Why Arsene Wenger will NOT sign Zlatan Ibrahamovich

Ibrahimovich unlikely to join Arsenal while Wenger is here‏

Hello guys! So after Zlatan Ibrahimovic put Chelsea to the sword and once again displayed that he is one of the best strikers in Europe in addition to his comments, where he remained coy on his future, with his contract running out this summer, a lot of rumours have started about where he’d arrive and England looks like the destination.

Wenger always talks stuff like there’s nobody better than what we have available, but Zlatan would walk into any of English top sides even at 34 and make their strikers look like amateurs. Same is with Arsenal! He’d be a fantastic addition! A born champion, pure class, excellent technique for a tall CF, physically strong, he’d take the league by storm!

But that won’t be in Arsenal colours if it happens. Why? He’s 34 and we all know Wenger’s policies about older players (despite the fact we keep an old manager and board who are way past it!). Even if we ignore this factor, Wenger just doesn’t like characters.

We’ve missed a strong character in the dressing room since Vieira and Henry left. Ibrahimovic is a beast! He says bad things whenever he wants and he doesn’t care! He said that Guardiola, one of Europes most successful managers, is not a man! That’s a strong statement!

I mean do you see Wenger, who ignores anything anybody says, will take such a person in his dressing room? The Arsenal boss is a dictator who’s greed for power have no limits. Putting such a strong personality like Ibra isn’t like his style. And Arsene will of course have an excuse like wage demands, which will no doubts be high, the fact Ibra is old and the fact he can’t compete with the likes of Leicester and their money!

Despite this being a great opportunity it will be missed, just like the EPL title.


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  1. Well, if Arteta, Flamini and Walcott sod off, that would release a weekly wage of around 300k a week. Ibra and replacements would fit anywhere in that figure easily. That transfer would ensure Ozil and Sanchez signing new contracts and Arsenal actually competing for the title.
    But then, reality check and we see a pay rise for Theo and contract extensions for the geriatric department being a much more probable option than what I’ve just dreamed up.

    1. With Walcott’s huge salary, it will be hard to sell him now. I have nothing against Theo but he is making close to what Mesut and Alexis makes which is ridiculous. If he scored lots of goals I would not care.

  2. Tbh we don’t need to risk buying another player above 30, we already had enough of those and with Arsenal’s injury record it’s not a good idea. We should go for someone young who will displace some of the overrated players we have. Need two midfielders, one CB and one back-up LW. We also need a CF but unfortunately Wenger won’t sell Theo so we can forget about that.

    1. Sign up ibra and let him do his own thing. World class for 10+ years, he’ll adapt his own game to arsenes without risking injury. There are only two issues: does wenger still have the pride to refuse to sign ibra after he rejected wenger back inbefore ibra went to Ajax, and is ibra willing to play for wenger after that event? I say no to both…

  3. I agree, but I am in the hope also that Ibras talents are so brilliant that Wenger would think twice on the matter. I know that Arsene would have little appeal for a character such as Zlatan but what he offers might just outweigh the dislike. Also it is not like he has to put years and years of work into the player as he will want him for an instant impact. Having said that, I highly doubt Arsene will really try for him, he will want value in years and sell on fee. I do still have some hope though with him doing something like this before ..Davor Suker.

  4. Are we that desperate we need to be talking about a disruptive, loud, obnoxious yet still amazing over the hill striker to prop up our miserable season?

    As has been said, get rid of the dead wood and rebuild…and that includes Walcott (never rated him), Flamini, Arteta AND Wenger.

    1. @mark
      Exactly…Regardless of his talent, dude is a 1st class nimrod. He got angry at Pepsi, because he was told he slowed down Barca’s game and that he had to up his work rate. Thats why he only lasted a season before being shipped out to Milan…

  5. Imagine signing ibra as a player with a contract conversion to coach the juniors when he hits a certain age, as well as really going all in on academy development. Getting the best talents in the world, coached by Henry and Ibra, we’d be developing superstrikers on a conveyer belt. Atletico madrid who???

  6. Not Ibra not nobody else the deluded will stick to his players and the delusion he will win next year….was sad to see him celebrate the goals against Hull, just like he was beating Barcelona

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