Why BFG injury is NOT bad news for Arsenal

It now looks certain that the Arsenal vice-captain Per Mertesacker will have to sit out the next game for the Gunners. But even though our next match is the crucial top of the table Premier League clash with Chelsea, I still do not think that we need to worry too much about the loss of the German with a minor ankle problem, as reported by The Mirror.

Arsene Wenger really needs his players to give him a first win over Jose Mourinho, for the sake of confidence and removing any mental block that might be there as well as keeping Arsenal´s slim title hopes for this season alive. But I don´t think the loss of Mertesacker will be a big factor in this game and he should be fit again after this weekend..

For one thing I expect Chelsea to play a rear guard action while trying to break away and hit us on the counter attack. That will probably see our defenders quite high up the pitch and we all know that this sometimes leaves our BSG, Big Slow German, at risk of being exposed by the pace of players like Eden Hazard.

For another, it looks like the striker most likely to be fit for the visitors will be Loic Remy. The Frenchman may be talented and fast but he does not have the aerial ability and physical prowess of Drogba and Costa, against whom Mertesacker´s skills would have been most helpful.

Our new Brazilian centre back Gabriel has already proved himself to be a good signing and his extra pace could be vital on Sunday. Do you think he might even have got the nod from Wenger anyway?

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  1. Gunner says:

    wont be biting my nails for missing BFG, and with a bit of Luck Gabs could’ve scored his 1st goal for Arsenal in FA cup.
    Plus Gabs good omen – Played 7 won 7..

  2. Darwin says:

    I fear when Gabriel plays for us…. I fear FOR THE OPPOSITION players 😀

  3. muffdiver says:

    Wonder who will partner gabs in future seasons
    As kos an merts careers wind down
    Hector moreno? Otamendi?

    Chambers …whats his best position anyway?

    1. Usmanov says:

      …..Center Back!
      (See early season games)

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Chambers has been on official AFC website telling everyone that he is a CB. Think his RB excursions have been part planned, part through necessity – all part of his bedding in, evolution. CB will be a relative doddle for him when he does shift across – FBs are probably the most visibly exposed players on the pitch (second to GKs). I think he is a decent footballer who will make a very intelligent and solid CB – I think he showed the beginnings of this when he played in there at the beginning of the season. Wenger has spent £27M on CBs in the last year – would be stunned if he was looking to bring another in this year. Kos has at least another 3-4 years at the top level if he looks after himself, Gabs at 24 will surely cement his place, Merts – despite the dismay it will cause some has at least 2 years left to contribute as an experienced and solid back-up.

      1. Unionjack says:

        Chambers looks like he will turn out good. Hes only a lad and he seems ok at FB and CB. Koscielny and your BFG are in the same boat as our Ibranavic and Cahill. Tho Id be happy to replace Cahill tomorrow with Zouma. JT at 34 is still our best defender and Dave is rock solid at LB but should be a RB . Filipe Luis at 29 cost too much. But with a bit of luck we might manage to swap him back to Athleti with some dosh for Koke. But We need to sign another CB this summer. Gotta get Cahill out and get Zouma paired up. Id give anything for Varane and him together theyd be rock solid.

  4. Unionjack says:

    As a long time Chelsea season ticket holder I always like our games. Going on current form we shouldn’t really stand a chance but we do manage to dig in when needed and pull it off in the end.
    To be honest we dont really need to beat you. Its purely because of bragging rights and wanting to get the 2 wins needed out of the way quick.
    You lot are playing well right now so you shouldn’t really be worrying about missing 1 player compared to the ones youve had to go without earlier this season. We might be having to use one of the academy lads unless Dr Evs magic hands have done their job on Costas knee and Remys calf strain. Sadly I think Drogs legs and lung capacity might be too far gone even for Dr Eva but his heart is fine so if hes playing he loves going up against Arsenal eh.
    All I know is it should be a good game and I wouldn’t miss it no matter how much I was offered for my ticket. See you Sunday lads and may the best team win on the day.

