Why can’t Arsenal splash the cash and stop Kai Havertz going to Chelsea?

Kai Havertz- here’s hoping! by Shenel

Rumours today are doing their rounds that Kai Havertz has told Bayern Leverkusen that he wants to leave the club this summer. Chelsea have been linked to him for a long time and more rumours suggest that they are favourites to sign him, after signing Werner already are, they trying to turn Chelsea into a Bundesliga team? As Chelsea are “after him” why can’t we go in for him too?

Leverkusen coach Marcel Daum was quoted as saying in the Manchester Evening News: “The situation with coronavirus is so strange and so complicated that it’s still open that he will leave us,” the Leverkusen assistant said earlier this week.

“I don’t know what will happen, but at Bayer he has the right place to develop his strengths and improve. The only thing I know is that Bayer won’t sell him for a cheap fee.

“Everyone is asking about Kai Havertz. If you see him play it tells you everything. For me, he has the elegance of Zidane. If you see his movement, he’s very elegant, he’s always calm, he has great passing ability.

“What a lot of people don’t see, because we watch him every day, is that he’s pretty fast. That’s a big bonus.

“He’s a great player; he’s scoring goals, he’s great in the air and he’s pretty fast.

“It’s up to him how far he can go. I can’t say he will be the best German player ever, but he has the talent and there are no limits. He’s displaying signs of Zidane.”

He is an extremely talented player there is no denying that and under the right management, playing alongside some of the best players that will help him progress, why can’t he be part of an Arsenal team that is also growing and learning.

Havertz is only 21 years old but having been watching the Bundesliga very closely over past few years it is clear to see that he is one of the best young talents to come through for a long time in my opinion. I was disappointed though, to see him against Bayern Munich in the final of the DFB Pokal over the weekend, he hardly made an impact in the game and seemed second best with regards to the midfield of both teams.

It is clear to see that he needs to play in a team that is also growing, learning and progressing for him to also do the same. But if he will also struggle in big games then how much impact is he really going to give his “new club” as players are always judged on how they perform in BIG games and if his performance against Bayern is anything to go by then it seems that he definitely has a lot to learn, although to be fair to him he cannot win the game on his own.

As we are a club that likes to nurture and produce young players and talent, why can’t we be in the running for Havertz and help him grow even more, especially under the guidance of some of the most talented and experienced players that we have at the club. Although it has been rumoured that Havertz is going to cost around £90m, a ridiculous fee that we know Arsenal won’t pay unless Stan suddenly puts his hands in his deep pockets, maybe just maybe we can go for the player that seems to be one of the most wanted players around right now, and who knows he may even be swayed to join!

Gooners would you like to see Havertz in our team?

Shenel Osman

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  1. There is no way whatsoever Arsenal are going to pay 90 mill for this fantastic prospect and there is now way he would want to come to us either no CL football not even in the top four. Also we are in this mess because we have been dated and behind in the transfer market for the last ten years+
    Our outdated model is now reaping the downfall and having to pay catch up FACT.

    1. True, and we still have Ozil on our books, so no chance, although we need a good CAM.So we need to scout for a cheaper option or wait till next year to spend big.

  2. The answer to the title is pretty obvious. 1. Chelsea are a better proposition than us. 2. We done have any Wonga.

  3. A huge talent who will not be joining a Club which is not good enough for the Champions League and which does not have the financial resources to meet the likely transfer fee.

  4. Havertz is a hell of a talent but Arsenal are NEVER
    going to splash the cash for any player
    commanding such a crazy transfer fee. Even if
    (laughing as I type this) Kroenke decided to
    support MA with a blank check summer budget
    a young, precocious talent like KH wouldn’t be
    anywhere near the short list of players that
    Arsenal desperately need atm. Players like

    B Kamara (stud CB for Marseille)
    Rabiot (his goal for JUVE yesterday was Top Draw)
    P Torres
    Jovic (if Auba leaves)
    St Maxim
    R Nieves
    L Dunk

    As an example AFC could sign Partey, Sangare
    and Kamara for the same fee that Havertz will
    cost Chelsea

    1. I’m with you ACE ,I watch a lot of french football ,and if no one snaps up Kamara soon he’s price will rocket ,I always think shop in the french league ,there is so much talent around there and cheap ,let’s be honest it did Arsene and Arsenal pretty well .

      1. Kamara, Aouar and Sangare are IMHO the three
        best young talents in Ligue 1 atm and would
        walk into the AFC starting 11.

        I salivate thinking of a midfield diamond of


  5. Splash the cash? We won’t have to for as long as society remains locked down and stadiums are closed to spectators. Football becomes meaningless when clubs only have tv money to live on, hence, transfers are going to cost less and players will be on lower wages

  6. The writers frustration with Kroenke is understndable but doesnt explain this article which is sheer frustrated fantast with nothing to give any REAL reason for asking for this player, savehis undoubted ability and of whom we all know, save only perhaps the writer, will not be coming to us. I much prefer articles of some substance about something connected with Arsenal, NOT fantasy pie in the sky wants, born out of understandable frustration only. We could all write a list of wants and list our own player fantasies but it is pointless and all it achieves is to let off steam. As I say, understandable but pointless!

  7. Kronke only spends big on 2 things; new stadiums and ranches. Stadiums generate funds, but don’t think he’s sold a single ticket for his 500 million dollar ranch.

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