Why Arsenal will NOT lose Bellerin to Barcelona transfer bid!!

The football media has decided to give the Arsenal fans a big scare with some sensationalised headlines suggesting that the Gunners could be on the verge of losing our young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin to his boyhood club Barcelona, where he spent his formative years at their famous La Masia academy.

Many papers and sports websites, including the Daily Star, have quoted the talented 20-year old and claimed that it could signify an imminent transfer back to La Liga. It would not be the first time something like this happened, as Cesc Fabregas’ return to Chelsea reminded us all how he finally forced his way out of Arsenal and back to Barca.

Bellerin said, “I am good at Arsenal, but you do not know what the future may hold.

“The Arsenal is giving me everything I am with amazing players. I do not think about the future. I just started.

“I thank the people who speak well of me, but I’m only in the beginning. What has to arrive, will arrive.”

I think the English media is reading everything into the first line and conveniently ignoring the rest. While Bellerin is not ruling out a move to another club, not just Barcelona, at some point in his career, he makes it clear that he is happy where he is and is only taking the first real steps of his professional footballing life.

The fact that he has been given such a great chance this season and is so well thought of by the club and the fans, with Wenger set to offer him a nice new contract, means that he will be focused on keeping up his form and improvement and working under the Frenchman. And the way Fabregas floundered at Barca and had to leave will not have escaped his notice either. They are an unforgiving bunch of fans to players being brought in.

And if you need another reason to stay calm on the Bellerin situation, just remember that Barca are still under a transfer embargo that means they cannot register any new players until next year. Is Bellerin really going to give up playing for almost a year just when he is going well? Barca will need a right back from their current squad and then they will look for a tried and tested player with experience if necessary. Relax Gooners, our super speedy Spaniard is not going anywhere, at least not yet!

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  1. There’s no evidence Barça are even remotely interested anyway. The whole reason they let Bellerin go in the first place was because they had Montoya, a much better prospect. And if he’s not getting any minutes, despite being a little older and more mature too, I don’t reckon Bellerin would. So it would be a dumb move for him in any case.

  2. His skill level makes me think he can transfer to an attacking player in future (à la Gareth Bale)

  3. Because Barcelona have a transfer ban, so can’t make a bid. But that aside. Unfortunately I can see us losing Bellerin to Barcelona eventually. I don’t think we could keep any of our top players if Barcelona came calling, especially Bellerin since it’s his boyhood club and where he grew up.

    The one thing we do have is that we can offer more playing time, I’m guessing that’s the reason Bellerin left Barcelona for us in the first place. Alexis is another example of that, and what happened with Fabregas.

    1. I agree. Must say though that just because barca is someones boyhood club doesnt mean we should appreciate… if there boyhood club was Espanyol instead i doubt any departures. The boyhood thing is just a useful excuse… even Henry left when he was being idolised by us lot. I know Henry wanted CL medal but we made final in the year he left so the team was capable.

  4. We must make it priority that hector bellerin stays a gunner at arsenal, and a stern hands off warning to barcelona or other clubs! Coyg!

  5. Off Topic: If we lose against Burnley and Chelsea, they will win the title at the Emirates at the end of the month. We cannot let that happen. Ever. Chelsea winning the title at the Emirates before Arsenal do? I can’t imagine it, not least with Mourinho as manager. We have to beat Burnley.

  6. In the same interview Bellerin said “When I was young I dreamt of being a footballer, not playing for Barcelona” the kid seems very level headed, of course if he ever does think of going back, remind him of cesc, song and hleb. Going to Barca seems good at the time, but usually you will regret it.

    1. Hmm… i think Overmars is the only one who looked his old self. Vermaelen Silvinho Van Bronkhorst another few flops in barca colours.

  7. Situation has changed at Emirates over a year, the statement that Barcelona can get any of our top player if they want is not correct. We now have enough money and not in need to sell player for descent offer. Bellerine will definitely sign the offered contract now . But in 2 -3 years if he wants to move, Arsenal can very well reject his request. Wenger can make player to sit on bench only, until they change their mind.
    The club also have learnt lesson and are tying down players much earlier.
    It would be very difficult for any club to take Arsenal player because of our financial situation.

    I am also pretty sure that Walcott will also extend his contract.
    No worries form guys form Barsa or Madrid now

    1. Wenger is not a manager who would keep a player against their will, too prideful for that. You are correct on us no longer needing to sell or having to sell as i would put it.

  8. Arsenal have problem of letting keep of good players in the past when teams come calling and the Barcelona team have done this superbly by tapping up our players before a clash or during just before summer offseason period. I didn’t like the way they made arsenal uncomfortable with the Cesc situation when busquets,Xavi,Iniesta,Messi in press conference made comments about a transfer possibility. Another reason would be that the english media are intentionally trying to gain arsenal attention by stating a possible reason for a transfer just to unbalance our team so it could help the city and utd to move ahead of us and then try to sign our players .

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