Why Arsenal will start Giroud against Bournemouth?

The decision by Arsene Wenger to start the France international striker Olivier Giroud for Arsenalñ against PSG this week may not have worked out, but I think that the big man will be in the starting line up again this weekend when Arsenal play host to Eddie Howe´s Bournemouth side.

For one thing I think we cannot blame the struggles we had against the French champions on Giroud. He hardly got any service and to be fair he did quite well. It was the whole team performance that was poor and although I have seen some in the football press suggesting that part of the problem was the set up of our attack, the game on Sunday is not likely to be a similar sort of affair.

At home against the Cherries in the Premier League I expect Arsenal to dominate possession and be faced with a deeper lying defence and that is more suited to Giroud´s abilities. Not only is the centre forward in a rich vein of form though, because another issue is what to do about Alex Iwobi.

The young Gunner was clearly feeling down after his part in the second PSG goal and the boss has suggested that he could maybe do with some time out of the spotlight, so it would make sense to play Giroud through the middle and Alexis Sanchez on the left.

Do you think Wenger will hand Giroud another start this Sunday?


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  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think Wenger will play Alexis up front with Iwobi on the left
    Giroud will come off the bench

    Whether Wenger will start Ramsey on right or central or not at all…God and Wenger only knows

    1. bran99 says:

      Ramsey should stay on the bench and see how the team performs. I don’t know if it’s the November effect or what, but since this guy came back, nothing works anymore

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That’s bs, when he first came in he got assists and actually helped out. He was arguably the best player in both halves against psg. He helped gain a point, a point that we didn’t deserve at utd. So he came back before nov and we haven’t lost even though we prob should’ve, but because we don’t win in this month it’s his fault somehow. You should report on what you see, not on how you feel. I read the Ramsey comments up to and into the psg game, then I payed close attention to see if they were right or going to be right, Ramsey didn’t put a foot wrong. Alexis kept over-hitting crosses, Ozil was almost non existent. Jenk wasted everything. Coquelin kept putting us in danger. Mustafi’s head just didn’t seem at it enough. Iwobi was a bit frustrating. Then I said to myself whenever they played a wrong ball or move, if this was Ramsey he’d get slaughtered. I suggest you watch the first 30-40 minutes of that match back. Then tell me who’s fault it was our rhythm couldn’t get going.

  2. Twig says:

    Giroud will start. Sanchez hasn’t done as well as CF as I had hoped. Unlike Messi, Tevez or Aguero it seems a little bit too easy to push Sanchez off the ball sometimes.

  3. josh37 says:

    Giroud is one of the very few players who deserves to undoubtedly keep his place after PSG. No way we walked away with a point without his incessant pressing that caused multiple opportunities, one of which he coolly finished off with the penalty.
    Love him or hate him, when he’s in form he gets goals. I’d like to see Xhaka in for one of Coquelin or Ramsey and Walcott or Chambo in for Iwobi.

  4. Dee@ease says:

    Arsenal fans are quick to say Giroud is on form but to be honest he’s better as a sub,every time he starts he puts in a typical woeful Giroud performance of slowing up our play!

  5. ger burke says:

    i am by no means a giroud fan , but, he does score goals for us , so i say play him from the start . right now , he almost guarantees us a goal in a game .

  6. Jansen says:

    We know it will be a hard game if we start Giroud and Ramsey. We had great results with Alexis, Theo and Iwobi upfront. Take Theo and Iwobi out and replace them with Ramsey and Giroud and we become last years team and we all know that was toothless.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    What I think about this month is that it shows our mentality. We are said to be a little weak mentally for the top honors. Losing our focus in this month, coming second in the group again, probably just shows us we aren’t strong enough mentally to just ignore what’s being said about us. We brought in Xhaka to help, but it’s taking time, Mustafi looks like he might be a leader, but not during this month when we needed it. Also you need more than one or two talkers, you need your big players to impress and make things happen. Ozil has been very poor during this month, Alexis has dropped a little off but he plugs away. Koscielny has been a little error prone. Cech has been good and prob why we haven’t lost. We’ll need to get allot better because there’s still the final hurdle we need jumping over, I’d have to have my doubt’s about this team jumping that hurdle after what Iv seen. Although, we haven’t lost the since first day, so it’s not all negative.

  8. FrenchieGunner31 says:

    Giroud is made to be a super sub ! Just look at how Sanchez did against PSG when he was forced back to the wing ! I’m french and I think Giroud should be sub ! We need that pace on the front, I think we could have easily won against PSG if it was Iwobi – Alexis – Walcott

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