Why can’t Arsenal ever sell players for overall profit as other clubs do?

Why can’t Arsenal ever sell players for overall profit as other clubs do? And why can we no longer talk freely about players! by Jon Fox

In this article I actually expect, which is in itself unusual, to find major agreement on my view that Arsenal, more than almost any club, fail to sell players we wish to leave us for a profit, or even fail to sell them at all. We often then loan them out and see their transfer value fall and end up with a financial loss, sometimes of ridiculous amounts!

On Sunday I read a fine and detailed article by Lloyd, but which however stole a lot of my thunder. He accurately listed details of a lot of our more recent failures to get players off our books, despite their fast-decreasing contracts.

It seems to be widely accepted that for some considerable time past and still ongoing, our club are unable to achieve proper and sensible sell-on prices for players who we want to leave us, or who want to go of their own volition.

Because of Covid, the last two years have given clubs right around the globe huge problems in getting market value for leaving players. The world player transfer market has largely collapsed for all, save the very top-quality players and this has also worked in our favour, though not as much as it has worked against us, I suggest.

But this is only the Covid period and even now that Covid has largely disappeared, as a direct reason why the market has slumped, its regressive effect on club finances across the world will still be keenly felt for some time to come.

Covid though, cannot adequately explain why we have refused actual offers for such as AMN, CHAMBERS, XHAKA, ELNENY, and several other present or very recent players at Arsenal. I believe this has got worse  each year  because of a knock on effect  where, as  we  have to keep more and more players we would rather leave, then replacing them without receiving an incoming transfer fee and still having to pay their OFTEN, IN FACT USUALLY, far too high wages, means we have more players on our books than we need and until this last season or so, it was getting worse, not better.

Kroenke’s LONG TERM underfunding of his club is directly a major cause of our inability to buy better players before being able to get lesser players gone. It has got better of late, but we still have a back log of many years to make up for. Remember we, like all clubs, always need AT LEAST a minimum number of players at any one time. IMO this January gone was an example of where we let TOO MANY players go and had insufficient numbers, even of lesser ones, left to play and it cost us fourth place.  Big error but mostly because Kroenke would not fund us PROPERLY WHEN WE MOST NEEDED IT, in January, and when the disrespectful Auba was behaving like the little spoilt kid he is, instead of as a club captain.  MA was left with no practical alternative IMO, than to get this harmful troublemaker out of our dressing room. But he did it at a cost, courtesy of KROENKES refusal to back MA at that key time, when it MOST MATTERED.

IMO, during the summer of 2021, a major policy change was enacted at Arsenal, courtesy of Edu and even more so by Arteta. This was born of club frustration at the sheer amount of unwanted but unsaleable players, many of them getting older and most or even all “earning” (which means receiving) far too high salaries and thus impacting on our ability to fund new, younger and better-quality replacements.

Together with other Gooners, I have often used the expressions “deadwood ” or “dross” to describe such players as Elneny, Kolasinac etc. Many other Gooners regard those terms as being abusive and say so on here. My opinion is that this is wokery gone crazy.

IF, which I do not, I were to call their character, rather than their playing ability, by such words, then but only then, I believe there would be a case to answer. I am not in favour of the woke tyranny which seeks to deny the priceless gift of free speech and free opinions from those who disagree with so called “group think”!

There is, or at least was until recent times, a widely understood and accepted distinction between criticising the ability of a player and on the other hand, that person’s character. I concur with that view, which is however fast changing in our more and more woke orientated society, where free speech is in danger of being outlawed.

I also make the important point that ALL top-level Prem players are obscenely highly paid, and that huge money comes to them and their greedy agents, indirectly but entirely because we fans pay often far too much money to worship at the shrine of players, SOME of whom treat us with disrespect by not trying 100% in all games they ever play. More and more, though not so much right now though at Arsenal, are just mercenaries passing through and getting more and more rich at our expense by receiving signing on fees, having first run down their contract to leave on a free.

