Why Arsenal WILL NOT be buying another striker this summer

Arsene Wenger sent Joel Campbell, Yaya Sanogo and Lukas Podolski out on loan in January because he said that Arsenal had too many strikers at the club and they wouldn’t get any playing time at the Emirates,despite Olivier Giroud just having returned from injury and with Danny Welbeck spending a lot of time on the treatment table himself. Now it apears that Wenger was correct as Giroud and Welbeck are both nearly automatically the first names on the team-sheet each week.

Giroud has been in scintillating form for the Gunners since returning from his enforced lay-off, and his double against Newcastle has taken him to 17 goals in 19 starts plus 7 sub appearances. This has equalled his tally from his first season with us in 2012/13 when he started 33 games plus 14 as sub and just helps to illustrate his massive improvement.

But Arsene Wenger thinks that the Frenchman will get even better, despite being the grand old age of 29. “He is a player who has a good mental strength because at 22 he was playing in division three,” Wenger said on the official Arsenal website. “Now he plays at Arsenal. There is still room for improvement for him.

“He benefits from the fact that he has not started a few games. He has also improved his technical game. Technically he is a much better player and that’s why he scores goals.

“His touch, his link play, his finishing has all improved. He takes some images from when he arrived in England and today he is a better player.

“I think he is one of the best strikers around because he scores the goals, has a presence and he’s a fighter as well. Above all he is a team player – he fights for the team.”

Giroud can take heart from the career of Didier Drogba, who also first moved to a top club (Marseille) when he was 25 years old, and is still banging them in at 37 years of age. Perhaps Olivier can also have many more years at the top.

Then we have Danny Welbeck, who Wenger described as having “something special” after he scored against his old club Manchester United. Wenger also said: “I knew Danny superficially and I’m surprised how complete a player he is, how good his mentality is, how ambitious he is as a player and how keen he is to learn, as well as how intelligent he is. I think he has everything in the locker to be a fantastic striker.”

So that’s two strikers highly admired by Wenger. We also have Chuba Akpom, who has recently signed a new contract. He is young and has a great scoring pedigree in the youth sides. He has recently been elevated to the senior side and will be another great striker one day.

We will also have Sanogo and Campbell returning next season, hopefully with some good experience under their belts and willing to challenge for a first team place. So, who still thinks that Wenger will be in the market for another striker his summer?

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  1. It the news today: Chuba has gone on loan to Norwich.

    We need to sell Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo.

    If a talent like Dybala comes for sale we should grab it.

    Wellbeck is good on the wings so even if Theo leaves that should not be a problem.

    1. Agreed. Podolski has no future in Arsenal with Wenger on board. Campbell is neither getting any closer to be a regular on the wingers. Sanogo should be sold to make space for your mentioned Dybala. Wellington Silva is also someone I doubt will have a future in Arsenal, so if we can cash in on him as well, then by all means!

      We’re then left with Sanchez, Walcott, Chamberlain and Gnabry, with Welbeck usable on the wings as well. Rumors has it Lyon are demanding more than 50 million pounds for Lacazzette, he might be worth that one day, but not now – and the risk of him being a somewhat “one season wonder” is too big.

      Another possible transfer target should be Kevin Volland; he’s going to be the next main striker in die mannschaft.

    2. 2 ways it’ll likely work out. Wenger will but a ST very much like Giroud who specializes in that role alone, OR he will get more of a winger and say to Welbz that it’s him and Giroud battling for the central spot.

      If Danny stays as a winger then a ST is needed, if he’s shifted up top then another winger is needed to replace him. Bottom line it’s almost guaranteed we’ll get a forward of some kind, especially with Poldi, JC, Sanogo not making the grade.

  2. Sanogo and podolski needs to be sold this summer, if giroud gets injured we can’t depend on welbeck or akpom. We need a new striker that scores goals

  3. Funny how article writers know everything in advance. Last time I have checked the calendar we are still in March (and crappy weather in Northern Europe) with a fu cking long way to go until the summer window.
    Why are you guys so sure we will not buy any striker? Did Sanogo impressed at the other side of the city? Did Campbell or Podolski broke the heaven at their loan club? I give you the fact that Campbell is not really a striker, ok.
    Chuba needs games, he must go on loan as well. To me buying a striker is a right decision. People say we need a new CB next season buy I would rather have a DM. We are really good in the CB department (Kos, Gab, Mert, Chambers, Hayden). We are ok-ish on the LB department and more than good on the RB dept. Probably one striker and a DM will be the buys of the summer although with Cazorla playing like a beast in deeper position I am not sure we should buy everything. But who knows, maybe Wenger will give youngsters a crack next season.

