Why Arsenal’s defeat at Everton was Wenger’s fault

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comThere has been much wringing of hands after a tired Arsenal side were bullied into defeat by a battling Everton side on Tuesday. And as Arsene Wenger said after the game: “…I think we have to look at ourselves. We lost the game because I feel we started well and after that maybe we lost a bit of urgency because we were a bit too comfortable and then Everton made it very physical…..”

He then went on to explain “…You can lose football games, especially in an atmosphere like that and especially as well when you play so many games. We played five of the six games away from home, we had to play the Champions League on Tuesday, we had a difficult game on Saturday. We have to come here straight away again on Tuesday, I think Champions League teams have a little bit of a more difficult schedule.”

So Wenger basically blames too many games and tiredness of his players, well that is exactly the reason that this defeat is all down to Wenger!

The weekend before we played at Stoke and won, and yes four days later we went to Basel, and Wenger very sensibly made seven changes to the side the freshen them up, and they played awesomely, and won that game very easily 4-1.

So why on Earth did Wenger only make one (enforced) change for the Everton game, when we had all those fresh legs sitting on the bench? I thought the whole point of having a big talented squad to cope with all these games, is so that you use them when needed?

Perez scored a hat-trick in Switzerland, but hasn’t started the next two games. How does that make sense? Gibbs could have replaced Monreal. Elneny could have replaced Xhaka. Holding could have given Koscielny a rest. Need I go on? We have more than enough top players in the squad to use fresh legs when we have games too close together. That is the point. That is why this defeat is all Wenger’s fault and no-one elses!

Darren P


  1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

    Stop with the overreacting.
    If we win at the Etihad, which I think we can and will do, everyone will quit blaming wenger and the players. Same old Arsenal “fans”, the most deluded lot of fans in the world.
    So up and down for no reason, season is not over and will not be over until May.

    1. bran99 says:

      “season is not over and will not be over until May”, i think this applies to us only, when we are leading the table by Dec, Jan or Feb. but with Chelsea, I can say the season could be over, they normally don’t falter like we always do. we could lead the table by March and end up 4th come May, that has been a trend for years and the article is spot on, only one man is capable of this

  2. rahul says:

    Don’t know how people can drive joy by belittling our own players and coach. Disgraceful!!
    The team put in by Wenger was good enough to win the game. It was just an off day where we could not impose our usual game. And FYI, Arsenal does not have any birth right to win all the games.. the opposite teams are equally focussed and play to win. Its 11 vs 11… Be a sport!!!

  3. Hilz says:

    And if wenger had made the changes u are talking about and we still lost? You would still have blamed wenger wouldn’t you? Its always Wenger to blame right? #SMH

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    I thought we should be focusing on man c game…

    Let’s move on already. Sad to have lost to Everton but we shouldn’t moan forever.

    Up next Manc. Come on boys!

  5. Twig says:

    “Perez scored a hat-trick in Switzerland, but hasn’t started the next two games. How does that make sense?”

    Some people never learn 🙂 Have you forgotten Podolski’s goals in the champions league some years ago, and still he didn’t get to play in the EPL? It’s not new bro. Perez should have started in place of either Walcott or OX, end of.

  6. ras911 says:

    All i want to see is the same people insulting Wenger and the players when we lose, praise them when we win because i see a lot of you go quiet when we win but pounce on your keyboards when we lose, simply disgraceful.

    OT: Did anybody see the nasty comments on social media targeting Iwobi because his shot was blocked in the last seconds of the game? Somebody went as far as telling him to ”Go back to Nigeria”. We have got to have some of the most fickle fans ever, simply shameful and disgraceful.

  7. Koss says:

    Wenger simply has got no clue how to beat koeman, end of discussion. He hasn’t lost to pep in England and i hope he won’t this weekend. COYG

  8. Franko says:

    A manager should always put out the best 4 players upfront who are most capable percentage-wise of getting the goals and assists. Would you say Walcot or OX are better than Perez when it comes to that?

    1. Midkemma says:

      I would say Theo is currently ahead of Perez, averaging 1 goal in 2 games from the right, not bad so far huh?

      I do feel Wenger should have subbed Ox sooner and brought on Perez instead and in all honesty… Ozil was disappointing and could have been dragged off as well.

      The players that started should have been more than capable of winning the game, the players need to take a look at themselves and give themselves a slap across the face to wake up. They let us all down.

      Wenger can only react after the kickoff and if a player isn’t performing then I wish he would act quicker, Ox was so frustrating that I nearly broke the TV in frustration yet Wenger was sat there chilled out… WTF o.O

      So basically…
      Us fans was let down by the whole of Arsenal FC.

  9. NY_Gunner says:

    Hindsight is 20/20…

    1. Jimbeam says:

      And with those original words of wisdom came the end of all punditry. 🙂

      1. NY_Gunner says:


  10. Reuben Joel says:

    One frustrating things that I think wenger is still too stubborn to change is the time he subs. Everyone saw dat ox and Theo wer ineffective all game den y nt remove dem sooner thereby improving energy levels. Wats with the 71′ change and later he complains about fatigue.

  11. TR7 says:

    this is footbal and we are in the mighty EPL where even managers that pple said can not lose games get beaten 4-1 by Leicester City, so it wasn’t our day. Lets focus on da next game without blame games.

    1. bran99 says:

      4-2, and Pep is new. Ours is the most expirienced in the EPL and still can’t organize a team based on the opponents, can’t even motivate the team when we are losing, just always locking horns with the 4th official

  12. summerbreez says:

    It was hotting up just at the end of the first half Mr wenger should have put in perez and geroud to mount the pressure on everton straight up at the second half how the second half deteriorate ending up loosing the match he tried to fix it but was to late MR wenger most adapt quickly to the game environment and find fixes rabidly to control the game environment to avail success

  13. Onochie says:

    Darren P the Writer,how can you say our players were tired? Didn’t everton also played a game last weekend? I believe in fairness,but fans here saying that we shouldn’t shout at our players when we lose is very wrong. You need to re-watch that match,if we had been playing well and Everton got lucky on those goals,it would have been better,but we just dropped off,started showing nonchalant attitudes in an important game under wenger’s watch. It is totally unacceptable,Wenger sat down and was looking at his players not performing,isn’t he suppose to get up and shout out them? Letting them know he’s unhappy with their performance on the pitch? At a point when Giroud came on, Sanchez was isolated and he got into good positions,yet nobody game him a pass. Wenger giving excuses after the game,maybe he wants the refs to target him

  14. ken2 says:

    he doesn’t have to beat koeman, this was the perfect scapegoat for the everton dutch coach to cover over the cracks with just 2 win out of 9. had he lost that statistic would have been used to clobber him over the head with.

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