Why Arsenal WILL sign Aguero to replace Alexis?

It would be a strange bit of transfer business and no mistake, and until a few days ago not many Arsenal fans would even have considered the possibility of the Gunners completing the transfer of the Argentina international striker Sergio Aguero this summer.

We were all aware of the possibility of losing our own South American pocket dynamo, though, and even those Gooners clinging to the hope that the Arsenal transfer rumours about Alexis Sanchez wanting to leave know that the chances are not in our favour.

Even worse than losing the Chilean would be for him to sign for a direct Premier League rival and that is looking increasingly likely, but let us just take a step back for a moment and look at what Alexis joining Man City would really mean.

Aguero is already feeling a bit unwanted there and it seems clear that Pep Guardiola is not his biggest fan and only played him in the latter part of the season because of the injury to Gabriel Jesus so where would signing Alexis leave him?

This is one of the best and most consistent strikers in the Premier League and he would certainly be appreciated at Arsenal. No messing about who is first choice here Sergio. A supply line from the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and all. The London life. Plenty of players and a boss who speaks your language.

I reckon Wenger needs to get serious about this don’t you?

Sam P.


  1. We don’t need Aguero! We have Walcott, Welbeck and Giroud. Let’s focus on the talent we have and how to get the best out of it rather than on bringing yet more players in. We already have the most talented squad in the league. We need to now stick together and enjoy the success this squad will bring!

    1. Can I get a Booo form the Rewind Selector Crew,
      Dj Payslip On the ones & twos, serving it up and dishing it out.
      The same old ??, without a doubt.

    2. We don’t need Aguero if we land Lacazette to complement Sanchez. However, if Sanchez is hell bent on a Pep reunion, prizing Aguero off Man Shitty in exchange would be good business. Losing a £50m asset for free in 12 months when that sum can be reinvested in the squad would be a shame.
      RVPayslip should know Welbecks finishing is poor. Giroud cant top 16 PL goals, and Walcott cant play centrally. The last player to bag 25 PL goals in Arsenal colours was RVP. Aguero has that pedigree even when injured.

  2. Sam, you’re tripping on two things mate.
    1) Aguero playing for Arsenal.
    2) Cazorla being fit enough to play for Arsenal again.
    You must be smoking the same delusional ?? as REtard- Source.

    Man, Even the transfer mill has gone very quiet on reporting Arsenal rumours. Yet, some crack head on here is still declaring that Lacazette and Lemar have already signed and posed for photos in our new away kit. Jeez.

    1. If Re-Source is wrong, then he’s wrong, and he’s as accurate as every other “source” here in the silly-season that is the transfer window.

      But what if he’s right? Was the name calling then really worth it?

      I agree with you though on Aguero, though likely for different reasons. Aguero doesn’t do it for me — seems a bit too selfish and make runs/plays usually with only one person in mind. I also, sadly don’t know that we’ll see Santi again, which is a real shame, as he is a brilliant technician on the ball and I really enjoyed watching him wriggle outta tight spaces and keep possession circulating or spring attacks.

      Odd times to be a gooner. Uncertain times. Sad times?

      1. Have a day off from trying to be a Good Samaritan ??

        Firstly, this RE-Source fellow first popped on to the scene with hashtag messages calling Muff diver a muppet and calling me a twat lol he is obviously an undercover regular in ass-O mode. ??

        Secondly lol ?? Arsenal were already in negotiations with Lacazette and Lemar when this wannabe started claiming that they were both done deals with photos an all. ?? and there’s no forking way that these players have already signed for us, so what’s with this “what if his right” bull?? Our kits get leaked out every year and your telling me that there isn’t going to be a leaked photo doing the rounds of our supposedly secret signings? ??Get the Fork out of here! ? ? even Wengers secret confessions gets leaked out from his so called close friends, god dam it. Yet your still debating that some REtard – Source could be right? ??

        1. hahahaha, fair enough. I wasn’t aware that he was in fact the aggressor. Should that be true, then yeah he deserves all the ridicule that is coming his way.

          That said, man don’t let him be right about his proclamations…….

          1. why you sucking up to him. If you’ve been on this site for longer than a day you’ll see that Gooney is always full of put downs to anyone that he disagrees. Idiotic quips, insults he’s all over anyone who’s ideas and opinions he doesn’t like.

            Considerably rude and obnoxious but he seems to get away with it whilst others get blocked or unless they suck up to him !

            He’s not the oracle or fountain of all knowledge footballing or otherwise so don’t be taking his crap

  3. The chances will always favor the selling club,it’s only that in our case we don’t show ambition. As much as I would really like Aguero at Arsenal, it would not be at the expense of losing Sanchez, and most importantly not to ManCity. Can we just stop selling our best players & start by selling our deadwood & inconsistent ones?

  4. Wouldn’t mind that one bit. Just, I don’t see it happening. I do see Sanchez leaving for City clear as day, though. It’s just the Aguero thing doesn’t seem likely enough. I’m more of an opinion that he’d end up in PSG. He’ll live in a beautiful city and play at a club that’s ready to meet his huge wage demands. I hope he understands he won’t get a chance to win UCL in his career anymore. 🙂

  5. Get rid of Wellbeck , jack , wallcott gibbs we won’t win nothing with theses as they would not get in any top team

  6. I have been arguing the same on here Sam. I am in total agreement. I do think that time is of the essence though. The more time we allow for other clubs to wake up to the possible availability of Aguero the more chance we will fail to convince him to join.

  7. Buy Leon Goretzka. He is the new Lothar Matthäus. Definitely a future world class player.

  8. Any news on kendrick?

    I was expecting these two to arrive. Confetti shooting out of the boobs of female arsenal fans everywhere.

  9. One fact some of our fans who keep mentioning the names of players we should buy don’t realize is the fact that we need to first of all be sure of who we are offloading before considering adding players. The fact that we are not in the UCL means we need to reduce our squad. And we need to keep the key British players we have in other to preserve our British quota. With the signing of Kolasinac signalling the exit of Gibbs, selling Walcott will be an issue especially as Ox case is 50-50.

  10. Even if that happens we still need to improve our attack. Swapping Alexis for Aguero is basically giving our WC winger for WC striker. We would have our CF sorted out but need to improve our Wingers too. We will need players like Mahrez and Lemar to improve our midfield

    But again, I don’t see City giving us Aguero anyway. Aguero makes around £220,000 per week. We could improve that but City would not want to lose a world class striker

    I fear that we will sell Alexis to City for cash.

  11. Much as Kun is a top class striker, he’s becoming injury prone as he’s gotten older and do we need to fill the physio room more now that Diaby is gone and Jack is probably going to be moved on?

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