Why can’t Arsenal buy both Ramsdale and Onana?

Ramsdale is Not Alone.

It is getting to that point where every Arsenal fan can see that Bernd Leno is no longer that goalkeeper for us. Ever since Martinez came in and we won the FA Cup and Community Shield, primarily because of his ability to pass out calmly and confidently from the back, Leno has lost his internal confidence as the starting No. 1 at this club. It is obvious that we deserve better.

The reports confirm that the hierarchy are thinking in similar ways, too. We have been heavily linked with new goalkeepers all summer. If Leno leaves, then we are left with no 1st or 2nd choice goalkeeper at the club. That means we must sign two new goalkeepers.

Aaron Ramsdale has been the most heavily-linked goalkeeper to the club. Only just 23, homegrown and having played 4 full seasons of senior football already, he is more than a capable 2nd choice. But fans are bothered by the talk of him replacing Leno. Obviously, he is talented but not so outstandingly that he comes in and replaces Leno at once. If he is going to be a second choice then, why spend so much on him?

The rumours that Arsenal are spending close to or possibly more than 30 million to acquire a second choice goalkeeper has unsettled the fanbase, especially when we haven’t done any major business in the rest of the team. It just doesn’t make any sense. Not until you realize that Arsenal are heavily linked to Andre Onana, too.

Andre Onana is a perfect upgrade on Leno. Much younger and one of the most impressive performers in the Champions League, Onana is the real deal. He is also famous for being in the Manuel Neuer mould. A swashbuckling sweeper who can rival Granit Xhaka in terms of passing into anywhere. And what more, he is available for as little as 10 million euros, maybe even less, with only a year on his contract left. Just perfect. Get him in, right?

Unfortunately, he is unable to play for anyone until the end of the year. Elsewhere, we have explored the pros and cons of signing him now for a fee versus getting him on a free release in January. The point however is that any team that gets Onana now can’t play him until the end of the year.

If this is true, then it makes signing Ramsdale now sensible and then adding Onana later. We’d be getting two young and great goalkeepers for very little, both of them homegrown.

We can have Ramsdale right now as a rotation option while getting Onana as Leno’s direct replacement later. Quite sensible to me.


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  1. or just Onana and get a relatively inexpensive back-up with decent ball handling skills for the short-term

    1. Are your really reading the article before posting a comment, pal??? I seriously doubt that now.

      “both of them homegrown.”
      Onana – Homegrown???

      1. I’m assuming that’s not directed at me VasC, as I noticed below you appear to be talking about the article itself and not a posted comment…can’t see how your comment could apply to me?

        1. I didn’t bring your comment into the equation, TRVL.

          Having seen you as a regular visitor and poster in JA, I just wondered how you missed the “homegrown” part in the article before posting your comment.

          1. I did see that but I already had set my sights on totally different low hanging fruit

  2. “both of them homegrown.”

    Dear Admin,

    How do you let such garbage get posted and expect to have a loyal fan following for JA???

    Please include the name of the author along with the title, so that regular JA visitors don’t need to go through these kinda garbage.

    1. Vas C As a libertarian, I must call you out on your request to Ad PAT of “how do YOU ALLOW such garbage…etc ” ???
      The point of this site is that articles are the writers own free opinion and whether or not we agree with them, or parts of them, it is NOT Ad Pats role to be a censor of our views when writing.

      EXCEPT, with the all important proviso that articles do NOT contain HATE and or FILTH.

      This site is published in free Britain, not in Neanderthal Taliban controlled Afghanistan and we libertarians (which are 99.9 % of us) thank God each day for this privilege!
      Think ON VasC!

      1. Dear Mr jon fox,
        If you’re content reading about the recent “homegrown” discovery in this article, I’m more than happy for you.

        You know me better than most JA visitors that I’ve been always open to a debate when there is a difference of opinion. And it never mattered to me if I was proven right or wrong at the end.

        Highlighting a factual error in the article is not a difference of opinion. Wonder how expressing “Onana is not homegrown” is taken as a difference of opinion. Even with your vast legal knowledge and experience, you can’t prove in a court of law that Onana can be a homegrown player for Arsenal, unless the entire system is as corrupt as the system in my country.

        All the admins in JA are doing a fantastic job and I would have been long gone from JA, if not for them. I was just requesting them to put up some kind of marker for the articles’ author in the title. It’ll save many regular visitors from unnecessary and avoidable situations like we’re facing now. But, it’ll come at a huge cost for the business side of JA. And I perfectly understand it.

        I’m grateful to God, every single day, for all the privileges I’m blessed with. I’ll be even more grateful, if I can find a way to dodge certain articles without having to open the page in the future.

    1. I’d like to know how the Blades fans feel about Ramsdale after tonight’s game?they conceded 4 albeit against West -Brom but their keeper wasn’t blameless.

  3. What rubbish. There have been no enquiries for Leno! We haven’t said he is on the market! So why say IF he should leave.
    And dont you think the need for a RB or striker is higher than another keeper?
    What is it with this blog

  4. You expect the Arsenal to spend over 30million on two goalkeepers in one season. Lol
    You really don’t know this club my friend.

  5. This Ramsdale stuff is curious for many reasons. And are we really set on keeping Leno #1? I find it hard to believe a club that spends 25-30mill on a new GK would have him ride bench and only play in cup games….. right Arsenal? right?

  6. So, it seems we have finally got our goalkeeper of the future. I just wonder what our future holds.

    I have felt no confidence at all in whoever has been making the decisions regarding Arsenal goalkeepers under Arteta. I truly hope that person has got this one right.

    The lad has only played two seasons in the EPL. The first with Bournemouth, with whom he was relegated.
    The second with Sheffield United, with whom he was relegated.

    Lets hope he does not make it a hat trick.

  7. I love the way fans find it so easy to spend kronkie’s money… let’s go out and buy two keepers and that makes, I believe, five keepers on our books.

    I would buy Onana myself and actually SAVE kronkie some money, while getting a better keeper

    1. KEN this whole “fan demand” scenario, re. Kroenke, MA, EDU and anyone else (as it won’t be ONLY AFC that I discuss), will be the basis of my next article soon now.

      I am sick to death and then a bit beyond death(which means White Hart Lane!!), of how SOME fans moan, moan, moan and have no grasp of lifes reality.

      I am not and will not be defending Kroenke; God knows I never will.

      But a section of our fanbase are actively harming our club and believe me KEN, I will turn my literary ire on them.


      Watch the fat fly when THEY read my piece KEN, and I’d love your views too in good time.

    2. Ken, Arsenal could have got have bought Joe Hart, who Glasgow Celtic bought for £1 million and Onana for say £4 million, ie expenditure £5 million, job done.

  8. Instead of ramsdale go for onana he is more capable, outstanding and less cheaper than ramsdale

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