Why Arsenal will regret Wilshere transfer to AC Milan

This is all just an Arsenal transfer rumour at the moment and even if it is on the cards then things could change in the coming weeks, as we do not know how the rest of the Premier League season will go for Jack Wilshere at his loan club AFC Bournemouth or even who will be the Arsenal manager next season.

What the Daily Mail is reporting, though, is that our Jack could be heading out of the country and going to play for AC Milan in Italy next season, with the report claiming that the former England international star David Beckham has urged Wilshere to try his hand in Serie A, as Beckham did himself with great success.

If this transfer does happen in the summer I think we could soon be left with a big pile of regrets. For one thing, this season long loan deal on the south coast has been a success for Wilshere, at least in terms of him playing the regular football that injury problems and strong competition has denied him at Arsenal in recent years.

More importantly in my opinion is that the Gunners could really do with a player like Jack in the team. Ramsey may or may not be better next year but this season he has been pretty useless. Santi Cazorla may or may not be fit enough to play most of our games next season but he is also getting old and sooner or later that will start to tell.

With that in mind, can Arsenal really allow Wilshere to leave on a permanent basis?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    5 years ago – Jack is an exceptional talent. This is the guy that teams get built around because he is the midfielder that links defence to attack and is the heart of the team.

    The problem is that you can’t base your team around a player that is injured constantly. Key players can’t just be replaced by a squad player. There needs to be another player that does that and Wenger turned to Santi although sadly that didn’t work this season.

    Anyway he never set Bournemouth alive so maybe the EPL isn’t for him. I like the guy and maybe just maybe another league might suit him personally on a physical level.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I love Jack. He is Arsenal thru and thru.
    However, if we can get some money out of him, it may not be a bad way to go.

    He has been consistently injury prone with us.

    However, I would rather us lose Ramsey than Wilshere

    Ramsey was below average this season
    Yet Wenger loves using him.

    First sell Ramsey

  3. davidnz says:

    Wilshere has been badly
    affected by injury his
    entire career. He has been
    at Bournemouth a season already so
    the fans have got used to him being away.
    Take 15 mill from whoever and run away quick.
    Sanchez and Ozil are approaching 30 and they both want away.
    Get good coin for them now.

    Sanchez 30m Ozil 30m Szcz 12m Wilshere 15m
    Gabriel 12m Wellbeck 12m Giroud 10m Gibbs 10m
    Campbell 7m Cazorla 7m Jenkinson 7m Debuchy 3m
    Mertz Free Sanogo Free
    Save 50m salaries.
    =Net. 200m.

    Cech Ospina Martinez
    Bellerin Monreal
    Koz Mustafi HoldingChambers
    Xhaka Coquelin
    Elneny Ramsey Chamberlain Kelechi Adelaide Iwobi
    Walcott Perez Akpom.

    Fosu-Mensa 10m Pereira 10m from Man U.
    LB? RB. ?

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Wilshere won’t be missed because he barely plays for us. He’s doing okay at Bournemouth, but not exactly world class, and injury prone, so we should cash in on him whilst we still can, because we’re missing a trick with player sales over the last four years.

    Ramsey is one of our worst players, and always injured, so it was the perfect time to sell him after the Euros. He was one of the stars of the tournament, a home-grown player, good age, and an experienced international. In today’s market, I think we could have got somewhere in the region of £35/40 million for him. But Wenger refuses to sell any deadwood, and look what unsurprisingly happened: Ramsey has been arguably our worst player this season, has missed most of the campaign due to injury, and has now had another 12 months knocked off his valuation.

    Wenger isn’t just clueless when signing players, he’s actually worse with selling them.

  5. Vlad says:

    Let’s be honest here, Jack is Jack$h!t. He couldn’t make it at Arsenal because of injuries, and simply because there was always someone better than him ahead in the pecking order. And lately, it seems as though our style of play didn’t suit him. He went to Bournemouth, and slowly but surely got himself out of the starting lineup. He’s damaged goods, and needs to be sold ASAP while we can still get some money for him. He can take Ramsey with him too.

    1. jonm says:

      I think Jack would have been a truly world class player but due to injuries I cannot see that happening now. Whether the injuries are a result of our training methods or other factors, I do not know. It seems odd to me that our very promising young british core have all under achieved and are all injury prone. Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ox, Ramsey, Wiltshere all fall in to this category.

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