Bosman has a lot to answer for IMO and the player power pendulum has swung in my lifetime from one extreme to the other. Our own George Eastham, circa 1961-2, took his old club Newcastle United to court for unlawfully retaining his transfer rights and then beat them in court; it was justice done but was also the start of a long road toward player and agents having all the power and we “mug” fans having no say whatsoever.

I believe in fairness for all and will stand against tyranny of all kinds, wherever it rears its ugly head!  If, by speaking out against tyranny of all kinds against we fans, I need to use blunt, forceful and free (non-filthy and non-abusive) language, than I will gladly do so. So should far more of us, instead of being onlookers, merely wringing our hands and saying we can do nothing about unfairness. That is what cowards and little people do, so stand up to tyrannical player and agent power while you still can do so.  If you say no, things will get worse, not better!

In my view that disrespect by SOME, not all by any means, but SOME PLAYERS, and often the most richly paid such as OZIL and AUBA, is more marked and far more obvious to most fans.  Pogba too, is a perfect example of a player who treats his club and its fans with disdain and Man United fans cannot wait to be rid of him, as they are not fools and refuse to be taken as such by this arrogant, idle player.

So, IMO, should we Gooners refuse to be taken as fools by ANY player who does not routinely give 100% as their part of the bargain by which we turn a blind eye (while holding our noses) to the stink of their obscene salaries. Paid for by us, LET US NEVER FORGET.

So, then my fellow Gooners, my message is use your hard won right to free speech, but use it wisely and only pick on those who are harming our great club, be they owner, manager, player or whomsoever. We are Gooners and should always love the club far more than any individual, be they sublime like HENRY and Bergkamp, or deadwood like…. well make your own list. There are still enough to choose from, sadly. But things are getting better, IF you have the patience to wait.


Some of you do, others do not.  C’est la vie!


Jon Fox

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  1. Before I read even the first line, let me say that I ha e have seen the name of it’s author and have concluded that whatever is written in this piece has to be taken as law and whoever does not agree or has any contrary opinion is a “dullard”. Who has this opinion? Your guess is as good as mine. Now I will proceed to read

    1. Interesting comment, as from your many previous posts, I and many other fans already know- however much it pains you to admit it, that you DO AGREE about the first part of my piece .
      I have already taken as read that youand certainothers will never accept my view on what constitute free, non woke speech; because you have many times said so already!

      So, in a way, I have already correctly predicted your actual thoughts. And, what is more, you know I ALREADY KNOW YOUR ACTUAL MIND. How that must frustrate you!

      1. Wow Jon so you already know what everyone else is thinking. Are you the omniprescient inside all readers minds?
        In that case, you already know I am going to call you an incredibly arrogant but funnily Iinteresting pain in the arse!

        1. No PAT. I obviously” do NOT know what everyone else is thinking”. You have extracted that thought from my comment on ONE PERSON ONLY AND ON SIMPLY MY VIEW ON WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT WHAT I WROTE.

          No normally intelligent peron could seriously imagine I am a medium or fortune teller, which seems to be what your incredibly inaccurate comment on my abilities to predict others thoughts, is suggesting
          Yo u see I am refusing totake your obvious wind up post seriously and so I take it EXACTLY AS YOU WROTE, even though I obviously do not think you meant what you wrote. But when others write what they clearly do not mean , it seems to be one law for some, another law for someone else!

          PS: your own back handed insult/ compliment is the REAL reason you need me on JA. WE BOTH KNOW THAT AND BOTH HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS.
          Now I challenge you to disagree on THAT line! But I know you agree with it of course. PERHAPS THEN, I really am psychic!

          1. Haha Jon, you are the Mr Hyde to my Mr Jekyll, but as for your fantasy that I NEED you over and above the other 500 comments a day makes you sound a little over arrogant young man…

            1. Pat, So you meant to insult me but ended up flattering me by using”young man”. I can now reveal all along I have been lying about my age and am only 21.Such a brain at such an age too.

