This season CAN be different for Arsenal!

Arsenal really can win it this year by Sam P

The season before last, when Arsenal spent most of the campaign at the top of the League, but everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY, from pundits down to Arsenal fans themselves) were predicting that the Gunners would fall by the wayside and end up fighting for fourth place. And so it came to pass, as injuries (and tough fixtures) chiseled away at our hopes. And so everyone’s predictions came true.

But why does this season have to be the same? No one can say that this has been a normal run-off-the-mill season where the big four pull away from the middle table clubs and secure their normal place in the scheme of things. This is topsy turvy season and absolutely nothing is predictable. I think there was some sour grapes from Benik Afobe after Arsenal beat Bournemouth and he failed to score against us at the weekend. He said: “It would be great if Arsenal win the title but it has been the same story every year,” he said. “This is the time of the season when they normally fall behind and start losing games they should be winning.

“They obviously have a lot of world-class players and I have only good things to say about them, but there are a lot of fantastic teams fighting them for the title this year and also a lot of teams no-one believed could be in the race.”

But the fact is that the ONE team that is always in the race is still there; ARSENAL. Of the current top three THEY are the ones with the experience to handle the pressure and take the title. Wenger has nearly a full squad to choose from and absolutely no excuses. If we beat the Foxes this weekend our confidence will be sky high, and I can see absolutely no reason why we can’t do this thing. History means nothing at all this year and we WILL win the Premiership, so stop spouting history and GET BEHIND THE TEAM!


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  1. There is still the possibility that this season could be different from all the rest. Let it play out and judge it from where it ends up. Instead of everybody and their dogs hairdresser playing Nostradamus condemning us to utter defeat, long before the last whistle is blown…

    1. NY-Gunner i hear you but..

      at a back of a great and strong finish last season we were one of the favorites for the title this season,

      if you know this why don’t you as a club strengthen the positions to guarantee the fist place,

      i mean why leave to chance when you can afford to buy it when you haven’t won it for over a decade

      1. @Tas
        You’re seeing with your eyes, just as AW is seeing with his. And since he’s the guy with the inside track, I’m going with what he sees…

          1. He clearly did. And this season is so similar to the 2013 2014, not only regarding Arsenal, but overall the top four atmosphere. There are four teams very close points-wise, there is an unexpected club contending for the title and there is luke-warm manshitty, that will eventually win the title, either on goal difference, or by a close margin.

    2. Isn’t your statement – “Let’s wait for the brighter future before we judge.”? How about assessing the current situation, so the future actually get’s bright? No one can predict what the table will look like in 3 months, but we can judge based on what’s up right now.

  2. To be honest I want them to keep writing us off and start to praise Lei as favorites and saying how spu must take this opportunity because they don’t come round too often. I think you’s already know why I’d like that. We always play better and win more when we are not expected to take full advantage. Let Lei feel the weight of expectation because up until this point they have had none, same goes for spu to a lesser extent. Ranieri is doing a great job keeping them from it, but still we have people waiting for them to implode. We need the media to stop talking about the fairy tale stuff the david and goliath crap and begin to say how Lei have the kindest run in, no cup football and a healthy lead. All the others have European football Fa cup games CC cup games and plenty of big away days, Leicester city are definitely the favorites and how we’d stand a better chance is if those lei v Utd Che v lei games where a bit sooner. Still, they might implode.

  3. Wow to be honest there are still 87 points to be played for and I honestly dont see leicester getting 90 points.

    We have chile s best player
    germany s best player
    Chelsea s player of the season
    Prems best centreback
    europes best dm.

    What more do we really need surely

    1. apart from ‘europes best dm’ (definitely prems best dm for sure) comment i have to agree with you on the rest ….. its really amazing when you look at the team like that

    2. While I get being supportive and all you’re bordering on crazy if you think Coquelin is Europe’s best DM. Moreover Chelsea had Hazard, Costa and Terry all above Cech last season, he spent the majority of their season on the bench behind Courtois.

