Why Arsenal WILL NOT sell Alexis Sanchez

I do not believe that Sanchez is going to be sold. I read somewhere that Sanchez has an agreement with Arsenal about staying on this season.

Correct me if I am wrong, but he has not even submitted a transfer request. Why are we so sure that he wants to go if he hasn’t made a request yet? Don’t forget, lots of the stuff we read or hear is pure speculation on the part of the media. They want to sell papers and get clicks. It is hard to know what is true and accurate information, and what is not. So with everything, I will wait to hear it directly for a club or the player himself. As far as Sanchez goes all we know is this:

1. He said in an interview that he has made his decision and is waiting on Arsenal to make their move.
2. He said he wants to play in the CL. Which player doesn’t?
3. He has not submitted a formal transfer request nor has he made any statements to the public or the fans.
4. Wenger has said that the team has decided to keep him even at the risk of losing him for free next summer.
5. Wenger has repeatedly told us that he is staying at all costs.

Now, we can glean from the fact the he has not signed a new contract that perhaps he doesn’t want to stay. But that does not necessarily mean that he wants to go. Maybe he wants to wait before penning a new contract to see how the season plays out. Maybe, Sanchez does like Arsenal for giving him the chance to play an blossom into a world class player. Perhaps he feels some loyalty to them and has decided to wait on a new contract to see if they can get back in the CL this year etc. . . There are so many possibilities here that it is hard to speculate. Sanchez has not asked to leave though. . .

Also, as for the team. Many people talk about losing out on money if they do not sell him. Well there is another side of that coin as well.

In keeping Sanchez (and making other additions) Arsenal have a better chance at getting back into the CL. Without Sanchez, it is less likely. Getting back into the CL is worth more than $70 million. Here is how:

1. The bonuses the teams received for CL qualification last year was about $35 million alone. This year it is going to be close to $45 million just from the TV money that is shared among all the teams. So lets use $40-$45 million for that.
2. Increased revenue from CL games in the form of ticket sales for additional sales. Conservatively this is in the neighborhood of $12-$18 million. Add to that, increase in concessions on match day and we are in the range of $15-$20 million.
3. Sales of shirts and kits for Sanchez and other merchandise. I bet this will be low, but still able to get about $2-$5 million.
4. Sanchez has sponsorship deals with outside entities. The way this works, Arsenal are entitled to a certain percentage of any deals Sanchez has or gets because he is an Arsenal player and will be wearing Arsenal kit in his advertisements promotions. Conservatively estimate this at $10-$15 million.
5. There are other sources of revenue for Arsenal for this year in keeping Sanchez that are all smaller. I will group these together. For example, NBC Sports pays the PL for the rights to broadcast the games in the US. This money is shared by all the PL teams. If Sanchez is used in the promotion of the matches, Arsenal gets additional money. All season long, (if Sanchez stays) this would be worth $5 million alone. Combining all of this in this “catch all” we can estimate that at $15 million for the year. Possibly much more.

Adding it all together we get the sum of $77 million – $100 million.

This sum is what Arsenal would make if they kept Sanchez this year and were able to qualify for the CL the next year. Keep in mind that AFC have two ways to get into the CL this year too by either winning the Europa League or finishing in the top 4 of the PL.

NOW, this number will be much much higher in actuality BECAUSE, the higher a team finishes in the PL the more money they get from the PL AND if they should win the PL, FA CUP etc. . they get even more money.


So financially, keeping Sanchez makes sense. If Arsenal kept him and forgo a $70 million bid, they stand to make more money for the above-reasons. If they lose him next summer for free, they still make out better than any transfer fee this summer.

by USAGooner


  1. Napersie says:

    OK another article coming I guess? Flip over!

    1. Jakup says:

      Excellent article, which makes sense all the way through.
      Well done!

  2. John0711 says:

    Financially it may make sense but he will disrupt the dressing room if he’s unhappy.

