Why can’t Arsenal win at Anfield? (Opinion)

Yet again, Arsenal left Anfield with their tails between their legs after Liverpool earned a deserved win, but why can’t we win there?

Going into the game, if I am honest, I felt excited and nervous. More nervous as it drew closer because I just had a feeling we would not do well. I always try to stay positive before and during each match, but seeing how Liverpool came out of the blocks I knew from kick off it was going to be a hard game for us!

Of course, flying into Liverpool on the morning of the game felt like Deja vu as when they did the same going up to play Manchester City in the first game back after lockdown! Why couldn’t they fly up the night before? I understand the pandemic we are in, but they might as well have handed Liverpool the three points and stayed home!

No matter the result I am still positive enough for our season. Six points out of nine is not so bad given how the other teams have fared so far. Of course, we would have liked all nine but let’s be realistic, Liverpool at Anfield even without fans, are still too strong for us.

The previous two times we beat them, once they were already champions and the pressure was off, and two we caught them on a bad day, at a place that we absolutely love to play and we deserved to win both of those games. It could be said if we got a point out of the game today it wouldn’t have been very deserved, so all credit to Liverpool, from start to finish they were dominant and deserved to win!

I have no doubt they can be beaten though, and it won’t take 44 games for them to lose.

Now we must dust ourselves off and pick ourselves up for Thursday and then Sunday. We had a bad start to the week, but we can finish it on a high!

There is a fifth-round tie at stake and then another three points to get at home against Sheffield United before the international break! Gooners?


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  1. At this rate it’ll be like the old lady from Titanic… “It’s been 84 years….” 😄
    I would like to say we have more of a chance of winning on Thursday.. but… you can’t ever write them off can you, even in the dying moments… and this isn’t even as bad as our Old Trafford record 🤪

  2. Anfield is Liverpool’s fortress. No one should be able to win there. At least with ease. Just as The Emirates is ours. We should fight likeit’s our own personal home being invaded. No, If you can go to Anfield and get a result you fully deserve it!

    If you go to Anfield and play with full commitment, passion and heart but still lose by the odd goal, you can still hold your head up and say “We tried”. It’s all about the effort and performance. The result is secondary!


    Not only Anfield. Old Trafford, WHLane, Etihad.

    We just don’t have the WILL not the SELF BELIEF to go to any of those stadiums to actually win.

    I remember, there was a time either last season, when everyone predicted an Arsenal win at Old Trafford b’se they had injuries, yet Arsenal coach applied his negative defensive tactics and drew a simple game.

    1. I clearly remember that. I suffered anhedonia, painful experience. But i learnt to never invest my emotions entirely on non human affairs, just a little bit of tough and gentle love for my club.

  4. Since we lost to Liverpool the negativity of the fans is appalling, eeeeh Arsenal fans we shall win some games and we shall loss some we shall never be invisible again

    I don’t agree that there s so much gap between Liverpool and Arsenal apart from midfield, When we buy two good midfielders like Aour n Partey I tell u Arsenal will go out all neck to neck with these big teams

  5. Because we have no Thomas Partey. He know how it feels to spank Pool on their own home ground. Like on the eve of March 11 2020. Give us Partey and we do it next time.

  6. Good positive comment @Gunner ray.

    We should try to make the Emirates our own fortress where teams will be scared to come to.

    I just pray we get in Partey and Aouar before October 6 cause that is what this squad needs else we might finish worse this season.

    1. Is that supposed to mean nothing can change that. What if we won? Would we call that a miracle. I don’t think so.

  7. Could have been very different, Mane should have had a red, how many times has xhaka, nketia etc been sent off for less??

  8. Whilst I think Mike Arteta will become a legendary manager, he is not beyond critique. Nobody is!. The team, tactics and lineup yesterday was poor. Arteta repeated his tactics from last season and Klopp saw through it. Ultimately though, the absent father, shite owner, Stan Kroenke was responsible. We should have bought Aouar and Partey one month ago. Our team would be totally different. Kroenke is poor as an owner and a human being.

    1. Arsenal is not as bad as arteta makes them to look sometimes playing elneny and xhaka is 8 defensive players against Liverpool that will never work at Anfield. It pains me to say that leeds gave a better account of themselves than the gooners
      Arteta should be more brave and less predictable. Using same tactics against klopp 3 times in a row is most likely to fail especially at Anfield

  9. Could it be that we are JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH?

    Maybe a contributing factor is that we kept the bad keeper and sold the good one, possibly?

  10. Well Liverpool are far better than us we could have won the game or drawn the game if we used our chances like the two one or one and the chance nketiah reacted slowly to. We close we only need midfielders who can build up play and distribute passes to our strikers and wingers. I enjoyed yesterday match because most arsenal fans had the believe we could win. Have we forgotten how the team was under Emery. Even Barca couldn’t beat Liverpool in anfield. We really tired. If ceballos had started the match we could have had more chances. We were using one side in the first half then second half things changed. We just need to up our game. Get Partey,Aouar and if possible Zaha and we are good to go.

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