      Call a spade a spade.

      Lastly it doesn’t matter if we have individually the best players in certain positions if it doesn’t translate to the team, which is why Leicester is top of the league.

    3. What we need is something this squad doesn’t have and that’s a strong mentality. Not to mention we need our striker to be consistent. We need Flamini out of the first squad and Walcott out of the squad completely.
      Now tell me do you see any of this happening?

  4. There is nothing to it except strong character and the will to win and not settle for 2nd best…we have the players who can do it,its now all down to how the manager motivate them and fire their ambitions up….we have world cup winners in the squad, we have players with history of winning things, ita now down to how much they want to win and how hard they are ready to fight for it….there is more than 3 points at stake come Sunday, the winner would have laid down the gauntlet for the chasing pack…Leicester can afford to lose and still get over the loss because they are over achieving already,if we lose or draw that will be the death knell for our title ambitions

    1. Yes, I agree these lads do sometimes seem devoid of strong motivation, not completely all of them, just enough for it to be lacklustre. I would love to see all of our fans really sing to their hearts content and make the players believe that they are behind them all the way. We talk about lack of motivation but rarely do our fans look at themselves. Only the ones who don’t/can’t visit the ground seem to have a problem with it. The away fans are great most of the time, and they must be the same ones we hear at home except for a couple thou more. Home fans, if you really want this years title, make us believe it ..please.

  5. Wenger MUST play Cech, Monreal, Koss, Gabriel, Bellerin, Coquelin, Ramsey,Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud and yes I would pick Campbell over Theo and Chamberlain simply because he has higher work rate, decent speed and excellent vision. Not to mention his chemistry with Bellerin is good. This is pretty much the only game where we can do direct damage to Leicester and we need our strongest team available ob the day. Flamini too wreckless and poor positioning, Walcott or Chamberlain perhaps come on as a sub. Same for Elneny if we need to more defense.

    As for the rest of the season, still many games to go. Author is correct in saying Arsenal are indeed the most consistent and experienced of the bunch, and we still have a very good chance of winning it. What can us fans do though? Positive attitude and support. Pi$$ off if you are going to be negative we don’t need you

    1. Have you forgotten that the same Flamini was in the starting line up that thrashed Leicester 2-5? He was also part of the team that kept two clean sheets in the last two games. You may not rate him but that does not mean he is useless as you think. At the end of the day your line up as based on the fact that you have no responsibility for the result. So leave the one responsible for the result to pick the team.

  6. I said the other day that utd and che are not going to do us any favors if the points against lei aren’t important. Well I reckon that’s true but Its probably safe to say that the utd points will be important. Still it’s a home game for lei. You really do have to give them credit because they got almost all the difficult away days in first half season yet they only lost two games. City last game was a testament. I’m hoping its because of how their set up better for away games because they want teams coming onto them but now with some home games they will have trouble from teams who go there thinking 0 – 0 will do just fine. The fa moved Arsenal v Lei game because it was a title decider how come they didn’t do it with the city or spu v lei games.

  7. Wenger and the players should all be ambitious and no loss of concentration for the entire duration. Each player going the extra mile with a rating of at least 8 out of 10. Massive attack, massive defense. Its win or nothing less. COYG!

  8. We should all start to stop underrating Leicester. Leicester have shown that they have the superior strong mental & physical capacity to win this season title than the other top 3 clubs have shown.

    That’s the reason they are on top of the League table with 5 points ahead of Spurs and Arsenal. It’ isn’t by magic they a top the table. They can even beat Arsenal on Sunday or at least get a point from that big game if serious care is not taken by Arsenal.

    Can we trust our Gunners to gun down the Foxes on Sunday and go ahead to win their remaining 12 League games to possibly lift the title’s trophy on 87 points as Cech has said? Well, it all depends. As a starting point, Arsenal can beat Leicester on Sunday if they can play a superior game to that which Leicester will play. And the Gunners MUST play that superior game to that of Leicester to beat them.

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