    1. Agreed. Wait for the next loss and the article writers on this page will be clamoring for a DM and a world class striker again. People here suffer so much frrom short term memory, f ucked up logic, illusion etc.

  4. I have so much respect for him as he goes up for those goal kicks and gets kneed in the back, elbows to the head, while also putting in goals for us. I hope he selects the times he goes up for balls because he is a sitting duck and that lobbed ball when 2 players are going for it seems to be when refs are the most lenient.

  5. the only good out and out striker we have is Giroud, the rest are either not good enough(eg Sanogo), or better of on the wings (eg Welb, Podol,)….so yeah we do need another class striker…like to see Benzema – looks like a player that’ll do well in the EPL…

  6. Wenger is amazing when it comes to strikers. For me it’s a non issue whether he buys one or not because I’m this case Wenger really does know best

      1. Galen,

        I watched the group stages games he played against Man City and was impressed. Rare combination of technical flare and powerhouse attributes @ the position. Plus he without ? has the best hair in Siere A. Sign him up.

  7. Danny Wellbeck = the complete forward.

    I beg to differ.
    He cannot control a ball or shoot on target.
    TWO HUGE frailties when you are talking about a professional footballer and striker!

    If he ain’t got that in his locker yet (has he been training as a professional ping pong player To date?) then he never will. Don’t care what Wenger says!!!

  8. People keep saying we need a world class striker better than Giroud. But can anyone name me 3 of these so called world class strikers that are not already at Bayern, Barcelona, Madrid, City, Chelski??

      1. Yeah we have him and we have been nowhere near winning or challenging for the title this season. 🙂

        But for real, everyone keeps going on about these world class strikers out there, but I don’t see them if not already at Top top European clubs. I know we need another striker, but there isn’t any world class ones available. We can go for the seasons flavor or the months ones, its all about gambling on players. But any world class ones out there and available right now?

    1. I can name 10 strikers better than Giroud who dont play at Barca, Bayern, Madrid, City and

  9. let sell all our strikers so that we can sign 3 world class strikers to compete and rotate….

    any striker is better than Shitroud

    lets spend some money!!!

    1. Nah we need just one quality striker with pace. Giroud is good player. We cant just buy too many players in one position.

  10. this is the reason why we never win anything…

    we need 2 world class strikers to score goals..

    2 DM to rotate….

    a proper LW


    and a Centreback to replace BFG

    1. Id say it has been a lack of leadership not quality and isnt just a case of buying whoevers deemed best in their position, correct me if im wrong but you have basically said we need all areas strengthened with mega buck players.

      Leadership thats all.
      I do want a couple of players in but nowhere near the scale of the Arsenal according to Hafiz… which doesnt exist by the way.

  11. Sanogoal, Podolski and Camp1goal should be sold. Welbeck is much better at wings. Akpom should be loaned out. Sign new striker.

  12. Fans fave strikers Jovetic and Balotelli are available …..

    time for Wenger to grant the fans wish….

    1. Michu, Benteke, Falcao and Cavani too. Lol.

      Now it’s Lacazatte and Dybala, this seasons flavour of the year.

  13. Shut-up Hafiz, Giroud is a world class striker but cant do it alone he needs another WC striker inthe team. He has no competition.

  14. “Arsenal dont need a WC striker to complement OG”

    “Give Theo whatever contract he wants”

    “We don’t need another DM with the emergence of Coquelin”

    And Arsenal fans wonder why we annualy watch the EPl title celebrations elsewhere and get bitch slapped out of Europe early.


    1. They are AKB who are happy with whatever Wenger does which means top 4 and early UCL humiliation every year.

        1. I find it fascinating that any Arsenal fan with a rudimentary footballing brain can genuinely assess the current squad and definitively state it is good enough to win the EPl. Champions League…LOL

          Why is it so difficult to accept the reality that the likes of Arteta, BFG, Podolski, Campbell, Schez, Flamini, Sanoago, even WALCOTT can be replaced by bettetr players with modest financial investment.

          And save me, “He has been a great servant to the club over his…………………… said years Arsenal has added 1 piece of silverware to the Emirates mantle.

  15. sanogo is like 22? out of league 2. he still has years to improve. give him a rest. he’s on for the future potentially

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