakes still haunts me
    #I am sad 🙁

    1. Are you SERIOUS?? I’ve seen everything now. Blame Wenger for Almunia being our backup keeper?! At the time Almunia had heaps of potential. We know now it was never realised. Hindsight is 50/50. I also wonder if you even watched that match. It was Lehman who got sent off…….. Maybe if the reserve keeper wouldn’t have had to come in……… So yeah, it’s Wengers fault he got us to the UCL final but a costly mistake from a keeper cost us the final.

      Some of our “fans” are the worst

  9. I’m just happy that Szcesny has someone challenging him. Let them all put pressure on each other. It will only bring out the best in them, then Wenger can choose his no. 1.

  10. Based on experience and skills Ospina should be no. 1., but szes is Wenger’s favorite…and we all know this guy does not change his mind.

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