Why Aubameyang’s official announcement has been delayed

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is expected to become a Barcelona player, but they are unable to announce his signing from Arsenal.

The Gabon international fell out with manager Mikel Arteta in December, before being dropped from the playing squad and stripped of the captaincy.

After seven weeks without a competitive outing, he is now believed to have agreed a deal to join Barcelona, but with the Spanish giants not believed to be paying any transfer fee, they have to wait for Arsenal to release him from his contract before they can sign him.

There isn’t expected to be any issues in the deal, but the paperwork just appears to not have been completed as of yet, and Aubameyang has already enjoyed his first training session with his new club.

Football.Espanya adds that he cannot be announced until it is made official that Arsenal have released him on their end first, adding that they Spanish side will be keen to wrap this up quickly in hope of having him available to make his debut against Atletico Madrid this weekend.

I don’t expect Arsenal to fall through with their end of the bargain, as the saving on his wages will be quite sizeable, but I wouldn’t put it past us to string it out if they can.

Do you think Arsenal could renege on the deal?


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  1. One of the leagues best hounded out because of a manager who cannot get the best out of the players at his disposal and embarrassed by the club because of some ego tripping man management.
    Shame how far this club as fallen over the last 5 years ..SIGH ..

    1. I guess we know soon enough, Dan. If Auba goes there and performs like he did last year and scores goals then I guess there may be some raised eye brows in MA’s direction. I sincerely hope he doesn’t, though!

      1. So if Auba starts scoring goals for Barca it’s MA fault for Auba not scoring for Arsenal? What happened to professionalism and £350K a week salary Arsenal was paying him

        1. What happened to getting the best out of your players and making scape goats just to appease you’re employees Tas

            1. Auba is almost 33 years old he shouldn’t need motivating he should motivate younger players that’s why he was made a captain and if £350K a week don’t motivate you 5hen you don’t have any business playing football

              1. Should t the manager motivate every player regardless of their age Though TaS ?
                How is it that he was a super star with numbers better than Henry and on par with Kane and kuni before Arteta came here or is that just his fault and noting to do with the magician.

      2. If what we have seen in past one year , that is not going to happen … He was not interested and lazy on the pitch .. lost his first touch and clinical finishing skills

      1. Cheers Alan you really gave it you’re all in you’re reply ,I cannot wait for the next instalment mate 👍👍

  2. I don’t think there is anything to renege.

    We terminated his contract by mutual consent. He’s a free agent. If for some reason he doesn’t sign for Barcelona he is free to go anywhere. Nothing Arsenal could do about it evening the very unlikely event they wanted to …

  3. How’s about, with only Laca and Eddie N

    Arteta can now play a “False Nine”, so he can get some experience before he goes to City.

    Just Joking, or was I?

    What makes me say this: Well, we were chasing the two most expensive forwards on the market.

    One did not want to come to Arsenal anyway, and we must have known that for some time. The other had a buyout clause of $70m, which we knew we could not afford.
    On top of that, we gave Auba away!!

    So Arteta must have known he would only have Eddie and Laca in the squad, as center forwards, for the rest of the season..

    Hence my comment about the “False 9”

  4. No PATRICK. Not a cat in hells chance of us failing to rid ourselves of this non trying self centred playboy.

    I say good riddance to him and am massively pleased he has already appeared in our shirt for the last ever time, for 100% certainty!

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