Why Arteta wants Saliba to spend more time out on loan

Mikel Arteta is looking to send William Saliba out on loan to a Championship team this summer for a variety of reasons, ESPN claims.

The Spaniard didn’t sign the French youngster, but the 19-year-old has earned a lot of plaudits and he was expected to walk straight into the Arsenal first-team when he joined this club this summer following a season out on loan at Saint Etienne.

He was so well talked about that fans have been baffled that he isn’t playing for the club yet.

ESPN has revealed that he is set to be sent out on loan again this season because Arteta thinks he needs to learn to defend setpieces better and also to know when to make a tackle instead of just diving into one.

He was supposed to make a return to Saint Etienne on loan before the transfer window closed, but that deal wasn’t completed on time and he will have to join an English team now.

The report claims that Brentford and Watford are interested in signing him.

Saliba has been seen as the long-term partner of Gabriel Magalhaes who also joined Arsenal this summer and he will hope to make a good enough impression on Arteta when he moves out on loan.

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  1. Arteta thinks he needs to learn to defend setpieces better and also to know when to make a tackle instead of just diving into one.

    I love his thoughts. But if MA plays with 343, sometimes using LB/RB as CB. We still need at least 4 natural CBs. Which is Luiz, Holding, Gabriel, and … Mari??? Can we rely on Mari?

  2. This doesn’t make much sense to me. So we have splashed close to $30M on this talented youngster only to find out he needs to improve on set pieces and tackling. Did we not know this from our scouting reports?
    And why do we believe other Clubs, especially Watford and Brentford, are better able to meet his development needs. Why not just send him to Klopp, Guardiola or even Mourinho, for that matter. Certainly, they would be better coaches for our young prospect.
    I hear we are now targeting another 19 year old prospect Dominik Szoboszlai. Will he be sent on loan too to perfect his free kicks and corners?
    One of the reasons cited by the club for signing older players like Luiz and Willian, was to mentor young players and help in their development.
    Are we asking too much of the senior players, coaches and team managers?

    1. Following your argument, all loans are pointless. When put under the pressure of regular competitive game time, your flaws are exposed for all to see and improvements made in training can be implemented weekly at high levels. This is the purpose loans serve and the rationale behind loaning Saliba.

    2. It makes complete sense. You don’t seem to understand the purpose of loaning a player out to develop. Your comment about sending a player to Klopp, Guardiola or Mourinho is embarrassing. Those coaches don’t develop young players. They manage developed players.
      Saliba won’t develop if he doesn’t play in matches which he never would for those managers. Arteta did not choose this player. He obviously sees things that the other Arsenal fools did not when they decided to waste money on him. That’s why those fools are gone now.

      1. Apart from Elneny, can you name one Arsenal player who has benefitted from a loan spell. As a matter of fact, we terminated Nketia’s deal with Leeds prematurely because if failed. And how do you explain significant developments in Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah, without reference to the coach? One last point, can you image drafting Lebron James as the No. 1 draft pick, and two year later deciding to send him down to NBA development league. This is, in fact, what we are doing to our prospect.

  3. Why did we even sign this player then if he can’t play. Is he worse than Holding? Mari? Sums him up then. Can we get our money back from Saint-Ettiene? Lille ripped us off with Pepe and now Saint Ettiene have done it again. Thank goodness we fired Raul. He was worse than Gazidis × infinity.

  4. None of us had seen him train at colney, i believe arteta have a standard he expect. I mean i watched the kid during one of our preseason games, he was shaky and lacked composure , i thought maybe first game syndrom, perhabs mikel had seen enough to analyse him.

    Look we all need to understand that mikel, aint a surgeon, teacher or lawyer but a professional licensed coach! He aint a wanna be.

    We need to respect his decisions as he operates in his area of speciality as we all does in our places of work!

    I mean for wanna be coaches in here, please go pick a local team, win atleast a county cup or something.


  5. Would any team play two players under 20 years old in the centre of defence? He will come good and be a star eventually, patience my loves, the hype placed on players these days gives fans far to much expectation.

  6. I can feel sorry for Saliba to have been in a situation where the French league didn’t finish and to also suffer a close family bereavement-both of which have curtailed his development. I think he had some injuries too so last season was a bit of a write off.
    That said, he has been with Arsenal for 3 months and if he’s not ready to take on the EPL then a loan spell, near to the Arsenal set up could prove useful – Watford being ideal in that regard
    I wouldn’t be sending him off to be coached by our rivals though. Fancy him going off to Spurs for a season – God forbid!

  7. Aside Gabriel and maybe holding which of our defenders can defend set pieces… Only Gabriel can tackle confidently, so I don’t buy this excuse….. Sorry

  8. To the doubters,how many 19 year old centre backs are currently first team picks in the EPL?.Need I say more?Even Soyunco at Leicester spent his first season on the sidelines ,and he is 24, and has proved to be a very fine defender.Other talented CBs such as Joe Gomez and Ben White are both 23.Arteta knows what he is doing.

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