Why Arsenal will NOT buy Jackson Martinez or Edison Cavani

There are still many Arsenal fans calling for Arsene Wenger to invest in a top striker this summer, despite the brilliant form of Olivier Giroud, and one of the names most mentioned is Porto’s Jackson Martinez, who has been highly praised by Wenger this season. Edison Cavani has also been touted as a possible top-of-the-range arrival at the Emirates.

But going by what Arsene Wenger said yesterday, there is little to no chance that Arsenal would consider investing in them at whatever the price. Wenger was being asked about whether he would continue his policy of bringing in young players to introduce to the team, or invest in highly experienced transfer targets. He replied: “You want to do both,”

“Yes of course it is possible. We signed players like Sanchez and Ozil, 25 and 26, and that is a good age to perform now.

“We have as well players like Bellerin and Chambers who are 20. So we have both. The financial potential should allow you to combine both.

“Look, what’s important is that we give a chance to the young players. We want to maintain that.

“For years you could say to me: “you have no choice you have to play them” – but we want to maintain that. It’s part of the DNA of the club to give a chance to young players.

“When all your main players get close to 30, you can’t buy a 30 year old player. You have to buy a player who is 22 or 23, because if you buy another player of 30 they all [finish their careers] together.”

Strangely enough our main centre-forward, Olivier Giroud, turns 29 early next season, and both Martinez and Cavani will also pass that milestone during the next campaign, so it seems pretty clear to me that Wenger will definitely NOT be bringing either of the in this summer.

But perhaps Paulo Dybala…..

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  1. I have watched many PSG games when Edison Cavani was given a chance to shine as the main man Ibrahimovic was out injured. He is simply the most overrated striker out there. If he wants to join Arsenal and warm the bench for the rest of his career, who am I to say no?

  2. Wouldn’t want either. For the amount they would cost, I don’t think they represent enough of an improvement on what we have. As the article says, if they were younger I’d get it, but not when they are the same age as Giroud.

    1. Cant believe the sudden swing round in Cavani, id still definitely take that player as we know well what he is capable of… his scoring stats in Italy was absolutely phenomenal. If Wenger could get the best out of him i can only imagine it would be a very very good thing. Hes experienced and his strike partner for Uru is very similar to Sanchez so would be interested there.

      I cant imagine he will leave for the same type of money that they bought him for as with ffp rules and his scoring these days being very good for a winger but not so much for main striker and also people will be looking at Falcaos case. I reckon he will go for similar money to Sanchez maybe slightly more.

      1. I don’t get why people are dismissing cavani either sometimes you don’t fit into the team and system which doesn’t mean your nit good. He was a beast in Italy I think he had 81 league goals in 3 seasons. If we could get him for like £25m and not be on insane wages I say hell ya

    1. Dybala over Cavani…. head scratcher. Lacazette i understand as there is always a bandwagon on one season wonders… maybe this is his breakout season but do you know what… maybe its not. Perspective people.

      1. really! last season it was that DM at porto, i forget his name. that young guy, who was obviously below arsenal parr

  3. Burnley have agood shape and formation our fullbacks will be very important in stretching play. They don’t have lots of pace on the counter sp i think gibbs should play not that his good at crossing just makes himself available out wide. We will also need to drive at them from midfield to disorganize them ox would have been perfect but rosicky or wilshere can do the job. 2-0 first half second half 1-1. So that’s 3-1 to the arsenal.

  4. both would be a waste of money.
    we need the casette or die-baba
    money needs to be spent correctly…..said no one from man city …ever

  5. Two neopoliton friends of mine would have Cavani back playing for Napoli tomorrow.
    Buying RVP late in his career won Rednose his last league before retirement.
    I’ll settle for that before Wenger calls it a day.

    1. yeah… well the difference there is ‘rednose’ brought in the player with the golden boot, not a player struggling for form in ligue 1

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