Why Arsenal would prefer Man City over Liverpool today

Although I and every other Arsenal fan will be hoping for all of our main Premier League rivals to drop points over the next couple of days, a look at the fixtures and a dose of realism suggests that Chelsea will beat Stoke, Man United will beat Middlesborough and Tottenham will beat Watford.

At least the other two, Liverpool and Man City, are facing each other at Anfield later today and so both cannot take maximum points. With both currently ahead of the Gunners, Klopp’s team by three points and Guardiola’s by two, it would be ideal for Arsenal if this match was drawn.

If not, though, I reckon we should be hoping for an away win for Man City. That is because I am more worried about Liverpool going on the sort of run that saw them so nearly claim the title a few years ago under Brendan Rogers. Just like this season, they had no European football to contend with that year and I do not think it is a coincidence that both Liverpool and Chelsea are looking stronger this season without those midweek games.

The scousers are already in good form and you can tell from the interview in the Daily Telegraph with their captain Jordan Henderson that there is a good feeling at the club and so we could do without them getting the confidence boost of beating Man City today.

So let’s hope for a draw that does not help either side too much, shall we? But if there is to be a winner, do you agree that for Arsenal it would be better if it was City?



  1. Wayne Barker says:

    I am more worried about the team that is just behind us, Manchester United. Their football looks much better to ours and unfortunately for us they are converting thosee good performance into 3 points. we cannot afford to drop points. Drop more points we could very well be 6th soon. Rather than talking about title we should first create a gap between us and them.

  2. Franko says:

    I would prefer Liverpool to keep winning. You don’t want London Dry Gin boys to be 9 point above the 2nd placed team.

  3. HA559 says:

    Rather Liverpool to win, to keep the pressure on the leaders. If the gap opens too much they will go into all the big games especially away, defending from the start knowing even if they lose they still hold a big lead.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That’s a good point mate. Feels like a lose lose type of situation.

  4. Onochie says:

    Why don’t some Arsenal fans mind their business first? Every of our rivals plays before our game,so it is a massive pressure on us to win,and you know we are not too good at handling pressure. Am more worried about our game and prefer us winning,I don’t care what Man city vs Liverpool plays because it would mean nothing if we fail to win tomorrow,draw is not even acceptable.

  5. sanmi.marvellous says:

    We the fans, the arsenal sites, arsenal bloggers are thinking same way: sore losers.
    we turn ourselves to mathematics and probability students every season. ‘if’ Jack Wilsere’s Burnemouth help ‘us’ to hold Chelsea and Stoke city beat United….. Nonsense and losers thinking.
    Until we start thinking like winners and learn how to do our jobs without waiting for ‘assist’, we can’t be champions.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    this post just irritates me, why would a draw between Liverpool n City be good, that ll only cement Chelsea as title-winners n the rest of us fight for 2nd spot.
    If we want to win the league, the key is first for Chelsea to lose it n how ll they lose it when there is no pressure on them.
    that’s why we needed the closest team to them to win to keep the pressure on them n not draw thereby increasing their point gap from 6 to 8.
    and it’s a very good thing Liverpool won.

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