    1. Gunner says:

      Look guys Hafiz owned up!!!!!

    2. arsenal369 says:

      it’s nice to hear a normal chelsea fan for once!

      1. Unionjack says:

        I actually know 1 or 2 normal Gooners too 😉

    3. NY_Gunner says:

      Good to see you back here dude. Appreciate your unbiased take on it. Considering…
      You know you’re Welcome anytime. See ya on Sun.

      1. Unionjack says:

        Cheers bruv. Appreciated 😉

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    With the injuries, there is a chance that Hazard will be playing up-front against us, so Mertesacker being injured actually benefits us. We’ll need pace at the back to deal with Hazard’s pace and movement whether up-front or on the wing, so Gabriel would be perfect for that.

    1. Usmanov says:

      I honestly do not even think any of that matters really.
      (see Koscielny penalty-winning tackle on Hazard to understand what I mean).

    2. Unionjack says:

      With our injuries we might even stick Solanke in

      1. themadhurata says:

        yeah I think you are right. mourinho isn’t much for the tinkering.

        1. Unionjack says:

          Thats the problem with playing a 1 striker system. We have been pretty lucky injury wise apart from Costa but having all 3 of them out at the same time who’d a thought it? And Solanke is an amazing kid, just really fresh and needs time in championship/PL on loan. . Could even stick Zouma up there lol The kids suprising.

  6. Saves a selection problem with the BFG being injured. the’d have put all fall down Haphazard on his case for sure. I will be keeping an eye on the Greater Portuguese Gob’s touchline antics throughout the game.He will be keeping one eye on the cameras making sure they catch his best side the egotistical basterd.

  7. FFFanatic says:

    Mertesacker Vs Good Counter Attack = Bad

    Thus I no worry for his injury. I doubt Wenger would have chosen to change it, but I don’t think it’s a biggy. Of all the players in the team, he is the one player I could see dropping out as not a problem.

  8. lalitsyal says:

    Gabriel will now face the actual litmus test. I believe his ariel ability is good, plus he’s very speedy, so, right that, it’s not a bad moment to prove his worth and cement his place in the team.

  9. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I am really looking forward to this match. And for the first time in a while, I have a good feeling meeting Chelsea.
    2-1 victory for us.

    does anyone know the whereabouts of @SUMO ??
    Haven’t read from him for some time now. Hope he is fine with his family.

    1. davidnz says:

      Yes true.
      Where are you Sumo?
      Hope your ok mate.

  10. SoOpa AeoN says:

    gr8!……. Impressive!…….. 1st question…….. What’s a cheLski fan doing on an arsenal forum?……. He even got a registration…. If this ain’t for the purpose of TroLLing, then what is?…… Cuz i knw, on those bad days we had, u were one of those giggling , smiling inside of u and calling us a bunch of sh*theads

    1. Unionjack says:

      Bruv I used to go to watch you lot when we was playing away just to watch Cescy. I might bleed blue but I always give credit where its due and always appreciate good players and always want to win a game when the opposition is at their best. So no mate not a troller just giving a Blue point of view.

      1. Goonsquad8 says:

        Respect man

      2. themadhurata says:

        how cute is that? the Chelsea fans have given cesc fabregas a cute name “cescy” how adorable.

      3. fireworks says:

        @unionjack. You are the only unbiased chelsea fan i know. Maybe u could switch over and become a gooner just like fabregas and vanpersie did to us. Just saying though…….

        1. Unionjack says:

          Wouldnt go as far as saying I’m unbiased lol I ‘d give my left dangley for Chelsea. And I dont mind giving some banter back if i need to its just lifes too short to bitch whine and moan specially when I got enough to moan about with Chelsea!

    2. themadhurata says:

      it is fine. I guy can take an interest in another team other then his own. I take an interest in Liverpool and check out their forums.

      but to be honest I luv trolling them also. especially now.

  11. Unionjack says:

    Just on my way for a few Guinness before the game and wanted to stop by and wish everyone a good game and may the best team on the day win. Love and Peace lads.

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