              But I did not claim you needed me MORE than the other 500 a day!! Did I? Eh??

              Thats a perfect example of my posts being so commonly and deliberate lymisrepresented, even in the there and then.

              No wonder I FIGHT FOR TRUTH and wonder YOU have such a cavalier attitude towards it, esp in your own clickbait headlines that so often deliberately misrepresent the article they precede.

              I don’t anticipate a proper answer to this charge and nor do I wonder why not either!

              1. You asked.me to disagree with this comment “PS: your own back handed insult/ compliment is the REAL reason you need me on JA. WE BOTH KNOW THAT AND BOTH HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS.”
                That is where you asked me if I needed you,… so over to you… Do you need Justarsenal and our deep discussions to keep you interested in life?


                  THAT IS HILARIOUS!

          2. Oh dear Jon, to say that Pat needs you on JA?!?!


            I hesitated to send this, as it seemed we were getting back to some kind of civility in our exchanges, but I can’t be bothered to get involved any further after you nailed your true colours to the mast with that statement – such a pity as the article itself was quite thought provoking and well written…but then again, so many are on JA.

            Something tells me that it’s you who needs JA – perhaps a subject for another day?

            1. JA , not Pat needs me, just .as it needs all Gooners I SAID NO MORE THAN THAT AND AM NOT BIGHEADED. AS YOU CHOOSE TO THINK KEN!

              Best advice is to get it from the horses mouth, as typically, MY POST HAS ONCE AGAIN BEEN MISREPRESENTED and deliberately so, this time by Pat. He besides yourself is playing mind games and fooling himself that there is more meaning behind my post than there actually is.

              1. “is the real reason you need me on JA. WE BOTH KNOW THAT AND BOTH HAVE KNOWN THAT FOR YEARS” is exactly what / how you wrote your reply Jon – straight from the horses mouth.

                I deliberately read and reread what you and Pat said, because I took on board your earlier thoughts about me taking your words out of context.
                You obviously didn’t write your thoughts clearly enough, if that’s the case, your mistake this time methinks.

                Anyway Jon, let’s hope that JA continues to be an outlet for ALL Gooners to post their points of views, as one day us oldies will be dust in the wind and folks like HH will inherit our *grumpy old gits” title.
                I sincerely hope to sing “We are the Champions” again before that happens and hope it’s under Mikel Arteta’s leadership!!

                1. But YOU do not know the contextand PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE behind my post KEN. But despite that lack of knowing what has goine on beween PAT AND I,with various emails back and forth(which was the backdrop and REASON for my comment, about which you chose to interpret so negatively towards me), you blundered into a private matter, not for the first time either, where I am concerned.
                  I had offered an olive branch to you , just yesterday, in our up and down (mostly down, esp of late online relationship).

                  But now you have chosen to ignore that olive branch and so soon too . I will say no more than that, save that your attitude is noted by me with a deep sigh of regret
                  I ACCEPT THAT i should have had the nous not to write to Pat, OPENLY on here. But I truly did not expect such a mature and worldly man as YOU to be the one to chastise and judge me.
                  A valuable lesson learned then!

  2. Because, imo, in the last circa 10 years we have suffered dramatically with an incompetent resource management function/process and a cretinous recruitment dept.

    In other words, we’ve not managed our assets contractually and allowed them to depreciate and bought dross.

  3. The COVID excuse need to be given a rest.

    Brighton got more than market value for Ben White didn’t they? Madrid got just a good value for Odegaard and so did Sheffield for Ramsdale.

    We have more players in our books with inflated salaries. We pay them to leave or give them for free to play for another club while continuing paying them and what do we do after that? We replace them with same type of players deemed not good enough with inflated salaries.

    We gave away Aubameyang and gave Nketiah salary that no other club would be willing to give and if the rumors are true so is Jesus if he join us.

