Why Arsenal will NOT be buying another striker

Despite Arsenal sending Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo out on loan this month, Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he is still fully stocked in the striking department. Olivier Giroud has now served his 3 match ban. Danny Welbeck injured his thigh against West Ham but is fully expected to be ready for the Stoke game next week.

Theo Walcott, who has always wanted to be played as a centre- forward, has now had 70 minutes action against Hull, and Joel Campbell (the new Podolski!) also made his debut at last in that game, and the youngster Chuba Akpom also came on for a cameo performance at the end. And of course we have our very own Alexis Sanchez, who can play in every position at the same time!

Wenger said on Arsenal Player after the Hull match: “We have many options when you think of the players who still have not played tonight,”

“We have many solutions up front.

“You cannot expect much from Walcott yet but fitness-wise he was good. He had good chances, made some good runs. He has to get used to contact again and that will take a little bit of time. Overall it was a positive first game.

“It’s a very important period now. We’ve had many injuries until now and hopefully everybody will be back.”

So it would seem tha Arsenal have SIX strikers available from next week, so it was no wonder that Podolski couldn’t get any game time! And that is why Wenger will not be buying any more strikers in the ear future…..

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  1. We won’t be buying any striker this January because according to wenger, we have Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez, “campbell”, “Sirnogoal” and akpom, how many was dat….6, so any fan expecting the miser to buy a striker dis january must be dreaming

    1. His Royal Dumbness just said recently (after the game against Hull) that he has many options upfront. Also, just like every sensible fan out there, I do not expect Wenger to sign a DM at anytime, I only pray he does.

      People are talking about Campbell not playing well, I say don’t judge him yet. The young man needs to play more often to build his confidence. I feel he’s doing too much just because he wants to impress. This guy has done very well, out on loan and for his country (unlike some of Arsene’s puppies).

        1. Pal, u don’t say “well equipped”, just manageable. It’s not top of our priorities, but needs appraisal too.

          1. Well equipped is the word. Not your pal though. Just sayin’. We don’t even support the same club.

            1. Mr ‘Not Pal’, well equiped is not the phrase to use. We have Welbeck and Giroud as strikers (Sanogo is not to be counted and sanchez, walcott, campbell are wingers). We are lacking upfront and more than lacking in the defensive unit.

              1. Sanchez ain’t no winger my friend – can’t believe you watched a single match with Sanchez playing at Arsenal if you truly think he is a winger. I suppose you think Suarez is now a winger at Barca? If Sanchez is a winger then so are Messi, Suarez, Aguero and Tevez.

            2. @Budd, great!!! Not my pal!! And we don’t support the same club? Ahahahaha! Yeah, right. U support Wenger_FC, I support Arsenal_Fc.

              1. Last time I have checked Wenger was at Arsenal FC. I just left out the fact that I support Arsenal just to hear from you what you just wrote. Usually the people yelling they support a club but constantly bash ANYONE in the club or looking for scapegoats for everything are the ones in fact supporting the club only when they are winning. I let you figure out if you can be called supporter.

              2. @Kickassfan………Best reply bro!……. Hope u learnt your lesson…..AKBs are no pals…..L()L

                1. I am no AKB nor your pal, thought that was pretty obvious. If not, this is a kind reminder. Thank you for understanding.

                  1. No bickering please. Let’s stick to the football – and EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion, whether you agree or not!

  2. Note book of Chief Scout Wenger.
    Bendtner. Superstar in waiting.
    Park. Oriental genius.
    Arshavin. Russian Revolution
    Santos. Rock of Gibralter.
    Chamakh. Drogba x 2.
    Squilacci. Impregnable.
    Girvinho. Yohan Cruyff on steroids.
    Djourou. Successor to Beckenbauer
    Podolski. Will score 50 goals a season.
    Wellbeck. Superior to Pele.
    Diaby. Will never miss any games.
    Ryo. Pearl harbour bomber.
    Flamini. No one will ever get past him.
    Wilshere. Arsenal and Englands savior for 10 years.
    Chamberlain. More bite than Suarez .
    Ozil. Will attract all the worlds best strikers.
    Campbell. The new John Barnes.

