Why Arsenal will NOT be surprise destination of super striker

Arsenal will not be the only club whose fans will be hoping that they are the club referred to by the brilliant, prolific and always entertaining striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But you may as well save your excitement, Gooners, because it is not going to happen and I will explain why.

The Guardian report yesterday which reveals the PSG and Sweden international star’s words will have a lot of tongues wagging in the football world, with people wondering who the mystery club that Zlatan was referring to when he said his next move would come as a big surprise to everyone, making it sound as though the deal was already agreed.

He said, “Where I go next, it will be a surprise, a very big surprise.”

With all the talk about Arsenal needing a striker to compete with or replace Olivier Giroud, Arsenal fans may be hoping that the player that we nearly signed as an up and coming prospect might finally be heading to north London. But for one thing, the Swede also said that he would be seeing out the final year of his PSG contract first.

But the main reason why Arsenal will not be the surprise club is that Ibrahimovic is all wrong for us. Wenger has been talking about cohesion, continuity and the importance of a happy and united dressing room. Zlatan may be a lot of things, but humble is not one of them and he is not the sort to put a club before himself.

Look what happened when he went to Barcelona and got upset because Messi, arguably the best player ever, was higher than him in the pecking order. Do we really want that to happen at Arsenal?

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  1. Zlatan’s a truly unique phenomenal player. His quality is unquestionable. But he’s a mercenary with no loyalty who believes he’s bigger than the game.
    For a player who’s moved everywhere with an ever increasing pay-check, thoughts of us moving for him are simply delusion. For his final contract there will be clubs offering twice that of which we currently pay Ozil and Sanchez. Our wage structure is finally showing relevance in ambition, luring top talent and retaining our best players. Adding a complete and utter outlier who would be making 3-4 times more than players who regularly contribute to the first-team is a recipe for disaster.
    It’s not just fiscally Wenger prioritizes responsibility.. But squad harmony as well.
    I hate to say it… But 3-400k for a striker?? United….

  2. If someone can scare morinho,it’s surely zlatan.
    I do not want zlatan at arsenal as it will create disorder and dissatisfaction within the group,due to his unreal salary demand.

  3. I’m guessing he’ll move to the MLS for one last big pay check it will be a surprise in that sense maybe

  4. If the strikers we have
    step up we should be fine.
    EPL goals.
    Giroud 15
    Walcott 15
    Wellbeck 10
    Sanchez 12
    Ramsey 10
    Ox 7
    Ozil 6
    Cazorla 5
    The rest 10
    = 90 EPL goals.

  5. I don’t think he will join us due to his high salary demands, great player though

  6. it really really is pretty quiet……… Never have i seen such inactivity ……….. 31days counting……….1opportunistic signing……. 9days to the premiership…..when will new players (if any) settle down?

    1. On the other hand the team
      is as settled, as healthy, as fit
      as fine tuned as it has been
      in a long long time.
      The purchases were made last season
      Ospina Gabriel Debuchy Chambers
      Sanchez Wellbeck and we got lucky with Coq.
      We also have injured players Arteta
      Walcott Ox Wilshere Gnabry back
      so 12 stronger than 2 seasons ago.

      1. @davidnz…….. However!… Its not like we are asking for the purchases of a whole squad…… A minimum of 2players….. Goddammit!…… Just 2……. And this are players we need for urgent positions requiring reinforcements….. For chrissake! Look who are gonna back up Le coq…….flamini and arteta ?…….their contract shoulda been terminated and they discarded….. Considering the whole mix-up in the striker dept….with Theo as a possible option thr, we have a choice …..go for a Top striker or a winger……they may need time to adapt and learn to play the Arsenal way…..But, this will NOT distabilize the Team, rather Lift the team spirit and aid promulgation in our trophy pursuit.

  7. We don’t want him,he’s a great player but man this guy would cause confusion in the team he took 3 seasons to build. we dont need his big ego nor do we need his big nose

    1. His big ego hasnt been a problem for any of the clubs he’s been in. No player has left the club because of a beef with zlatan. This reasoning is silly. He would be the tongue on the weight that will take us from top 4 to the premiership title. We create tons of chances, but struggling to convert them. Zlatan is among the very best to deal with such a problem

  8. Even though it seems heaven sent

    We ain’t ready to see a world class striker yet

  9. zlatan can score the goals we need to win the epl….by that I mean a winner in games that matter esp against chelsea I tell ya mate.

    however his salary is the problem.

    I dont care about his altitude.

    lets just wait and see…benzema or lewandoski may happen.

    1. Zlatan has never won the champions league because he’s only scored once in the knockout stages that was for AC Milan against Arsenal apart from that he never shows up in big champions league games whether it’s for Juventus,Inter,Barcelona,Milan or PSG

  10. that defines man utd.no question about it..having overloaded a £250 per week van persie not to mention Angel di maria they will want to replace them both and i think £250+ is no deal for them on zlatan considering the next replacement pedro will coke cheap.they got cash from di maria sales

  11. Ha, some of us called “fan” are still under the shadow of using less confidence player to prosecute the league,very pathetic, Arsen Wenger is the root cause. Change is all what we need. Zlatan is WC

  12. How many world strikers do we have in the world?
    And how many teams have them…?
    To EPL How many world strikers
    To LPF how many world Strikers

    If only our players believe in themselves and an injury free season this squad can beat any team in the world and tomorrow you all call them world class players..

  13. Zlatan is a great striker but a bad sportsman.
    We don’t want that in Arsenal football club, probably why Mr wenger didn’t try to sign Balotelli last summer transfers.

  14. No chance in hell he has already stated he will not play under arsene wenger after he called him in for a trial a few seasons ago and ibrahimavich refused there relationship has been sore since then.

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