    Nketiah is not worth 100k nor is Jesus 200k a week. Add to that Runarsson, Cedric, Mari, Tavares and Lukonga and the what comes out is Arteta and Arsenal have replaced deadwoods with worse deadwoods that will need clearing again and again every season.

    There is only one and true reason. Arteta has failed to coach players at his disposal and he is replacing them with other players who he still fails to coach them too. So we can clearly see where is the problem.

    1. You almost sound like you’ve not been following Arsenal FC since Emery left. Why are you complaining about the excuses? Are you not aware that the words “ARSENAL FC” and “EXCUSES” cannot be separated or used independently? If we miss out on top four next season, get ready to hear that George Graham is responsible. I’m not joking at all

    2. Last paragraph HH 🤜🤛👍
      Alot of talk of deadwood players maybe we have a few deadwood personal in the management area .

              1. How true PAT! And even someone such as I , so widely judged as a grumpy old git- I even self describe myself as exactly that at times – has a pronounced sense of funand sense of the absurdity of how we all are , simply as humans. Some have seen odd glimpes of the zany, off the wall side ofHOW I REALLY AM, MOST of the time, when away from this site.

                I CAN SAY HAND ON HEART THAT MANY WOULD BE ASTOUNDED HOW DIFFERENT I am in private from the person they believe me to be from my posts on JA.

                Though, I guess many , even most of us, could say similarly, in truth!

      1. Yes Dan.

        All players he has signed have regressed under him except for maybe Odegaard. He has failed to shape the performances of Pepe, Tavares and Lokonga. What is his job exactly if he can’t do that?

        Maybe they should be loaned out to be coached properly under a different manager and when they become good we will give him credit for his vision like we do for Salina.

        1. There are talks of Tierney back up to be signed now so what has happened to Tavares? He has language problems too?

    3. What of odegaard,martinelli,saka,esr,gabriel,nketiah who have only gotten better under arteta?

      1. Non of the ones you mentioned got better under Arteta maybe except for neketiah .. Martinelli and saka and smith row were all good before Arteta took the helm.. If anything they’re actually stagnating and not improving under him and I’m sure a coach like klopp Will get much better results out of them specially with martinelli

        1. Yeah, this chap coach stagnated Saka and Smith Rowe so much we finished in top 5 of the best league in the world.
          I agree Arteta’s rubbish!

          1. Ignore him,he’s hoping to we win the league with less experienced but brilliant young players,even klopp and guardiola can’t achieve that in one season.

            1. @fk.. What a fallacy.. Where did I ever mention anything like that? How many seasons has Arteta been here? Plus I never even mentioned winning the league.. I want to see arsenal playing good football which we aren’t doing.. Arsenal style for the past years is boring and predictable and we have a hard time breaking defenses.. Being outplayed by teams bottom of the table says it all.. Losing is one thing but being outplayed? That’s not acceptable in my book!

          2. Admin Pat, if we were all honest here, the only reason Arsenal finished 5th and scum finished 4th is because manure was underperforming.

            However, I must agree that Arteta has been much better this season than in the previous season and a half. He is part of the reason we had a shot at the top 4 but also part of the reason we ended up 5th (Brighton game stands out as his fudgeup). Still, I wouldn’t attribute this season’s failure to him by a long shot.

            Too bad we can’t know who was truly responsible for the lack of action in January. Whoever that might be, they are the main culprit for this season’s failure.

            One more thing about why Arteta is THE coach for Arsenal – he is a yesman but he’s also a really decent coach. Top coaches wouldn’t come to a sh+++house that is the KSE-run Arsenal, average coaches are worse than Arteta. AND, the man is only getting better.

            Also, let’s not forget that Arsenal is a stepping stone for him. Arsenal is a no-accountability zone, which is a great environment for building your CV. I mean, the guy has no pressure from above as long as he continues his top-class PR stunts. Still, we should be thankful because Arteta is literally the best possible coach this Arsenal can have.

