Why Bellerin should have replaced Chambers for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has come under attack in recent weeks over his Arsenal tactics. In fact, the Frenchman has been getting blasted for years on this website and one of the things that crops up as much or more than any other is his use of substitutes, or his lack thereof.

The Prof very rarely makes an early change or a significant tactical one, leading to calls that he has no plan B or simply that he is stubborn and refuses to change a plan he thinks is right, despite evidence to the contrary. And during the away game with Swansea City at the weekend, it seemed clear to everyone watching that Calum Chambers was having a torrid time at right back against the Swansea winger Jefferson Montero.

Some of the TV pundits suggested that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should have been detailed to protect the 19-year old, but that would have curbed his attacking play which was very good and actually led to our opening goal. Maybe after that he should have sat back for a while.

But for me there was another glaring option and one I think should have been taken from the start, Hector Bellerin. The Spaniard may be inexperienced but he has great pace and it was Montero’s pace that was destroying Chambers. And with Nacho Monreal struggling in the centre against the power of Bony and then Gomis, where their second goal came from, surely Chambers would have been a better bet.

So with one sub, Wenger could have solved the right back and central defence problems. And you never know, Arsenal may have held on to a lead for a change. Did Wenger miss a trick or do you think Bellerin may have fared even worse than Chambers?

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  1. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    Very true. He should use his subs more effectively. We need a plan b. Wenger should address that. Ok i can understand we lost the game! But repeating the same mistakes over and over again is unjustifiable and unbelievable from such a great manager.

    1. medvet says:

      He should………. nothing more to say, he never do

    2. KickAssFan says:

      One thing I badly hate is the way he sits back, folds his arms doing NOTHING but looking on with a face akeen to a feverish malaria patient.

      1. KickAssFan says:


      2. SoOpa AeoN says:

        @ kickassfan ……. And he keeps pulling a tiny string…..fear and worries is depicted by his facial appearance… Plus i hate the fact PUMA made him a new suit …. Wenger vexes me alot

    3. ArnSam says:

      Chambers is a central defender period. Monreal is a left back, Hector is a very good right back in fact the best we have right now and flamini is not a foot baller to me then wenger was just lucky he had a very good squad back then otherwise he is too clueless of what takes place on the pitch and what to do so as to achhieve a certain goal like say; keep a lead in 20minutes or win a game from nothing.

  2. KickAssFan says:

    The Miz (Monk) really outsmarted Wenger. Montero was just using Chambers badly, but Chambers really played his heart off and was far more involved in the game and more determined than Matesecker and Monreal.

    One basic tool Montero used to roast Chambers is pace. We all could see something urgently needed to be done, but not Wenger. Indeed Hector should have been brought on since he is much quicker. Sincerely, Chambers is tall and strong and good on the ball too, I just think he’d make a better CB and a DM than a RB.

  3. LOL123 says:

    everyone who saw that match could figure that out

  4. KickAssFan says:

    Arsene VS. Merson

    I just love this. So Wenger says he does not value the opinion or comment made by a person that’s not managed a club before? Eh? I know Arsene was quite referring to Paul Merson, but that may just include everybody out there, the fans too.

    However, I’m not worried becuz I know someone whose opinion Wenger must value becuz this person has managed several clubs and won trophies that Wenger can only dream of; I give you…………………………………………..Maureen!!! Yes, Maureen of CFC and I’m sure Wenger does know what Maureen thinks of him: SIF (Specialist In Failure). Factually, Wenger has really shown that he’s very skilled in failing.
























    #NuffSaid #Word

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      What’s with all the stupid line breaks forcing visitors to the site to scroll and scroll to pass your comment?

      1. KickAssFan says:

        My apologies

      2. Big Gun says:

        It is something a child would do which explains the notion to want Wenger sacked right now instead of exercising some faith and patience till the January window. I can see it happening, Wenger gets sacked, we get a new manager, new manager loses a couple of games, these idiots want him sacked too right away and so the cycle continues.

        1. SaveArsenal says:

          How can you still have any faith in Wenger?
          He has been failing for years and I have personally wanted him gone for 4 yrs, no childish knee jerk reaction.

          You appear to stick up for him even when he is wrong and simply deny he has done anything wrong.
          Wenger hasn’t lost “a couple of games” he has won one single solitary away game against top 4 opposition in the last 5 seasons: 4 points from a possible 45, is that a couple of games?.
          The games he lost or drew this season, we would have had a good chance of wining with the right tactics, injuries or not there was enough talent in the squad and with the right tactics and motivation they would have won those games.