  3. Be suprised of we buy anyone this window, maybe a cb. Wenger makes me laugh as soon as thru window opens we see the likes of campbell, akpom anr coquelin all getting game time. It could just be rotation but to me it’s like wenger saying “look how many options I have we dont need signings”.

    1. Lot of talk about this 30 year old CB from St Etienne.Anybody seen him? Sounds like a typical Wenger signing,doesn’t seem to be a rush from other clubs to sign him .January Window is a nightmare for me watching other clubs doing their business and our boss scratching around in the bins. Not that sure about Winston Reid but surely a more realistic choice. There was a time when only the best was good enough for Arsenal.Long long ago…

  4. What I can’t understand is that we don’t have a striker that will make a goal from nothing or drill almost every shot he gets.
    I like Welbeck, he works hard, although he should get striker training, too often instructed to be the hold up guy when he could score.
    Giroud I am afraid is not clinical enough week in week out.
    Campbell looks very raw, he should go on loan to a PL team.
    Akpom has been good in the youth team and should be slowly introduced.
    Theo is a winger.
    Sanchez is more dangerous as a 2nd striker where his slippyness pays dividends.
    That, for me doesn’t spell a deluge of strikers, we are Arsenal and should have a WC striker, simple.
    Wrighty, Henry, RVP, that is the caliber of striker we have not replaced.
    Cavani has p!ssed all over his relationship with PSG, provided we buy a DM and CB, spend the money and bring him in, we are after all the 5th richest club in the world!

    1. Spot on.

      Either, Wenger doesn’t know a top class striker anymore if he sat on one or he is penny pinching for some reason. Maybe he overspent on presents at Xmas or something (I doubt this)!?

      There is no reason to think we don’t need an actual and natural Centre Forward or World Class Talent who fires goals into the opponents net on a frighteningly frequent basis..

      To recap what others know and have said:

      Welbeck: ok but not a natural born goalscoring machine. Maybe he will evolve but I can’t see it..

      Giroud: a pretty decent striker who has not a bad return but again isn’t gonna bag you 25/30 goals a season.

      Walcott: Not a striker but Wenger of course thinks he is one.

      Sanchez: again, not a centre forward. His preferred position is on the left to cut in on his right.

      Akpom: talented, but not someone you count on as a main forward surely?, having just come out of nursery (no disrespect)

      Campbell: IMHO I do not rate him and feel that if anything he is a squad player or someone to loan out for further improvement.

      We need power, positioning and an Inate sense for goal with technique to boot.
      WC if possible: Cavani/Reus/Martinez.

      With this and other much needed positions filled with class we can make a serious challenge on all fronts next year and who knows pull of a surprise in the UCL or even retain the FA Cup.

      1. Why the hang up with the labels. Walcott was scoring nearly a goal every other game in the year before he got crocked. Sanchez is doing the same now. Can’t benchmark this against Ronaldo and Messi’s ludicrous goals/game ratio but 0.5 is a top notch return. Not forgetting OG, much maligned, but his ratio is creeping up from 0.4.