          3. We finished 5th under emery with the likes of Mustafi, socratis and kolasinac as starters. What’s your point?

        1. Well that’s probably because they can’t cope with what he is try to inculcate.not all players can work with all managers,even guardiola has the type of players he can work with.so for the fact that some of these players arteta is working with are doing fine i’ll endorse him to bring in more players who can adapt to his philosophy and improve those who are willing to buy in like nketiah,elneny,holding and cedric.

      2. They were already good before that is already known and had they been under a more experienced manager they would have been in Mbappe or Haaland level now.

    4. I can clearly see that you have a lack of confidence in Arsenal. In my world, I see nketiah and Jesus coring a MINIMUM of 30 goals between them next season. That is called believing in your team mate. So let’s see who is correct next season, shall we?

      1. No Pat some of us have a lack of confidence in the manager ,big difference.
        As for eddie and Jesus scoring 30 goals between them ,for 1-we haven’t even signed Jesus as of yet and 2-absolutely no chance even if we do .

          1. Pat I was embracing him until he lost the already secured 4th with embarrassing losses something which we had already seen a lot before so it discouraged me if anything has changed.

            If they score 30 goals between them that is all 300k per week will get us? And neither of them is a plan B. If Jesus signs he will relegate Nketiah to the bench so what is the point of his long and expensive contract? Isn’t that another deadwood in the making who we will find it difficult to move out because of his salary?

            Jesus himself is not a golden boot contender kind of player so if he sings for the rumoured salary he is another player who will find it difficult to move out too. Another deadwood in the making.

            Which club will pay 50 million for Ben White now? Which club will pay Nketiah 100k? Which club will pay Jesus 200k?

            And which club will give Arteta an 8 million a year 3 years contract? He is in the top 10 of highest paid managers in the world now. Inexperienced and underachiever and yet he is one the 10 most paid managers in the world.

            My point is we seem to never learn and we have become worse than Wenger’s time. What has been the point of everything when it is same old same old?

            I still think he deserve one more season and after that there will be no excuse whatsoever with the patience and money given, something which only Arsenal seem able to do.

          2. Haha thats funny@ pat . I would love to see you both put yr crystal balls on the table with a decent wager , if he comes here that is . Im not a fan of GJ he looks like a sulky little $#!/ but if he makes it here ill support him

  4. Easy anser pal
    When you try to get rid of the player surplus to requirement you never get value for money

  5. So while other clubs keep selling players for outrageously high amounts, we are still complaining of COVID. Maybe COVID only affected us. More excuses for Edu and Arteta. Keep rolling them in

    Moreover, only 10% of this writeup says anything about difficulty in player sales. The rest is just a psychological lecture on accepting someone else’s opinion about life, etc. I wonder what’s the point

    1. exactly my thought! And some of the players remove and those bought to replace and I still see no improvement on the league table. Maybe the problem lies elsewhere; my two cents says its the manager.

      1. Right now I am beginning to think that anyone who wants to slag of Arsenal has got a free entry to come on JA and say what they like about us.

        I can see Me bringing back registration and proof that you are an Arsenal fan…..

        1. Great idea Pat! I have long wondered about the true love of SOME of the many REGULAR ANTI ARSENAL “FANS” ON HERE.
          MANYOF THEM ACT justlike trolls. As they say, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, then it IS a duck.
          For duck, read troll!

  6. Great example sighted at your first paragraph.
    Those 3 players are not even the biggest asset at their team and their club made still made good sales out of them.
    Maybe they were not affected by COVID-19.
    At times I wonder if we are the only one who’s been affected by all these things they always find excuses with.
    If it’s not injuries, it’s covid, it’s ref, var, young squad, young manager, allegedly deadwood, project. Many of the big teams have experience such but they will never use it as the excuse for their failure.
    Perhaps are we even big team anymore?? Maybe we are working to be but apparently I doubt we are.
    Till today, Iwobi and chamberlain are the highest sold players and not surprisingly that both happened with Wenger and Emery.