  3. Nothing changed says:

    Your assumption that with Sanchez, a player who does not want to be part of our future or sign a new contract, we will qualify for the CL is flawed IMO, or our chances of a top 4 finish increase, is seriously flawed.

    Take this assumption out and all falls apart and taking the 70 million is the lower risk choice.

    As a matter of fact, I think the chances of us qualifying for the CL will be greater if we only have players in the squad and dressing room who want to be part of Arsenal and its future. Playing players who will be gone next year and thus have no stake in our future will damage our chances and the atmosphere in the club.

  4. Nothing changed says:

    BTW: Why are we so sure he wants to be gone? because he refuses to sign a new contract. If he wanted to stay he would have signed by now.

    1. Hass says:

      In fairness maybe he is one of the rare lads that are happy to see through the contract and is happy to stay but is giving his notice that at end of contract he will leave. Maybe he is happy with his circumstances enough to see out the final year but not happy to spend the rest of his career here.

  5. Dexter says:

    If he hands in a transfer request, he forfeits all the bonuses accrued to him in his contract. This is why he wont do so, bearing in mind that the club might be stubborn and refuse to sell

    1. kev says:

      We’ve rejected a £72m bid for him.We’re only selling if it’s £72m + a top player from City.

  6. kev says:

    JUST IN:Jadon Sancho now heading to Dortmund.Arsenal had a deal in place to sign him but pulled out.He rejected Spurs and United hence Dortmund is his only option.We may have pulled out due to this “no signing fever” or probably due to his character and the way he’s forcing out the Man City move by not training.
    We will regret this.

  7. justforlaugh says:

    I say Sanchez will be sold. Let’s see if you eat your words OR I eat mine.

  8. Sanchez says:

    I’m sorry but we aren’t a big club anymore. Ox just signed up for Liverpool. The board offered him 180k (considering a big rise) but he still refused to sign a new deal and forced a transfer to a much lower contract. Isn’t it depressing enough he just had one good last season for us and he forced his way to Liverpool beacuse to be honest everyone even the players know we can’t win the league with Mr Wenger. And there are arsenal fans who call Alexis a fraud/rebel/snake. Please wake up #Wenger_out #change_the_f*#king_board

    1. tas says:

      I have to disagree with you on the “good season last year” as i have said before he has amazing solo runs but without any end result his finishing is sad worst then Theo, OX is a better player when he is a team player and crosses the ball that’s when his deadly and on the wing

  9. walle says:

    Don’t know why Arsenal fans are obsessed with the finances and numbers. I don’t care if Sanchez goes for free , all I care about is him scoring goals when we play on weekends. A player at the end of the contract has zero value to the club.. so I don’t understand when people say Arsenal will lose money if they keep him, when his value to the club will be zero at the end of the contract ( simple accounting) . The obsession with finances at Arsenal should stop and focus should be on delivering results on the field of play…. What matters are the results on weekends and winning trophies – not the balance sheet and income statement of the club. And I think for once, Wenger gets the fact that its more important to keep Sanchez than having a huge bank balance. We don’t field a bank balance on match day.

  10. Sue says:

    I’m a gooner through & through but I’m really struggling to find a reason why Sanchez would want to stay with us! It’s not about the money – Ox has proved that!

    1. tas says:

      i wouldn’t be so shore that he left on his own accord but might of been pushed slightly a bit by Arsenal, i don’t see him anything special for him to be at Arsenal which once was a big club

      i think we should keep Wilshere and there is no way Theo is moving with his huge wages so throw him on the right wing, back to back four to be able to better use Belerin and Monreal, lets get back to basic’s with our two signings we should do better once the transfer market shuts so players settle

  11. DAGAN says:

    Our problems are bigger than sanchez staying or leaving…some of us are in a state of denial..wake up for once!!!

  12. Kenima says:

    I will be disappointed if Sanchez is not sold by the end of today…

  13. tas says:

    i love Gary Nevel’s on OX as reported in the Mirror 🙂

  14. tas says:

    i agree with him

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