  5. New year, new things – or at least for as long as the new year’s
    resolutions last. From past experience that could be all of one week,
    although this year I really hope to go to the gym for at least two
    months and lose some Christmas kilos.
    My new thing for the year is to accept and move on, sort of like
    going for drug rehab where you own up to the facts and work
    through them.
    The fact that I’m owning up to this year is that Arsenal will never
    win anything more than an FA Cup as long as Arsene Wenger is the
    manager. I have decided to accept that Wenger has done all he can
    for the club and that the best that the Gunners will achieve under
    him, is an FA Cup trophy.
    That, of course, is assuming that Wenger lives up to his own new
    year’s resolution which, based on the last couple of years, is only
    signing one major player a year and in turn allowing one major
    player to leave each season.
    Where can a club like Arsenal go with that sort of strategy?
    I’m all for promoting young boys from the academy, but again I say,
    the best that those young boys will get us, is an FA Cup.
    Please note that just because I am accepting the status quo, it
    doesn’t mean that I’m happy about it. But I’ve realised that if I allow
    myself to keep getting upset over what Arsene Wenger does, then
    my life becomes a living hell.
    After every game, particularly in the Premier League or the
    Champions League, I get worked up, stressed, spitting fire at the old
    Frenchman when all he has done is his best.
    Wenger was a great manager early this century, but he changed his
    way of thinking some time around 2006 and clearly he is unable to
    change again.
    It’s January now and the transfer window is open. If I choose to
    start criticising Wenger when it’s obvious to every Arsenal fans
    what he is going to do, then I’ll just be the one getting all stressed
    It doesn’t make sense to do the same thing over and over again and
    expect different results, but that’s where we are as Arsenal fans. We
    have watched Wenger doing the same thing over and over again
    and yet when every game starts, we hold our breath hoping for a
    Watching the Gunners being embarrassed by Southampton last
    week was a nightmare. I kept holding my breath hoping that Arsenal
    would score but knowing very well that we wouldn’t.
    The slim wins that we did manage to secure in the League over the
    holiday season were just as disturbing to watch as the losses. The
    last few minutes of all the matches – West Ham and QPR come to
    mind – not to mention the struggle at the end of the draw with
    Liverpool, were so stressful.
    Wenger doesn’t know how to get the guys to kill off a game and he
    clearly struggles to communicate to the players how to hold onto a
    I don’t know why I’m getting worked up when the whole blog is
    about accepting the status quo. Sigh!
    I will try to stick to my new year’s resolution to accept things as
    they are and only regain hope at Arsenal when things change. And
    hopefully that change will come soon.
    Either Wenger will go or Wenger will listen to the dissenting voices
    giving him sound advice on how to become a league-winning side
    once again.
    For now though, the best we can hope for is to watch the Arsenal
    squad being paraded in an open top bus with just the FA Cup in
    hand and nothing more.

    1. Two things – this “whole blog is about accepting the status quo” – look around you on this site, the AOBs are out in force, the most numerous and vocal of all the “Arsenal supporters” on here by far. You are not alone. Trouble is you must be getting bored talking amongst yourselves by now and much of the chatter is pretty predictable and naive – you must have noticed that a good proportion of the shouters on here don’t come across as being very smart.

      And who are the 2 “major” players we have let go in the last 2 transfer windows? Surely you can’t mean Sagna (can I have a game please Mr Pellegrini?) and Lukas (I can score when I want but most of the time can’t be arsed and would rather be on Instagram) Podolski.

  6. Guys, I bring you greetings from NY_Gunner. He’s currently being held and taking treatment in a psychiatric hospital somewhere in Uganda. The say he’s suffering from acute Wengerpsychosis.


  7. There is no urgency to buy a striker right now we have plenty of options up top and wide I think that issue will be addressed in the summer.
    We urgently need a Center half and maybe a DM.
    We will definitely buy a center half this window that is the only sure thing we can expect in my opinion.
    We will see a lot of movement in the summer for me.

  8. Just shore up that poxy defence Arsene.Banging them in one end is pointless (get the Pun)if your letting them in at the other end.

  9. Not a priority with Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom all able to play CF and Sanchez, Welbeck, Walcott, Gnabry, Ox, Campbell all vying for the winger spots. We even have the awful combination of Cazorla/Ozil if need be.

    However, the defence is horrendous. We have 3 players backing up 4 positions.

    1. Afobe has gone on a season long loan, meaning he cannot be recalled unless mk dons agree. With them pushing for promotion and afobe unlikely to even get a place on the bench, he is far better off staying where he is. With us currently playing 433 and pretty close to having sanchez Walcott giroud welbeck campbell gnabry akpom all available as well as chamberlain cazorla ozil and rosicky, who can all play on the flanks, I think 11 into 3 is well enough.

      I would love to see a big dm option come in, but again with all our midfield options due back by the time we face spurs (in 5 matches time) I can see wenger running with 2 of cazorla rosicky chamberlain ozil ramsey wilshire arteta zelalem diaby and niles, playing either side of coquelin flamini chambers or hayden, again 14 options for 3 positions will be considered enough by wenger.

      I honestly believe that he will not sign anyone as he will consider that bellerin debuchy chambers hayden ajayi mertesacker koscielny monreal gibbs will be enough defensive options and that Szczesney ospina martinez macey iliev vickers and huddart is enough keepers.