  7. Nice Article, Jon.
    Something needs to be done about the management.
    Man Management Skills, Transfer Policy, Recruitment Strategy, Player Value, Salary, Contracts & Contract Renewals.

    1. Perhaps, we can bring up solutions, instead of talking about the problem. We can write articles to proferring solutions to these problems.
      Hopefully, someone, somewhere sees or hears about it.

  8. We also hold onto players far too long, and their value depreciates.

    Bellerin should have been sold years ago, AMN when the Wolves offered 20 million, this extends from Wenger’s time through to the current regime in charge.

    Overpaid for Pepe from the start, and freezing him out combined with not getting the best use of his abilities has diminished any sizable return the club may hope for.

    Poor job from management in my opinion, where someone should have stepped in and considered a cost/benefit analysis on possible transactions.

    That being said, selling Ox and Iwobi at good values should be commended, but far too little of that has occurred at Arsenal.

    1. And we have a winner…

      IMHO all of these players should of been
      moved on many windows ago..

      Laca (when they signed Auba)
      El Neny

  9. What is your definition of “woke” Jon? The common one is “alert to injustice in society, especially racism”

    I know from other posts that you are alert to injustice and racism and in this article you write that you believe in fairness for all. So I guess I’m confused that in the same article you write that you are against something called “woke tyranny.”

    Are you seriously saying that a supporter objecting to labelling a player as deadwood is an example of “woke tyranny”? Well, guilty as charged I guess.

    On to the crux of the article, I’d like to see an objective study into which PL club has pissed away the most money over the last ten years in misguided transfers. I suspect we wouldn’t be top of the charts however.much I agree with the premise that it feels like we are the frontrunners.

    1. Voyageur . So pleased you asked, as like many, I suspect you have my view on what constitutes wokeness , as wrong. I agree that woke is anti racism and that is great! Woke is also anti many other social injusices and that is great too. We are all on the same page, woke and I in such matters. But you see Voyageur, where we differ is that I am a TRUE,100% 24/7 liberal and not a “when it suits me but not when it doesn’t”, liberal.

      My philosophical and firmly held antipathy to woke is when it comes to freedom to think and act independently. I have since early childhod been implaceably for the individual right to do as one pleases, subject only to the law of the land, to decency, to what harms no one and to have all manner of conflicting and intermingled views and cultures, ethnic groups, religions, non eligions, etc etc, all living side by side, peacefully and harmoniously in one society.

      THAT is my whole raison d’etre and has been the overriding most important thing in my life, dwarfing my love for Arsenal , even though that love is huge.

      My love and passion for freedom from tyranny, from group think(aka woke), from all manner of prejudice, war, famine, cruelty and discrimination of ANY kind whatsoever ,including against our female sex, against religion, against gay folk, against disabled people and aged humans, gypsies, against free speech and ALL other perceived but unimportant differences in humans of any kind. Our outsides, skin shades, religion and all other perceived”differences” are merely the packaging we wear, as also are our clothes, our homes, our core belongings and possessions of all kinds.

      The REAL us is what we are INSIDE. Are we compassionate, are we caring, are we anti discrimination etc. That is, albeit briefly, where I stand and what I am all about. Hope that help you! And once again, thank you for asking!
      PS: I must add that no person can nor should expect to go through life with his/her feelings protected from all manne rof contrary views THAT DOES NOT HELP ANY OF US wEnned to accepot thatother swilhave very differne views abnd thay have a right toexpress themn but NOT to abuse us Criticism is not thr same as abuse To say “I hope XHAKA DIES FROM CANCER , IS ABUSE , OF COURS EIT IS tO SAY xHAKA IS DEADWOOD OR DROSS WHICB IS FANSPEAK IS NOT ABUSE.
      It behoves each individual to use their brain to distinguish one from another IMO; that is the basic fault line with woke and it needs to be challenged and overthrown, as it is harming humans and our precious hard won freedoms.