  5. SaveArsenal says:

    Everyone knows this to be fact but with Wenger in place this will not change.
    Our decline will not halt, it will increase and we now stare the real danger of losing our best player; Sanchez.
    He has looked so disheartened in the last few games and I would not be surprised if, now that he has seen Wenger’s work close up, he submitted a transfer request in January and cut his losses.

    Fans need to get behind this and demand Wenger’s resignation.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      I think, of a truth, Wenger is just outrightly clueless, it’s not just that he is deliberately stubborn.

  6. cheeterspotter says:

    Is Wenger the worst substituter of players in football.Him and his assistant sit their like two old boys on a park bench oblivious to what’s going on on the pitch and just before its time to go home for a cup of tea and a pee send somebody on only because they’ve woke up and realised we’re losing.

  7. GoonerG1 says:

    Bellerin was the obvious move many commenters have been calling for long before the Swansea game. Bellerin should start against United (but he won’t, unless Monreal or Gibbs gets hurt).

    The infuriating thing about this is that Jenkinson was sent out on loan. When that move happened, I was certain it meant another defender was going to be signed. When no defender was signed, I interpreted it to mean Wenger preferred Bellerin to Jenkinson. No apparently, Wenger thought two backup defenders (Monreal and Chambers) were adequate to back up all 4 positions. Pure madness!

    Monreal is going to get abused over and over again in the air (starting with the United game). It will be like the movie Groundhog Day. But don’t expect Wenger to make any changes.

  8. Sango says:

    Arsene Moyes.

  9. davidnz says:

    Arsenal was leading 1-0.
    No need to make changes.
    The team was just not good
    enough to see out the 90.
    Arsenal has really only been outplayed by Chelsea.
    We “could” have won every other game.
    I am confident this team has another two gears yet
    so believe top 4 EPL and 1/4 final ECL is still very possible.

  10. Adienl says:

    When you give your all lose, it will be appreciated.
    Wenger is not doing that simply because his decisions are not questioned by those who can fire him. He has become averse to accepting a second opinion too.
    He’s been playing players out of position for some years now. Even if is costing the whole team, yes even then. It means that he’s out there to satisfy his whims; maybe not 10 years back but since the past 5 years, yes.

    Those supporting Wenger are in a state of learned helplessness. They have accepted that top 4 is the best we can do and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Hence they are too scared to see a change or make a change for that matter of fact. Top 4 is the comfort zone, and they will argue fallaciously that if wenger goes we will fall.
    Well, one thing is that unless you fall, you don’t rise. Then another thing which is obvious now is that Wenger cannot reliever based on his last 2 seasons. We haven’t played as a unit for at least 3 seasons now.
    Conclusion: There’s no way Wenger beyond this season, unless he wins the EPL or UCL. So let’s give him time till the end of this season, but the fans need to let the board know that they are capable of ruining their balance sheet. You hit where it hurts the most. Boycott Arsenal products for a while.

    1. Adienl says:

      *give your all..

    2. Adienl says:

      *give your all and lose…

  11. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    Well, atleast Alexis cant read English. So he can’t read the facts that Merson is saying about Wenger in the papers. If he could, he would really hate Wenger and start under performing

  12. CraigZWE says:

    Even Sanchez saw the problem and came from basically a LB position to asdist Chambers at RB, I think that’s when they scored.

    if your ST sees the problem and tried to do something how can Wenger not.

    during the game there were multiple posts by fans calling for Bellerin.

    I don’t blame Chambers, he gave everything that you could see.

    great article by the way.

  13. Tristan says:

    After watching those attacks on Chambers in the first half, I was not surprised at all when we conceded two goals in the end. we were lucky that we keep 0:0 in the first half. and it’s AW to be blamed. if he doesn’t trust Bellerin, he shall not put him in the squad in the first place. It’s a waste! Clearly Chambers can not keep up the pace with Montero. but AW is not stubbon at all, but he gambled and failed.

  14. Bobshinery1 says:

    Thank God Wilshere didnt play our last two matches, if not, people would have call for his head. If Wilshere was in Chambers shoes today, head will roll. Good that people now realise that Wenger and his tactics kills our game. E.g not subtituting Monreal for Bellerin.

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