  10. Of course a Top striker is a priority

    Welbeck and Giroud are good but not an Aguero, Costa, RVP or Falcao. They can’t create a goal out of nothing, score 30 goals a season. Without a top striker you can’t win the PL.

    Sanchez is World Class but a world class winger.

    Also what happens if the rumors are true and Liverpool get Cavani. Liverpool are just 4 points behind us.

    Also, I’m not a psychic but I’m not entirely sure Wenger will get a defensive midfielder. He hasn’t mentioned it. He has just mentioned getting a defender. If he decides to get a WC striker (won’t happen but lets just pretend he does) an awesome attack can compensate for poor defense. Look at United. They have arguably worse defense than us BUT have Falcao, RVP, Rooney, Di Maria and Mata.

    Also with our injury record depth is not a bad thing. Giroud and Welbeck can be supersubs

    Anyway, I only expect Wenger to get an average defender this January so even this discussion is pointless and extremely frustrating

    1. Sanchez is a winger. LMFAO. Lot of denial going on here – taking Sanchez out of the striker equation by pretending he is not a striker is looney-tune stuff. Take the blinkers off and observe him playing for us. Jeez, if it is too hard for people, look at where this “winger” has scored his 16 goals from in the past 3 months.

  11. Our top 1st, 2nd and 3rd strikers in pecking other are Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck. We should not name Walcott among our tops yet until he gets his form back and starts scoring goals Arsenal. Akpom and cambpell cannot be called tops because they have not proved to be tops whenever they are used. But Akpom has not started any senior Arsenal game(s) to properly accessed him. The boss should start him when the opportunity to do so becomes available without taking a risk that could compromise a victory. The trio tops of Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck are not the tops tops that can beat Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. They have all played against us in the past 1st round of the season and we all know the outcome of those games. And not to talk of the up coming Champions League games. For a top selection and for a top cover, Arsenal need to sign-on Endison Gavani to properly upgrades their forwards and have a better chance of winning the big games. Provided Cavani will earn more than the boss and PSG’s asking price will not be too much for Arsenal to pay, the boss should please sign him today or tomorrow and and plays him against Man City.

    1. Sanchez is not a striker, but a winger. Walcott also not a natural striker.

      Giroud, yes. Welbeck, yes. Neither though are exceptional prolific scorers. So in fact we have two two actual strikers neither of which are world class and a trainee in Akpom. I personally don’t call this an abundance!

      Buy World Class or the best you can with the undoubted funds AFC has and play them in their frigging best position (coughs: Ozil). It ain’t rocket science FFS.

      1. Sanchez not a striker??!! Yes, and I can think of several other low-profile diminutive South American players like Messi, Suarez, Aguero and Tevez who are also definitely not strikers. Right, so Sanchez has been thrilling us with his “wing” play? Not. If he was ever a winger it is certain he is not being played as one now. Just spend one minute browsing some of his game heat maps (I doubt if his boots have touched the side or bye lines this season), another minute to ponder where and how he has scored his 16 goals (headers, slide rule finishes from central positions, tap ins) and made 8 assists (threaded balls not crosses) and tell me again he is a “winger”. Why are some in denial? Is it just an artifice created to provide more ammo to kick AW with by saying he has never addressed our need for a WC striker?

  12. I ment to say provided Cavani will no earn more than the boss. Sorry for my errors in my typing.

  13. The excuse this time is not that Europe is broke and the transfer window would be quiet (actually a false excuse) but that we have enough options upfront. Wow! And where have these options been when we struggle to score goals, often hanging on dangerously by the skin of our teeth for a narrow win? We no longer win comfortably, so each time we go into a match — with any team, from the bottom of the EPL up — our hearts is always in our mouth! I remember us beating Chelsea 5-3 but that’s no longer the case. Don’t you know that Wenger is in Mourinho’s pocket, therefore he cannot bring in quality in depth to challenge the likes of Chelsea and our other top rivals! So stop wasting your breath and energy. The inexperienced Coquelin, backed by the soon-to-return sensational Diaby, is sufficient for our DM. With Wenger, we will not get any of the top quality CBs we have been linked with.

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