      1. @Jon.
        In a nutshell, my philosophy is…
        Do what you like to enjoy your life, as long as you do not deliberately hurt anybody else….

        1. Simply default to freedom. With any legislation or movement, simply ask “Does it generate more individual freedom or increase government/bureaucratic control.”

      2. Thanks for your considered response. Don’t think we differ too much apart from semantics (and perhaps you thinking that being woke is also known as groupthink which I think does it a disservice – maybe a dialogue for another day)

        1. Actually Voyageur, it is only the fact that JA is a site that is supposed to be about Arsenal and not, except in brief comments, about wider, much more important issues.


  10. When it comes to articles …..I doff my hat for Jon*……his analysis and dual views in dispatching his very comprehensive information is stunning.

    Well I think lack of squad dept contributes to our holding unto our players for too long again maybe a bit of lack of steel in our transfer policy and dealings

    Chelsea hardly offer players over 30 more than 2 years contract no matter how good you are…..what of their loan policy? Simply outstanding, they have army of players scattered over Europe as good as some players in our first eleven.

    We missed an opportunity to sell Niles for good money, same with bellerin but as at then, there were no Partey and Tierney (or they are yet to settle into the team).

    That being said…..I won’t write off Edu Gasper yet, considering his master class in landing Partey, the drama and all, generally I don’t think he’ve failed in players recruitment as some fans claims.

    He just need to balance book, should we tie Saka to a new deal, and get us qualified for champions league, I say we sell him oversea should we have suitors that could cough out similar fee Athletico paid for Jao …. And make room for another break out star

    1. Everyone raves about Chelsea but they have some great transfer skeletons in their closet – Lukaku re-signed for 80m plus, Rudinger gone on a free, their back up keeper cost 90m, Saul can’t get a game in while Gallagher is ripping it up at Crystal Palace, gave up on Salah and KDB – arguably the two best players in the PL. Not the club I’d be waxing lyrical about when it comes to transfers. Now Liverpool, that another story (if you ignore Andy Carroll and the Ox and Danny Ings and Benteke and Tavarez and ….)

        1. We can definitely agree on that. But we obviously feel it more deeply when it is our club that is making bad decisions and that may make us prone to think our experiences are worse than others.

          Or maybe Arsenal is as crap at getting value out of transfers as it feels…

  11. I do not think that KSE is unwilling to fund the transfer of players into the club or back the manager in that respect However, KSE has already put a fair bit of money into the club last year by refinancing the remaining stadium debt of £32 million. There is also the matter of the existing transfer fee commitments which are certainly more than £100M and must be paid. At end of the day Arsenal is a business so it should be no surprise that the countless millions that many seem to think should be available will not be given by KSE without considerable thought. So any summer transfer budget will depend on player sales, the hope of increased revenues in 2022/3 and KSE’s willingness,which I am fairly sure of, is to fund more investment in the playing squad.

  12. The fact that I believe calling players deadwood or in the case of Jon Fox “2nd class human beings” …has nothing to do with being woke.if you had asked me the question 10/15/20 years ago,my response would have been the same.for me,it is about disproportionate reactions, we’re talking about sports. Take the terms greedy, mercenaries or holding the club to ransom.. let’s not forget that those players have contracts with their clubs,which were mutually agreed and it’s not because you longer need them that they should leave the club,move somewhere else.these players may be multimillionaires but they are still people with families, children so to expect them to leave in January,during the school year and moving their kids to a different city or even worse a new country is unreasonable.what’s worse is that some on JA would have us believe that if their bosses no longer wanted/needed them or were unhappy with their contributions at work,they would have no problems resigning and walk away from large amounts of money,very good wages which were agreed by both parties.lastly,I would like to know if those same people were judging themselves as harshly as they do others,using the same yardstick??

  13. I believe Chelsea and Liverpool are the top teams at selling there players at top prices. Chelsea loan one player then sell them for £25m plus

  14. @ voyageur spot on . No team is perfect when it comes to tranfers. Man U. have had loads of issues in recent times. Liverpool , Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and co. are not imune either. However, it has to be stated that underfunding had been the bane of Arsenal for many years under Wenger in a clear sign of lack of ambition from the Arsenal hierarchy hence we are trying to play catch up with the rest of the top six. I for one never expected Arteta to work wonders when it comes to integrating six young prayers into the first. It is easier said than done ..imo

  15. Prior to the 2011/12 season, before the mass exodus of our players to City, we used to operate like a “real” football club. The norm back then was to recruit talent, put them through the academy and slowly introduce them to the first team.

    These days, players are just thrown in at the deep to either sink or swim. The unfortunate and offensive terms, deadwood and outcast, were introduced into our vocabulary to describe the “sinkers.”

    We could put the blame on Wegner and, to a lesser extent, Emery, but Arteta’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene too. In fact, the deadwood creator, in chief, is Mikel Arteta.

    IMO, the ultimate responsibility for this failure (getting reasonable compensation for players), rests with the board and owner. We need to re-learn how to recruit and manage players, how to plan for the future, how to compete in the modern game and most importantly how to win again…consistently.

    1. A fantastic post RFrancis @
      Worded behold anything I could conjure up
      You’re 3rd paragraph is a wet dream for me personally and probably a few other Arteta out fans .

    2. Unfortunately prior to 2011/12 as you say we still made mistakes
      I am one of many who loved AW to bits but we had a policy back then of not giving more then 1 year to any one over 30
      Every manager and team not just us has so called deadwood amongst its ranks.
      One managers player maker is another managers bench warmer.
      All this talk about he has his fingerprint are all over the crime scene. What crime scene?
      He just doesn’t fancy the player and best he is moved on.
      People forget we have had a bag full of rubbish come through the ranks in the last 4 or 5 years. Some on big money moves so we either keep paying them for not producing but have to Stare them in the face week in week out or move them on for a loss.
      The World has changed on transfer over the last 10 years and the power is definitely on the side of the players
      Unless you tie them down to 4 or 5 years then all is lost at the end of 2 to 3 years which is left on there contract
      Plus tell me if I am wrong
      The club is supposed to run as a business so the players are classed as an asset
      An asset will be written down over a period of time so by the end the player would have cost zero. Nothing .
      Pepe 72m is not a 72m loss if he goes. He would have depreciated from day 1 up until now and the club would have written that off from the books
      We look at it as from a fans perspective but the club look at it as a business 👀
      I think personally It is hard to turn a buck on profit season in season out by selling players.
      Southampton do it from there academy but there is a trade off on profit over league positions. Our expectations are far higher then there’s.
      Brighton do it . Buy cheap sell high but to me they are the exception to the rule
      MA is far from the culprit here
      It’s just how we operate and all clubs operate
      We have to except there will be stinker players in and sell good players out on the cheap.
      We don’t like it by far but it’s been happening for a decade or more and will continue to happen regardless if MA is at the helm or not which by the way he is so can we all please suck it up and and stop moaning about him being our manager.
      Until the board feel fit to move him on which will happen at some point 👉 in time may he reign over us ….
      Then we will start again and say manager/ manageress in or out
      Ps morning all

  16. We give players like Ozil, Aubameyang, William, and now the ‘journeyman’ Nketiah absurdly large contracts and set them up for life, but set Arsenal up for (financial) death. Absurdicus. Insane business. Now we are about to sign ‘Mr Ordinary’ Nketiah for a long contract. Bunch of business ‘shmucks’. I would like to say If Edu/Arteta do not sign the ‘Athlete’ Yves Bissouma the whole club should be remanded in psychiatric custody.

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